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November 4, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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30042-0b05 4- - ^ - 9 '# .me ' ? Usiiigu'inysterioifs '7th sense' they b rays ' 10 million times stronger than r y Illy EDWIN RICH physics - a whale,ne.' I act usi f v A group of amazing Chinese children haveastounded they see scientists by doing what even Superman can't - --the through lead....,,. a, 71 T. the r es ar tt ar exhaustly-e eacher s tests. top sc eas ed that t1 >lex Ctstneae cisaracters that wen e the tad been drawn oa a piece of v 1 oldeyd paper. ?: _o?,t pvpnl a Nine-year-old Jiang Yan, odor Iwr arm. Top photo shows those messages at left writing of them at right. Amesingly On 11-ye aid doesn't spook Engtisk..,t::. .. r ?, Ilan w' amere m party a acs wdy - including her pigtail. In we test, she oorrec-tiy de- icribed a drawing on a piece df paper which had been folded erln 10 million times MA: ind Inserted into a glove which r was then wrapped around her .,OMB- ~ r -UMMAba equipmNat in_ present use, Luc W Leg Bin, an ll-year-old Dongsu, a of eking girl, whose power pene- an n ez F'or , ftioM The NE 3 ated a plastic container. She in A _ ve o dren also took two folded pieces of _'"~ 'eves e ' h ave a:_ , _~vgv aper with the English words rains which "typewrite?' and "perception" ws them to send out the Fa written on them, roiled them -- ~ R into a ball and placed them in _.F her right armpit. fibs'hit>ese sav_#_f+s ? Bin then wrote out the word th~Baren acid one i perception and "tit.. In- ve wit Ms Power tests lis I.Y, she does not read Eng- ?ffr~ mesas as w Men Hong, an LI-Y --old contakwAs,of 'i!i from Changrhou, who could y read words on a paper slipped M11 her fDOL ry __ _ from astral CaagZ- Yu 8nihua, lab County, who can beam rays through materials that, even deadly radiation can't' pene- trate. In one -startling demonstra-J message on a piece of paper in- side. - e Xion Jie, a 12-year4old girl from Wuhan, who copied oom , en the first of the children - L2- -old - surfaced to 197$, were convinced they t~ Lag with a form of vaned ESP, the "sixth sense" that air possess to a lesser del But with further te enlists realized they r` ing with a greater pc "seventh sense." Yu first became aw power while walkli from school with his fr Xiaiming. Yu recalls: "We were tussling when my ear brushe his coat pocket and in iy, two Chinese c sprang into my mind. "I told Chen what I ualized and he took ou cigarettes two Chinese charactA told the brand name.' Yn was afraid to t ther of his discovery he began playing games with others in I mountain village in D. ty. He had them write on a piece of paper, then crumpled and f ear. "I guessed right eve says Yu. Air Force resear learned of Yu and bei Jog with him and late other children. ..Each time I was ,inced of the a xlstenc beyond our pres of knowledge," said I The Chinese belle wbo have the power lace. . The only adult to power, a 25-year-ofd two named Mou Feng Piety "read" five one pieces of paper plac lerent parts of her b Ir engquin says she i power at the age er parents forced h t about it fearing some sort of witchcr the di I organs. Anot Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000300420005-4 oiam, who could