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November 4, 2016
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May 19, 2000
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February 16, 1995
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Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R00020 Subject: Just an idea SG1I Hello. As I begin going through an extraordinary mound of material a thought occurred to me. I do not know exactly what your time constraints are, but of the amount allocated to you by the Congressional directive, you might consider contracting to us for of it for the following 7-months SG1 D work begining ASAP. (This is NOT an formal or informal proposal--just an idea to help you with what appears to be a very difficult job.) SG1D For 6-months, you and I would work closely together to 'data-reduce' the project into a manageable form for proper review by the NAS. I would suggest the following approach to spark our discussion on the 28th. I. Applications Given access to the Ft. Meade data and protocols, we would amass a 'success' book, a 'faleure' book and repeat customer hits. (Any other critical analysis that we can think of would also be added.) Giving the NAS anything short of a 'reduced' data set would be impossible to interpret by any honest review scientists. All this might include positive and negative testimonials that exist. Also, we might include selected examples--I am generally not in favor of showinf gee-wizz examples because they can significantly mislead, but perhaps in this case it might be instructive to illustrate specific points. [ I define application-oriented research as that which is primarily aimed at improving the AC output. Basic research is that which is primarily aimed at understanding the mechanisms.] II. Application-Oriented Research We will provide a single (readable) document that describes a meta-analysis (psychology jargon for quantitative review) of all the government-sponsored research in this domain. That would include selecting receivers (i.e., human subjects), training them, assessing (analyzing) their output, and Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000200190065-6 A roved For Release 03/09/16 A- P9 1 02 - Fprotocol issues ~e.g., s are e pros ological cercumtistances for optimal performance.) Such an analysis would include what is "known" and why, at is suspected, and what seems not to be true. It might also include what would done in the future, given that the programs continues. III. Basic Research We will provide a single document that describes a meta-analysis of all the government-sponsered basic research. That includes issues like physical parameters (e.g., grad(Shannon Entropy), brain wave activity, and information transmission characteristics). Knowns, unknowns, and future directions would also be included. IV. A number of 5-year plans have been written. We would up-date the most recent one as a template on how to procede, IF it is decided to do so. This could include a list of knowns, unknowns, and speculations and their justifications. V. There have been a number of government-sponsered reviews of this work. We would provide to you ciritical analysis of those reviews and, where appropriate, the rebuttals, and hard copy of the original pertenent publications. That would include reviews by: NRC, OTA, Army, Two OSD, and D]7. VI. We will provide access to an agust group of national/international class scientists and government representatives who would be able to provide independent views to and NAS panel. VII. Other respected scientists have published in main-stream journals showing the results of their analysis and experiments wick suggest an information-transfer-anomaly (we call Anomalous Cognition). We should provide a review of this literature. At the end of a 6-rronth period, we would have a manageable aunt of material that could then be properly assessed by the NAS during the last rtonth of the contract (i.e., through the month of September). Depending upon the output of such a critical review, your place can decide what, if anything, you might want to do in FY 1996. SG1D Beginning March 15 and Ending 30 September, is required. That includes me and a technical assistant zuii Litre, part zim administrative assistant, and one consultant receiver who has personal memory of the applications back to 1979. In fact he was responsible for nest of the data to 1983 (or whenever he retired). It also includes travel and the usual fees and SAIC bean-counting. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000200190065-6