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F ~ ~ ;. '? e ~ s t ~ ~ t Approved For Release 2003109116 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190024-1 ISSSEEM BOARD OF DIRECTORS i 99+9~ I're~iderrt Steven L. Fahrion. Ph.D. Cite Sdenre; hrdr=:z of .t liad-Bode Health (opeka, k;1 President Elsa Jerry E. Wesch. Ph.D. Hnroard Brou'rr H~~rlri~ Ceuta Cbirago, IL. Oirertort Elmer Green, Ph.D. Director Enterirus. f"olurrrm~~ Cortnols Pro~raru The Merntinoer Citric iapeka, (t;S Patricia L. Norris. Ph.D. Gfe kienres Gcrirre a(~Jlnrd-&dy He,rlrb Topeka, ICS Carol Schneider, Ph.D. Colorado Cerrtrr +~~. BinGebanioral Hra1tG Bm~lder; CO T. M. Srinivasan. Ph.D. GGulys Taylor ,UtL~trer -tledrr~rl Pdtu. Srotudnlr, A7. C. Penny Hiernu ItiSSEEM. Goidr~:. CO CIE I\TI?RX.1"1'IO\:11, ~(H'[I;IT FOR "I`{(h STi'Dl~ Oh ~['fYl'I,F, I;fiI?IZ(ilhS ~ ~\F,RGI' ~jEUI(`1\f 'hhe International Society for the Study of Subdr F,nergies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEh:M), is an inter- disciplinary organisation for the study of energetic and inhrrmational interactions. ~hhe Socierv is concenx~d with the study of informational systems and energies that interact with the human psyche and physiology, either enhancing or perturbing heahhy homeostasis. The Society was organized in the fall of 1981. Subtle Energies is designed ro meet the needs of exper- imentalists, clinicians and theoreticians who pursue an interest in consciousness, and the dynamics and limits of human potential, by employing rigorous and ethi- cal scientific methodologies and clinical procedures. It is explicitly inter-disciplinary to allow those with a deep understanding of one discipline ro compare insights with those attained by others working along different paths. It is the hope of the leadership of the Society that through carefully prepared and edited publications the Society will stimulate ISSSEEM interest in the grearer scientific communing. Membership dues sustain the Central office and pro- vide members with quarrerly newsletters and general mailings. The Society encourages the exchange of information through conferences, seminars, and work- shops. The Fifth Annual Conference will be held in Boulder, Colorado, June 23-26, 1995. Program details are available from the Society's Central Office. Cover Art Russian DoIG by Robert Bordeatce (See back iruide laver for additional details.) The International Society for the Study of Subtle Ene pus and Energy Medicine is a pan profit public benefit corporation based in Colorado. Editorial and Business Officer ar ISSSEEM Central Office, 356 Goldco Cirek, Golden, CO 80403 ? Heredquarters and Bsuiners Telephone (303) 278-2228 ? Business FAX (303) 279-3539 ? Compuserve Address 74040,1273. Editorial Office Telephone (913) 271-8686 ? Editorial Office FAX (913) 271-8698. All unsolicited nurauscripts must be accompanied by a selfaddressed stamped return envelope. Submissioru must roraform to parameters detailed at the end of the Journal. ?.1994 by The Internationrtl Society far the Study of Subtle Enera es and Energy Medicine. Paradigms or worldviews have been basic to human functioning ever since the dawn of history. These undergo changes from time to time as es~idence and expe- rience accumulates which cannot adequately be explained bl the paradigm then in favor. The. cover drawing of a series of "Russian do11s~~ sho~tis ho< paradigms arising from scientific thinking have evolved to encompass larger and lamer per- spectives. The nesting of the Russian dolls illustrates Char the paradigms that have previously demonstrated a high degree of success n ill be included within a new, more encompassing. paradigm. The authors of the series of Pers.~:nues con- cluded in this issue believe that evidence supporting the need for a^ expanded paradigm has grown to the point where mainstream science can no lo-.~~er ignore its existence. The last "doll" in the series represents an undefined nest paradigm, one which the authors believe will include the current science of separreness and encompass it into a science of connectiveness. Comments by lY/illiam Gough and Robert Sh