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ti;.Approved For Release 2000/08/11: Cl 96-00792R000400330013-4 l t(AIVSLA'1'lUtN AS-1F1ED _ A-1 THE ?PSYCHOTR.`-ONI C UNIVERSE Attraction and gravitation: where bodies give rise to an inherent "pan-psychist consciousness..:quantity" INOMATh Shuji* (Chairman, Japan Psychotrnics Institute) The "consciousness, matter, energy triangle" proposed by the author, i.e. a formula of the interchange of "consciousness," "matter" and energy,-has had great repercussions in the scientific world both at home and abroad. The existence of such a conversion formula was predicted by the English astronomer V.A. Firsoff. He stated that, "Mind (i.e. consciousness.- author) is a universal entity or interaction of the same,. level as electricity or gravity and we can expect a formula similar to Einstein's famous e = mc2 to exist for it" (see:.Arthur Koestler, "The Holon Revolution," published by Kosaku-sha). That iri;.concrete terms is what the author has obtained. The actual-derivation of this conversion formula is extremely simple, as shown below, but the influence it will have on the world view of scientists is incalculable. Newton's formula of universal gravitation can be stated and transformed as follows (cgs units): G=6.66X108! G M 1 N 2 r 0 r (1G t,:1) CiG ltiM r0 r SG1A where i = V-1 and r? is a unit vector showing the direction of r. se 2000U "t 1 6-00792R000400330013-4 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4 A-2 If we put: Q 1.= i G'iM 1 Q2=iGM2 UNCLASSIFIED _ . then equation (1) can be expressed as follows: This is nothing but Coulomb's formula in a vacuum shown in escgs units. Expressing this in words: "The universal gravitational pull between bodies M1 and M2 is equal to.the gravitational pull between the virtual charges Q1 and Q2 given by equation (2)." Given that the quantity of virtual-charge is considered to be "the pan-psychist consciousness quantity," the conclusion is that the cause of gravity or the attractive force lies in the pan-psychist consciousness that a body possesses. Thus when matter M (gravitational mass and inertial mass together) is destroyed through the collapse of gravity, etc. without being converted into energy by Einstein's relationship e = mc2, it turns out that it is being converted into pan-psychist consciousness of the order of Q = G112M. Judging from paranormal and non-paranormal experimental facts, it is possible for the pan-psychist consciousness Q = G1/2M, i.e. "virtual energy," to be converted into real energy. In that case, if we require that the energy E of matter directly converted into energy be equal to the energy E' when it is converted into real energy through thepan-psychist consciousness Q (law of conservation of ultra-energy), then the conversion coefficient for the pan-psychist consciousness Q and real energy. E can be summarised as follows: E=MC2=kQ = kG M Approved For Release 2900/08f11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-IM C C k= _ - (5), pprovea.rorxeiease zuuu!Uuni lIA-KUry wJ33W"13-4 tu The formula for the interchange of consciousness, matter and energy can be illustrated as in Fig. 1.* Thus-the matter + energy conversion is realised as atomic power and the energy + matter conversion is realised by the creation of electron-positron pairs (matter) due to invasion of the vacuum by photons. Similarly, it is thought that the other conversions, "consciousness - matter" and "consciousness - energy," are bi-directional. Moreover, at the time of the paranormal powers dispute, it was reported that the mass of a spoon bent by a boy with paranormal powers had decreased by 3 mg. A debate sprang up as to whether such a thing could happen, but from the standpoint of the conversion formula mentioned here, such things are perfectly possible. The mass in question was converited into "consciousness." A similar report by a physicist at London University appeared in the British scientific journal Nature. There it was stated that part of a semi-conductor material inside a capsule was destroyed under the influence of Jri teller. Einstein's relationship e mc2 was proved-by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs 40 years ago, after he propounded the theory of special relativity. Now, with the consciousness + energy conversion formula E = C2/Gl/2 we have entered the stage where it is being applied as a "virtual -1N ire Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4. energy" device using electrical and magnetic fields. What is shown by the consciousness - matter - energy conversion formula is that our universe is not only a material universe visible to the eye and tangible, but also consists of a non-material universe. These two universes are mutually connected by the conversion formula. The eastern world of mind and matter as one, and the oriental view of the universe as everything is emptinesst, (matter% + consciousness), emptiness is everything (consciousness + matter), nothing is destroyed and nothing increases, nothing is born and nothing dies (the law of conservation of ultra-enerq-v), which is mentioned by Sakyamuni in the Prajna-paramita-sutra,'is identical to the "psychotronic view of the universe" we have described here, and it will have major significance quantitatively . and. scientifically. t This is the phrase, from the Wisdom sutra, commonly rendered '}All is vanity',." (Tr.) .=Approved. For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4A-4 UNCLASSIFIED Fig. 1 The consciousness, matter, energy relationship M = gravitational mass a".3 inertial mass E = energy. Q = consciousness G = universal gravitational constant C = speed of light * Doctor of engineering, in charge of research, Electronics General Research Institute (JPI) symbol C = consciousness E = energy M = matter I = information .Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4 Approved For Release 2000/QA"LVDP~ r~7(Q330013-4 B-i T H E V A C U U M H Y P O T H E S I S UNCLASSIFIED Vacuum as a sea of virtual positive and negative energies INOMATA Shuji (Chairman, Japan Psychotronics`Institute) Looking from the viewpoint of psychotronics as a ':new science,' the concept of "vacuum," i.e. Dirac's vacuum theory, in .physics presents problems which do not accord with reality. As is well known, Dirac defined a vacuum as a sea of real negative energy,;' but what has been suggested by experiments in psychotronics is~'jthat a vacuum is rather a sea of virtual positive and negative energies.. Dirac's electron theory relates to the two energy levels, post ive and negative (see Fig. 1), such that: E = ? c m2 c 2-+p 2 (1) where E is energy, p the amount of motion (for the uni-dimensional case) and c the speed of light. Dirac regarded the mathematically obtained negative energy level as something of real existence, and assuming the level to be filled by the "donkey electrons" of Prof. Fushimi Yasuharu, he defined it as a vacuum not itself dependent upon observation. If an electron escaped from that vacuum, its hole could be regarded as a positron having positive energy and positive charge. This is the creation of electron-positron pairs by photons and he assumed the reverse process was the mechanism of. photon creation and the elimination of the electron-positron pairs. However, in this theory an infinitely large negative energy occurs, so that this cannot be said by any means to be a complete theory, as Dirac himself suggested. Above all, the aspects of this theory which presuppose a "raatter ether" do not accord with the realities of the new science of psychotronics. The author's proposal is whether we can take c as it is in (1) and consider a further level of virtual positive and negative energies where m + im and pip, i being the SG1A ase 2000/48(1 ~ClAr-9-00792 P PI: 3-4 Approved. For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R00040033 0 ,' UNC 1E.iEa imaginary unit (see Fig. 2): i E= -L i c a2 A real negative energy level is possible mathematically but in the real world such a level is in fact assumed not to occur and is- disregarded. it:is:as:if, when we are solving a real wave-motion equation, a trailing wave and a leading wave appear, but the leading wave is assumed not to exist and so is disregarded. Let us try considering the creation of electron-positron pairs merely in terms of the real positive energy level and the virtual positive and negative. energy levels (see Fig. 3). It is thought ftnst of all that when the virtual level is empty, the electrons release complex energy mc2 + imc2, i.e. "real photons" and "virtual photons." The virtual negative energy level is filled and then the virtual energy 2imc2, i.e. the virtual photons, is absorbed. The virtual positive energy level is also completely filled. If we assume this state of affairs, the electrons of the positive real energy level can exist stably without falling into the virtual energy level. Thus a vacuum is to be defined as a sea of negative virtual energy and positive virtual energy. This may be considered to be the matterless ether. The positive and negative virtual energies cancel each other out and so an infinity of virtual energy does not arise: only the finite difference is observed. Now, when real and virtual photons of energy 2mc2 + 2imc2 are driven into the vacuum, normal electrons are created from the negative virtual energy state, at mc2 + imc2. A negative virtual energy hole appears and it displays a positive electrical charge; the remaining real energy mc2 supplies its mass and imc2 (a positron) fills the hole created in the sea of virtual energy. But when positrons. and negatrons meet and are destroyed, the reverse of the above process occurs and real and virtual photons 2mc2 + 2imc2 are releasedr1. In the case of creation and destruction of electrons and positrons due to real and virtual. photons, the law Approved For Release 2000/08/11': CIA-RDP96-00792R( i~4 04:34 Approved. For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400336013-4 B_3 UNCLASSIFIED of energy i:ozicervat.ion is satisfied. On the other hand. it is possible for real energy to be removed from the sea of positive and negative virtual energies and in that case, proceeding from the theory of infinite - firite = infinite, it is possible to tap the limitless real energy. The various paranormal phenomena due to the action of consciousness are thus energy driven events. It goes without saying that the image of a vacuum as a sea of positive and negative energies also conforms to that of eastern philosophy which says that a vacuum is a sea of "ch'i" (air/spirit) governed by the negative and positive principles of Yin and Yang. Note: There were some typographical errors in previous articles, No. 1 Page 21, eq. (5) ---+ pV eq. (6) Q -0 No. 3 Page 22 eq. (1)- N2 + M2 * Doctor of engineering, in charge of research, Electronics General Research Institute (JPI) symbol M = matter I = information Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 CIA-RDP96-00792RnOh' 330013-4b_4 Fig. 1 fE nc2 Fig. 3 mC2 -imc2 -mC2 . 'tmc2 Fig. 2 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4 ? Approved For'Release 2000/O 6L &f DP9 0 0792ROOR0400330913-4 c_. SS, UNCLASSIFIED T H E E R A O F A N E W S C I E N C E W H I C H AN M E A S U R E C O N S C I O U S N E S S I T S E L F The interaction of consciousness and matter (energy) INOMATA Shuji (Chairman, Japan Psychotronics Institute) 'Initially it was difficult to establish the new science of "psychotronics'? in physics. . It has,- however, become possible to. formulate a quantitative and scientific argument concerning the interaction of consciousness and matter (energy). I intend here ~?tq,,discuss quantitatively the interaction of consciousness and matter from. the standpoint of a complex theory of thermodynamics and a composite theory of electromagnetics and gravitation. For ::a,concrete model I shall rely on the. combustion of magnetically activated fuel oil. I shall adopt the "consciousness energy" extraction process. In general, in catalytic processes where "virtual energy" intervenes, instead of the Carnot-Clausius type of thermodynamics the following complex theory of thermodynamics obtains, where temperature and heat quantity have been complexed. Taking i = /-1: T = T I +i72 Q.=.Q1+ i Q 2 1 is the temperature actually measured on the thermometer and iiT2 is the imaginary temperature inferred from the state of the matter, whilst Q1 is the real quantity of heat and iQ2 is the virtual quantity of heat. SG1A se 2000/08111: CIA-RDP96-00792 U ire(-. Al hi1+.": + i~Cl~0, .;4N It. Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R00040033fl013-4 UNCLASSIFIED Referring only to reversible systems, the changes in real entropy obtained from (1) are of two kinds; ?Q 1 S 1 = T-1 (2)' i -^- Q2 Q2 (3) ?S2=?1T2= T2 Thus, in general, the entropy change can be expressed as the sum of an energy change due to the real state and an entropy change due to the virtual state. Thus: :S =,sS 1 +0S 2 (4) Accordingly, the First Law of Thermodynamics expanded into the complex domain becomes a law of energy conservation where virtual energy has ben added to real energy. With regard to the Second Law, however, the possibility arises of a reduction in entropy AS2 in a thermal isolation system due to the inflow of negative virtual energy, and this fact gives rise to all the phenomena peculiar to consciousness that cannot be conceived of in conventional physics. Referring now to the magnetically activated fuel oil, its Gibbs free energy G0 is given by: G O= U-T I S I -T2 S V ; where U is the.internal energy, T1 the real temperature, T2 the virtual temperature, S1 the entropy due to the real state, S2 the .entropy due-to the virtual state, p pressure and V volume. In normal thermodynamics, which does not have the terms T2, S2, given the fact that the entropy of a thermal isolation system cannot reduce, if temperature T2 and pressure p are fixed, then the Gibbs free energy G0 cannot increase. dG0