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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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(parap~j~~d ~i?~- Ic~l~ds~53~/10 : CIA-RDP96-007918000200230002-0 820 PARAPSYCHOLOGY 18750 REMOTE 242168 VIEW? 304 REMOTE(5N)VIEW? S1 31 (PARAPSYCHOLOGY) and (russia or USSR or soviet} 556005 1 27052 RUSSIA 15416 USSR 59725 SOVIET S2 17234 1 AND (RUSSIA OR USSR ?s s1 and (russia or ussr or soviet) 31 S1 27052 RUSSIA 154,1:6 USSR .-?S 9 7,2?x) SOVIET S3 3J s3/5,k/a11---'' 1 ' 3/5,x/1 (It rom file: 8B) DIALOG(R) ile 88:Ac emic Index(TM) (c) 1995 I ormat' Access Co. All rts. reserv. 14669949 *Use Format 7 for FULL TEXT* Multicultural perspectives in science education: one prescription for failure. (criticism of essays on aci~nce used in schools) Phi Delta Kappan v75 n3 p266(4) Novf ,1993 ~~ SOURCE FILE: MI File 47 z J ISSN: 0031-7217 illustration table AVAILABILITY: FULL TEXT Online LINE COUNT: 00227 ABSTRACT: The Baseline Essay on Science is a misleading text used in the Portland, OR, public schools that overrates ancient Egyptians as pioneers of modern science. The essay is part of a new curriculum stressing multiculturalism, but its incorrectness leads students not to take science seriously. DESCRIPTORS: Sciences education--Evaluation; Multiculturalism--Study and teaching.;--Portland., Oregon--Schools ancient Egyptians were known --~_ the world over as the masters of . psi [psychoenergetics], psychokinesis,~*r( emote* *viewing* a'nd other underdeveloped h~uma-n_capabilities. Psychoenergetics (also known in the scientific community as *parapsycholagy* and psychotronies) is the multidisciplinary study of the interface and interaction of human consciousness with...budding astrophysicist should concentrate on psychoenergetics, seeking to acquire and develop talents precognition, psychokinesis, *remote* *viewing*, and related modes of Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200230002-0 obtaining ~~~~'Fd~l~el~'a~'~~?~/~~/'I'~e~G~i~t~P~l~~~000200230002-0 be. ...the sciences? A more recent fusion of science and religion -- Stalinist Marxism -- occurred in the *Soviet* Union. In this case, "his holiness" ruled, among other things, that Mendelian genetics contradicted the doctrine in his "holy scripture -- dialectical materialism. All geneticists in the *Soviet* Union were admonished to "abstain altogether from teaching or defending this opinion and doctrine and... ..hide from students the stories of Galileo and of the suppression of genetics in the *Soviet* Union? Will this prepare them to become practicing 3/5,x/2 ,.-~tem 2 om file: 88) DIALOG(R~File ademic Index(TM) (c) 19.9"5 Information Access Co. All rts. reserv. . , 0~~.04949 *Use Format 7 for FULL TEXT* Pin E.S.P. gap; oring ps chic weapons. research) / Time v123 p17( ) Jan 23, 1984 SOURCE FILE: MI ISSN: 0040-781X AVAILABILITY: FULL TEXT Online LINE COUNT: 00059 ...DESCRIPTORS: *Parapsychology*--.?? ...Extrasensary perception-- TEXT: ..looking at top-secret photographs and charts, the clairvoyant attempted to predict the movements of *Soviet* submarines off the East Coast. Madame Zodiac's payment: $400 cash. - ...several forthcoming works, written by both skeptics and believers, on the military's forays into *parapsychology*, the quasi-science that studies the interaction of mind and matter. According to McRae, who... , extrasensory perception (E.S.P) and mental telepathy. The Pentagon denies any interest in *parapsychology*. A Defense Department spokesman said last week that officials had scrutinized the budgets for fiscal... game" basing mode for the Mx missile, a system that would attempt to confuse *Soviet* military strategist by shifting missiles among a number of concrete shelters. Other esoteric programs uncovered... ..but he maintains that there was a "multimillion-dollar" project, part which focused on "*remote* *viewing*" experiments. In one test, Targ went to Grant's Tomb in New York City and... ...the experiments he and his colleagues had reported in scientific ch is ta ke journals. Says Targ: "In the *Soviet* Union, psychic resear seriously at the highest levels." Sighting submarines by clairvoyance? Sending... ...DESCRIPTORS: *Parapsychology*--.?. Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007918000200230002-0