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- ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 1 1 I 1 ~ I 1 1 1 1~ ' 1 ~ 1 I' ~~ I 1 1 1 :. I' II I 1~ Approved For Release 2003109116 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190023-2 ISSSEEM BOARD OF DIRECTORS Carol Schneider, Ph.D. President & Treasurer Director, Colorado Cemer for Biobehavioral Health Boulder, CO 80302 Steven L. Fahrion, Ph.D. President-Elect Director, Center for Applied Psychophysiology The Henninger Clinic Topeka, KS 66601 Jerry E. Wesch, Ph.D. Director Research Psychologist Howard Brown Health Center Chicago, IL 60657 T.M. Srinivasan, Ph.D. Past-President Director of Research The Gladys McGarey Foundation Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Elmer Green, Ph.D. Past-President Director Emeritus Ctr. for Applied Psychophvsiolog?~ The Henninger Clinic Topeka, KS 66601 C. Penny Hiernu Director & Secretary Executive Director, [SSSEE~I Golden, CO 80401 THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF SUBTLE ENERGIES & ENERGY MEDICINE The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), is an inter- disciplinary organization for the study of energetic and informational interactions. The Society is concerned with the study of informational systems and energies that interact with the human psyche and physiology, either enhancing or perturbing heahhy homeostasis. The Society was organized in the fall of 1989. As a result of our efforts over the past four years, approxi- mately 1,500 individuals have elected to support ISSSEEM activities. Of that number, from those who have provided educational background information, the following breakdown was developed: 17% are physi- cians, 29% have completed their doctoral work, 17% have completed a masters, 12% a bachelors. We feel that psychology, psychophysiology, psychophysics, and medicine are rapidly coming together in a synthesis that will keynote an innovative science of the 21st cenrary. It is the hope of the leadership of the Society that through carefully prepared and edited publications the Society will stimulate ISSSEEM interest in the greater scientific community. Membership dues sustain the Central Office and pro- vide members with quatterly newsletters and general mailings. The Society encourages the exchange of information through conferences, seminars, and work- shops. The fourth annual conf rence will be held is Boulder, Colorado, June 16-21, 1994. See inside back cover for details. Cover Art Photomicrograph of a Vitamin C crystal 0 by 1/ic Eichler, Ph.D. See page iv for additional details. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine is a non profit pub- lic benefit corporation based in Colorado. Please address all membership inquiries and general cor- respondence to: ISSSEEM Central O~frce, 356 Goldro Circle, Golden, CO 80401 Headquarters and Business Telephone: (303i 278-2228 ? Business FAX (303) 279-3539 ? Compuserve Address 7404Q1273. ISSSEEM Fourth Annual Conference COMPONENTS AND CORRELATES OF HEALING ENERGIES Boulder, Colorado -June 16-21, 1994 Paradigm Bridge on the Cutting Edge of Reality One of our members wrote ro the 1993 ISSSEEM Conference Committee about the per- ceived need Eor scientific acceptance of healing and non-local aspects of consciousness (see Letters, in 1SSSEEM's Newsmagazine, Bridges, Vol. 4 No 4, p. 3). Her comments point- ed to the frustration of many members who have subtle energy healing systems and tech- nologies which work for them and their clients yet are treated as "unproven" or "unscien- tific" at best by their less convinced friends and colleagues and as "quackery? by the pro- fessional skeptics. Frustration seems ofren to generate a separatist approach-that science, as usually practiced, is hopeless as an ally in understanding and validating what we already know to be "real" in the areas of consciousness and subtle energies. From the scientific side, enthusiasts of sub- tle energies are often viewed with an equally hopeless view as being "soft-headed,n illogical or worse. ISSSEEM was conceived as a "bridge" organization, with one end anchored in the uadi- tional subjectively derived knowledge of the subtle realms of reality and the other in scien- tific method and rigor as the two approaches to reality come together to form a new pao- adigm Eor science in the 21st Century. What an exciting and challenging bit of relation- ship building! In honor of this "bridge" concept, dte 1994 ISSSEEM Annual Conference has the theme "Components and Coaelates of Heating Energies." Components-the elements needed for healing to occur, including the setting, the psychology of the healer and healee and the sub- tle variables~erived from the wisdom of the ages, plus Correlates-markets, measures and observations derived from scientific research. This ambitious program is well undenvav. The 1994 Program Committee has retained 3 outstanding invited speakers to anchor the program. Larry Dossey, M.D. (author of Recovering The Soul and Healing Word;) will keynote the program wrth an update/overview of what we know about healing. Charles Tart, Ph.D. will bring his encyclopedic knowledge of the science of consciousness to bear on fear and the shadow side of healing and contact with the mysteries therein. Beverly Kubik, Ph.D. will close the conference with a speculation about the future paradigms for physics and other sciences implied by the reality of healing phenomena. In between we will have symposia on traditional healing knowledge, the tatting edge of mind-body research and practice and dealing with skepticism about subtle realities. Should be an exciting oppor- mniry to see the "bridges" among clinical practice of healing, traditional healing sr5tems and modern scientific research data in action. Maybe we will create a possible future tooeth- er. y We have 60 or 70 program proposals to select from in order to bring the attendees as excit- ing and sophisticated a conference as we can. Hope to see you there. You can commu- nicate general program suggestions or ideas to the Program Committee through the Jern~ E. Wesch, Ph.D. 1994 Program Committee Chair Approved For Release 2003109116 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190023-2