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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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August 1, 1995
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SAIC - (415) 322-7960- Created: Tuesday, August 1, 1995 21:31- Page 1 of 2 ---------'~---------AAArove~d-Fai--R~feas~ ~965/~t11~:~ha=RDP9~b07`9'f f~00020tT1~JOb48-'~------------------ SG11 SG1J An Employee-Owned Compeny Date: 1 August 1995 To: Jessica M. Utts From: Edwin C. May Re: Pro' ect Contacts Cc: The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory 330 Cowper Street, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Voice: 415.327.2007 -Fax 415.322.7960 e-mail: (Andy Rose, Michael Mumford This is in response to your request (1 August 1995) for names and numbers of individuals who had been involved in the operational side of the project. I will list below the names of four individuals who have had specific knowledge and provide a short summary of the circumstance of their knowledge-a comment first, however. All of the suggest individuals below are associated as supporters of the program. In the past, and perhaps now, there is a potential problem with regard to proponents and critics. Sometimes they are dismissed out of hand because of their view points. If a person, either critic or proponent, is that way on the basis of prejudice and in addition they have not seen the data, then I, too, would dismiss their account. However, in the case of the individuals below, their views are bottom-line data driven. Whatever they will tell you will be on the basis of either seeing the data directly or what they have be en told by the end users. In many cases, they will be prepared to provide names and numbers of these end-users from the archival database. I urge that the Panel avail themselves of this resource. Dr. Jack Vorona (Horne Phone: From 1975 to his retirement from DIA as DDS&TI in 1990, Jack had principal responsibility for the operational use of the phenomena. He has a list of contacts both active and retired of end-users who have already testified to a number of important governmental commit tees as to the utility of anomalous cognition. Since 1991, Jack has served as the chair of our Policy Oversight Committee. In addition, Jack is cognoscent of the past and present policy-level individuals within the Community and the DOD who have knowledge about successful operations. (Home Phone: was the project officer from 1991 until he retired in 1993. However, his knowledge extends back to 1975 where he worked with research and operations on the project before he joined DIA. SGFOIA3 SGFOIA3 Page 1 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190048-5 _y______________SAIC_(415)322-7960-Created: Tuesday, August 1, 199521 :31- Page2of2 ----- Approved For I~e~ease~~D3/D9T'ifi-rCha=RDP98~i'~99f~6962+~1-9084g~--________________. SG1J SG1J SG1J SG1J SGFOIA3 MG (,1_?et.) Garri on R n;Lnd, MD. (Home Phone: Dr. Rapmund is singularly responsible for half of the total of $20 M contracted by the government when he initiated his program in 1985.. He signed a memorandum of agreement with Dr. Vorona with regard to the mix of basic and applied research. While he has not been directly involved in the day-to-day operations, he has been an intimate observer of the program and can provide valuable insight into how the activity was conducted. Gary chairs our Institutional Review Board (i.e., human use) and serves as the chief liaison to the Policy and Scientific Oversight Committees. In addition, he currently serves on the Air Force Science Advisory Board and is involved in policy matters with the FAA. (Horne Phone: was the major source for near y a o t e data in the Program Office ~rom 1979 until he retired in September 1984. Qcan provide insight into the specifics and types of targeting and oper ational tasks. In addition,Qcan comment with insight on the details of methodologies used in operations and data/results managernent.Omanaged the in-house databases and was the liaison with end-users during his tenure with the project. Jessica, all of the above individuals have been contacted and expect that you may call them. They are also generally aware of the topic. SGFOIA3 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190048-5 Page 2 ~, ~ Approv or Re se 2003/09/16 : CI R 6-00791 R 00190 48-5 ~ax ~ransmltta~ hover ~~iee~ To: - ORD From: Edwin C. May, SAIC Fax Phone Number: (415} 322-7960 Date: Tue, Aug 1, 1995 ? 21:32 Transmitting {3) pages, including cover sheet. If there is difficulty with this transmission, please call: (415) 327-2007 Note: Approved For Release 2003/09/16 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200190048-5