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Approved For Release 200~O~~t~FC~f~D'P9'6~07~"1RODQ2~0260001-7 THE CHINESE ACADEMY OF SOMATIC SCIENCE Somatic science is a major development of modern science and #cehnology. Well-known scientist Prof. Qian Xuesen has pointed out, "A thorough study and research of somatic science will fully change mankind's ability in understanding and reforming nature, and bringing b..nefits to mankind." "This may lead to a scienxific revolution in the 21st century which may be even greater than quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity in the 20th century: ' "It will usher in a second Renaissance and is another leap forward for human history." Headed by Prof. Qian Xuesen, the Chinese scientists have made an all- around exposition on the concept and content of somatic science: the guiding ideologies and view-points, the field and method of study as well as the strategy of development and recent programmes. Thus, we are laying a foundation and showing clearly its orientation for the establishment of this new and developing science. The spring of 1990 saw the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Somatic Science. Honorary council chairman of the China AssociaMon of Somatic Science, Qian Xuesen, council chairman, Zhang Zhenhuan are the initiators and founding directors of this academy. Well-known scientists Zhao Zhongyao, Bei Shizhang, Qian Weizhang, Wang Dezhao, Wang Shoujue and others expressed their full concern and support for the establishment and development of this academy. Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP~6-007928000200260001-7 The a2m of the academy is the establishment of basic studies and research of somatic science and its application, to lay a good foundation for the basic ap- plication of somatic science and to benefit mankind. The academy uses dialectical-materialist ideologies as a guide to study and research somatic science; With systems, theory and methodology as an academic guide, using results of modern science to derive the essence of traditional culture; Combining the study and research of modern medicine, traditional medi- cine, gigong and the special functions of the human-body; Combining the study and research in a multidisciplinary approach; Combining basic studies and research with applications. ORGANIC PRINCIPLE AND ORGANIZATION The academy utilizes the organic principle in organizing the nuclear struc- ture within a small entity, providing greater elasticity and multiple strata. In the first stratum there is app advisory committee, board of directors and an acade- mic committee, implementing the chairman's responsibility under the provisions of leadership of the board of directors. In the second stratum are basic studies and research, application studies and research, talent collecting departments, in- ternational cooperaton, administrative management and other functional depart- ments. The third stratum consists of a certain number of centres, institutes, de- partments; sections and other grass-root units directly affiliated to the academy. The fourth stratum includes units and individuals having close contacts or co- operative relations with the academy. A small number of professionals, and a greater number of personnel with concurrent jobs, work with a capable and efficient academy as the center, and with scientists as the main body. They will make full use of modern means of communication and transportation as well as the most advanced instruments and facilities at home and abroad. They will conduct separate Studies and research, and implement unified leadership and unified management. Our aim is to estab- lish a new-type of study and research academy with high efficiency, and high standards as well as a vigorous and flexible economy. The Chinese Academy of Somatic Science is aself-funded civic-scientific re- search organization. Its funds are chiefly from funds allocated Ito subjects .of scientific research and benefits from donations, as well as cooperation and as- sistance at home and abroad. Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 -6- ipproved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 In July 1990, the first issue of the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science was potolraphs with somenof its articles.colts cover and includes ph g preface is a presentation in Chinese and English of what Somatic Science is, and its iedtions ofstherJournal areEpgesenteddbelow. Chinese. These two s of this Journal to psi research I will circulate a copy Est that they organizations in the United ofaSomatidc Science and negotiate an correspond with the Academy exchange arrangement for professional journals and papers. ~T~~+ s~ 3~ ~ . l~'~ ~kil}}. ~1~{{.~ ~ ~ #~f.~( tla" fi't` ~. ~ ~ ~E'~' ~~{7. 3f' #~~b~b~,~ ~7~'~$;~~9~~ ~1. ~b~~t "f7 kt7~18T1'f1= ~g~.~~}~L~1~f~. ~ ~'~ ~"(So[natology) ~'f`~` ~ 7k'fl~ , ~ ~ . '~ kfl'a' kt1~F1'~~:Q'.~~~ ESP.PK~~fL~'~~`~6h,iJ~. ~ 1iF ~1 /. ~K ~ ~ M (somatic Eigenstate) . ,~ ~ ~,~~ ~ g!j ~ ~ , !~i Robert H. Dkke $v Brandcn Carta }~. =~'~ ~ ~" ,~ ~ ~ dl ~ ~1 /~ ~ 1~. Canttaopic princi- pie),~lEl~`jc~+J~41k1ltl~~.~~'~'~~iiRlit~i4R'Pit3- Somatic Science (Science Of Human Body ) Somatic science is the science of man in cos- mic environment; in the language of systems sci- ence,the human body is considered to be an open complex giant system embeded in the supergiant system of comic world; here "open" is referred to the human body environment, "giant" means the number of the constituting members of rho system runs to blllions and blllions , "complex"means the kinds of the constituting members arc also numer- ous and the interactions among rho members are of great variety. Somatic science thus departs in basic viewpoint from the classical rcductionist physiolo- gy. The importance of feedback of conscience on physiology, including the multi-level actions and interactions of human brain, is emphasized. Thts points to the difference betweeen somatic science and plant or animal biology,and separates the so- matic scienoe from the life science in Several. Somatology, an old terminology, is here re- suscitated as the fundamental discipline of Somati+- Science,and is the synthesis of classical physiolo- SY+ modern psychology, psychophysiology, neuro- science, scientific parts of chlnese traditional medicine and Qigong(Transoendental meditation), and other related subjects such as ESP and PK? The quasi-stable characteristic states of human body system,such as waking, sleeping and Qigong state,are called the somatic Eigenstate. As the philosophy of somatic science.the an- ;thropic principle of Robert H. Dicke and Brandon Carter, derived from cosmological consideration is extended to include on the microscopic scale,quan- tum theory of measurement or quantum epistemol- ogy ,and to include on the macroscopic scale, the fundamental principles of Chinese traditional medicine. Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96~00792R000200260001-7 CHINESE JOURNAL OF SOMATIC SCIENCE FIRST ISSUE (JULY 19 9 0 ) CONTENTS INTRODUCTION TO A PERIODICAL ?????????????????????????????? Zhu Runlong,Zhu Yiyi ( 4 ) SPECIAL PAPERS Somatic. Science--Important Frontiers Leading To Potential Break-'rnroughs of Current Science -???????????'?"""' Chlncse Society of Somatic Science (CSS.S)( 6 ) Human Body___~o Concept of Open Complex Giant System and Its Methology ................................................................................. EXPERIMENT RESEARCH '~- ~ Song Kongzhi, etc. ( 22 ) The Research of the Break Through Spacial Obstacle FLnction ???????????'???"' ? ~ y ..................... Huang Jinggen, etc. C 32 ) Investigation of the "force" of "Parapsycological Writing I;yppTHESIS AND SEARCHING .................................... Wu Banghui ( 36 ) A Proof of Existence of Abnormal States of Matter CONFERENCE REPORT .................................... Zhang Zhenhuan C 38 ) Spccch in The 2nd Research Conference of CS.SS ...:..................................................... Qin Yue ( 40 ) The 2nd Research Conference of CSS.S COMMENTS ON NEW BOOKS A Grand Engineering Starting a New Era of History ...................................................... Rong Wen ( 42 ) ___On ?Founding Somatic Science" TRANSLATED DIGEST Studies of Human Super-Perception Function in Russia ????????????'?'?"""""""""" Li Huang ( 44 ) INFORMATION AND TENDENCY The Chinese Medicine Systematic Theory Committee Announces .............................:............ Zhong }Goan ( 21 )_ A Symponium To Be Hold In The Near Future READING GUIDE .......................................?........?........ The Editorial Department ( 48 ) Chief Editor ;Zhu Runlong Associate Editor ;Zhu Yiyi Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7 A New Chinese Academy of Parapsychology by LEPING ZHA Somatic Science, the common term used in China for Parapsychology (see L. Zha and T. McConnell, "Parapsychology in the People's Republic of China: 1979-1989", JASPR, 85, 119-143} is still legitimate and favorably received there, according to recent correspondence from PRC. The Chinese Academy of Somatic Science, aself-funded scientific research institute consisting of several administrative departments and research units mainly in Beijing, was officially established in late 1990. The formal aim of the Academy was stated to carry out "basic studies of somatic science" on the "exceptional functions of the human body (EFHB, usually psi functions, ESP and PK), gigong, and traditional and modern Chinese medicine using a "multi- disciplinary approach", so as to "lay a good foundation" for future development and application, in order to "benefit the mankind". The head of the Academy's 18 member council, Mr. Zhang Zhenghuan, was formerly the Director of the Science and Technology Board of National Defense Science, Technology, and Industry Committee. Mr. Zhang is also the current president of the Chinese Society of Somatc Science (CSSS), the sole official Chinese scholastic organization of Parapsychologists. The Director of the Academy's academic committee, Prof. Chen Xin, is an Academician of the International Academy of Space Science, and the honorary director of the Institute of Space Medico-Engineering (ISMS, an important Chinese psi research center). Prof. Lin Shuhuang, a physicist and a major researcher in the field, was elected as the Academy's president. In July, 1990, the CSSS launched its publicly-circulated official journal, Chinese Journal of Somatic Science, which is edited by staff members of Ziran Zazhi (Chinese Nature Journal). The first issue contains papers on macro-PK experiments with high-speed movie camera, along with many other topics. The Journal comes with a list of contents and abstract of major papers in English. The Chinese psi researchers are currently seeking opportunities to cooperate with Western parapsychologists. The Academy is planning to form a delegation to visit major North American parapsychological laboratories in the near future. The proposed delegation may include major tnese subject(s), if`proper testingarrangements can be scheduled. Invitations and financial __ -- ?----- -- assistance will be welcomed, ,and may be made through the China International Culture Exchange Foundations omatic Science Research Development Fund (of which Prof. Lin Shuhuang is a member of the governing board), 3107 Beijing Hotel, 33 East Chang An Avenue, Beijing 100004, PRC. Suggestions and inquiries can also be addressed to Leping Zha at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA ((412)268-3263, E-mail IepingQa uniz.cis.pitt.edu). v Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007928000200260001-7