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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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June 15, 1995
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- (41 S) 322-7960 -Created: Thursday, June 15, 1995 21:41 -Page 1 of 1 ----------------- -------------------Approved-For-fZeieas~ 26@3/69t1~-CtA=RDP96=007J'f RIIQQ2UII?1~~15~~ ~ ., The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory 330 Cowper Street, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94301 ~, Voice: 415.327.2007 -Fax 415.322.7960 --- -- An Employee-Owned Company a-mail: I~~moeandum SG11 SG11 Date: 15 June 1995 To: From: Edwin C. May, P . Re: Project Evaluation Wow, it has been a long day. I sent 141bs of documents to you by Fed-X. You will have them by 10:00 tomorrow. Also included are the extra things you asked SOC, IRB, and POC listings, Joe's book, selected things from Mind Reach and top 30 or so hits from the project off ce. Allowing for a clerical slip-up or two, I believe you are now in possession of all the relevant unclassified and down-graded documents. The classified ones in our McLean o ice is some rng else. I su eat at the near and appropriate time, I pop back to Washington and you and/or and I go through them (not too many) and decide what to do with them. If appropriate, perhaps I could meet with t he Washington based AIR people on the same trip. A suggestion: Since I have been given the chance to present our best stuf f to AIR, why not allow the project office to do the same. I would not expect Al to be aware of the history so I might suggest that Dand Vorona would be the best people to pick 10 or so typical best-ewers. From what'I have seen o t database, a very compelling prima facie case can be made for the utility of the phenomena. Of course, a cheery testimonial from a satisfied customer or two can't hurt. I am about half through adding the remaining few documents to the annotated bibliography and I plan to pick it up on the early AM tomorrow when I am fresh. You should have the completed draft document by Fax before your close of business tomorrow. If you like the infrastructure I have used, I might suggest that I place all the documents, not just the onesOdid not see, in the same structure. I would then send it through usual channels as a formal deliverable. I think the document could be a brief and effective way to present the big picture. of the project. What are your thoughts? By the way, my fa x works all the time quite well on the receiving end if you find that way of communicating convenient. Regards, SG1J Page 1 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190043-0 Approved, fF~oX brans/mitta'~ `~over~'~iee~043-0 To: ORD From: Dianne Jenett Fax Phone Number: (415) 322-7960 Date: Thu, Jun 15, 1995 ? 21:41 Transmitting (2) pages, including cover sheet. If there is difficulty with this transmission, please call: (415) 325-2761 Note: Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190043-0