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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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December 7, 1993
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Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00791R00020?190035-9 I SG1 I 7 December 1993 Mr. C. Richard D'Amato Appropriations Committee Science Applications International Corporation An Employee-Owned Company C~~~~ j {~rc~C h~ru71AJ iZ LDLJT 1~~s 119 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Dick, Joe McMoneagle said that he had recently been in contact with you and suggested that I write. I have wanted to contact you, because I am concerned that there may be serious miscommunications about the overall project. I believe our many accomplishments are not fully known by the group at Meade, and have not been communicated to the sponsor's senior management or to Congressional overseers. In three interim technical reports and one final report each year, I have documented the specifics about training routines, recruitment of new viewers, and analytical techniques that are critical for an appraisal of opera- tional material. I am told that after the previous COTR retired, the Meade group found some of these re- ports still unopened in their original FedEx packaging! Obviously, this greatly disturbs me. We have been tasked by our contract to contribute in three areas: (1) research, (2) operational applications, and (3) foreign assessment. With regard to the first area, we have significant technical oversight. Our Scien- tific Oversight Committee and our Institutional Review Board (i.e., human-use committee) are staffed by Nobel prize winners, university department heads, and others renowned in the physical, psychological, and medical sciences. (Please see the attachments for their names.) These individuals are charged with the re- sponsibility of making sure that our science is the best it can be, and they are extremely rigorous in their evaluation. Since they are on record attesting that our approach meets every standard set by science for high quality, there is no doubt that we conduct our research very well, and that it is productive. Now, consider the second tasking. We are supposed to contribute to operational applications, but this task has not been exercised by the sponsor! The reason we are tasked is that our people are the most experienced and successful in the US for this kind of activity and have been so for over 20 years. It baffles me why this capability has not been used. I am deeply troubled because I know how much we can contribute to the spon- sor's operations. With respect to our third tasking, foreign assessment, the situation is better. Feedback from the Meade group suggests that over 95% of their foreign assessment output is directly attributable to our work. In response to a query from Senator Cohen, I drafted a White Paper which summarizes our project. He told me that this was exactly what he needed to support the continuation of the program. Jim Bodner, Don Mitchell, and Jack Mansfield have also seen the paper. I am sending you a copy through proper channels. I have received an indication from the Meade group of possible constraints on the overall effort. Since I believe that your information about our project is, at best, incomplete, or at worst, wrong, I suggest we meet as soon as possible to discuss the situation. Regardless of the final outcome, the decision-makers must have the correct information at their disposal; let's begin that process. I am flexible with my travel plans and can accommodate any date you would propose. Best regards, Edwin C. May, Ph.D. Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory 330 Cowper Street, Suite 200, Palo Alto, California 94301 ? (415) 327-2007 ? FAX: (415) 322-7960 Other SAIC Offices: Al Aw V ado EO6psr961&d= 96 Gyo r6j91o 9 V(!;f* " MR00b 13M"iego, Seattle, Tucson