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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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May 22, 1995
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Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-007918000200190030-4 LIST OF TO-DO's 5 22 95 ALL OF THE ITEMS NOTED BELOW ARE TO BE COMPLETED NLT 30 JUNE 1995 1. Listing of all documents transferred to CIA including identification numbers and date of publication (or other information to assure unique document identification): - Reports from other organizations regarding: - operational tasking and results - proficiency tasking and results - Training reports - Documentation regarding FOIA requests and responses - Any other SG documents transferred. 2. Estimate of the number of linear inches of storage required for the documents listed in Item 1. 3. Summary list of personnel assigned to the program including dates and duration of assignment. 4. Summary listing of all operational tasks including tasking date and organization and identifying those that have not or were not numerically evaluated. 5. Appropriate and official transfer papers to effect the transfer of the documents noted in Items 1, 3 and 4 above to CIA from the DIA SG PMO. 6. Prepare necessary cataloging forms to archive transferred documents in accordance with CIA procedures and requirements; arrange documents and archiving forms in CIA storage containers. 7. Notify CIA when the documents have been cataloged and boxed and are available far physical transfer. 1. Provide information regarding the procedures for archiving the documents and the necessary forms and storage containers. 2. Provide transportation of the boxed documents from the SG PMO to CIA. Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-007918000200190030-4 Fax Cover Sheet Ta: From: Company: Date: Thu, May 25, 1995 Time: 11:25 AM Na. of pages (not including cover): 2 Comments: review the attached and advise re changes. I'd like to mail tomorrow and will call Ed subsequently. Do you have his mailing address? Is your address correct? Spoke to -he's in panic mode as you know. Said you gave him all the right answers. I ho a the staff disp easure does not inhibit their doing the requested document transfer(?) -time will tell. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190030-4