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November 4, 2016
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October 28, 1998
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August 7, 1981
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Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007928000100140010-1 ~,. SG1J 7 August 1981 1. In response to your request for clarification regarding the status of training RV capabilities, the following comments are in order for the record. 2, As part of the overall psychoenergetics threat evaluation program at SRI International, SRI accepted a task to evaluate the potential for large-scale training of such abilities. 3. In e~rder to fulfill this requirement, SRI has to date chosen to evaluate a particular experimental training procedure proposed by one of its consultants, Mr. Ingo Swarin. This procedure is called CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing), since it is based on accessing sites on the basis of coordinates, The procedure is designed to minimize various forms of imaginative overlays, which tend to reduce accuracy and reliability of RV data, The procedure involves repeated coordinate presentation and quicl~:-reaction response on the part of the viewers, the use of a specifically- designed acoustic-tiled featureless room with homogeneous coloring to minimize environmE~ntal overlay, and the adoption of a limited monitor role behavior to minimize monitor overlay. Specific elements of the Swann procedure are proprietary to Mr. Svvann, who developed it. Attached is a copy of the contract which serves as the contractual agreement between SRI and Mr. Swann with regard to evaluating his proposed technique. 4, At the present time, evaluation of the CRV procedure is going forward with the procedure's originator, Swann, and with three SRI consultant trainees. Progress has been steady, and at this point the training procedure appears to be a workable one, 5. Upon completion of a successful evaluation of the experimental training program, and if a decision is taken to embark on a training program, the sponsoring organiza- tions will be invited to propose candidates to be trained. It is understood that these organizations have a priority position for training when it is offered. The exact details (when, where, how many and what type of training) will be determined through negotiation and specified in the FY'83 and subsequent contracts, H. E. F~uthoff, Ph.D. I. Swann Senior P:esearch Engineer Consultant SRI International SRI International Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007928000100140010-1