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November 4, 2016
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April 10, 2000
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? . Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 Japan Psychotronics Institute Newsletter Psychic Energy and Psychic Allergy The truth of the phony program on "psychic power" broadcast by Fuji yy,. The Fuji 21/4raday "Family Wide:Show"-on.3-FeVleatura a-spediattivhOur.dOcumentary'On - psychic,ppygr,,,IPe:BAmtp4.4,col:Lthispxogram inAhe.TV,schedule.,read-"Much' ? publicized "spoon bending" and ",Nen7photogcaphy"...apaud!.. Camea.catrhe the .-AtecisiVe icimenti*Tilcke0lulWaXPoieaf Vhe.Circumstances of how this Fuji TV -- - program was produced were introduced in the Weekly Asahi. (Shukan Asahi) of 10 Feb 84 as follows: ? ?? , ? ? ? - Shooting for 'dOdbi4enfirY: on psychic power took- .piaces:at. a ..bOtei'in.. ?? . ''' '. . . . . . ,. . ..: ? - .86INJUK8 -.from 46 Dec. 83 .and. lasted 10 days. - -The.-demcinatrition was Witnessed 'from' the beginning to the end by TACHIBANA Takashi, the commentator; SUZUKI Matsumi, director of the Japan Acoustic Institute, and OTANI Soji, professor of psycholsigy . at 'the' Defense Academy. ? ? Blocking of psychic power. Neither SUZUKI Matsumi nor TACHIBANA Takashi is a specialist in psychic power and can be said to have practically no basic knowledge of the studies made in this field. I would like to make that point clear and prove that what they demanded of KIYOTA and YAMASHITA during this demonstration was sheer murder. According to the article in the "Weekly Asahi," "A person can qualify as a psychic if he can divert the attention of his audience for five seconds during an eight-hour demonstration." Eight hours -- that is asking too much. A person can sustain concentration of mind for at most 10 to 20 minutes. Records of demonstrations conducted during the past 10 years .by show each ..demonstration lasted less than one lout.. The subject was then allowed one week's rest to recover , . his psychic powers before the next session. ? To film this program, Fuji TY confined.K.IyOTA:a0 YA?.:11-4TA?141.fyllgW=f9C.A.40 :...r.1.1pga.c'e:aap4.:44gra...:api:43a0attOeti eleht. woad definitely'bio4.'th.i.:e001-getiO of..7psythii ??_. ? Atuybody- ,with?;even-? a basic knowledge of 'psychology should know .that .there ?-- ? - ? ? ?such ? a' thing Its '40:1iang tiheriodi.enolCaUd:ir?.604.'ocq A44..134 ,kuckAP:199,44g010...,-,:,:k..,.., 0y,s??:!.. program., ml 'in'ti:dfdelbIttittf .4310Plete1y . . ignorant in this'field.-1knOia the Condition faeed by 'KIYOTA and YAMAShITA during and after the demonstrations and I am furious over the fact that their health was endangered. Psychic power will not emerge under such conditions. Let me say here that it is very dangerous for someone without any knowledge of how to manage the health of people with psychic power to conduct such experiments. Since I watched KIYOTA and YAMASHITA grow up, I realize that there is a difference between the two in the way their psychic power emerges. What I say here, therefore, may not aliply equally to both of them. I would like, however, to Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 present my views for those with psychic power who may emerge in the future; These two peABOonarposiggicatqljrcnieritir: afbm856466,011.14Ihey, however, had no discipline in:theffirri7Ss :possessors 4) psyenc power. They did not have any instructors or leaders to provide them with the necessary discipline or guidance which they need when they grow up and become members of society.. Those people with whom they were in contact for several years for 'experimentation are not instructors in discipline. If KIYOTA and YAMASHITA had some knowledge of discipline, they would not have agreed to the unreasonable demands made by Fuji TV or consented to participate in such a hoax demonstr.ati.94.... . .If a concealed TV camera?had beet set up; KIYOTA'S?extrasensory'perceptiOn. would have sensed it and would have subconsciously interfered with his: :-..tconcentrationJof-mind.. Itwas:unfortunate,that-the-recorditg'ciiii'diiinOCrealiie this. ?. ? ? ???FoLtowigg.-is-a"repqtp. wha.t..was..showo on.-TY:. ? The director, after accusing KIYOTA of being a fraud, asked "Do you now have the -power of s psychic?" ,RIYOTA answered 7Yes.". bind ttis?". ? oPaque projector ITELOPY used her6):?At this point, KIYOTA was in spiritless condition. There was nobody present to protect his state of mind or health. He was under mental torture at this time.. The director further said "If you actually have the power, I would like to get photographic proof of it in one take." (TELOP used) KIYOTA did not know how to escape from this torture of mind. This shows that Director URUTA knows nothing about the process of recovery of psychic energy. Why didn't KIYOTA demand that the demonstration be discontinued until he recovered his psychic power? He should have asked the TV crew to allow him to have an assistant at all times who would help him during moments of "declining phenomenon" or when he experienced psychological difficulties. KIYOTA and YAMASHITA are now in need of an instructor who can look into the bottom of their souls and provide them with discipline. Even after they recover their psychic power, they should not accept any further.offers to appear on TV unless the producer understandsthe discipline involved. I consider Director URUTA and SUZUKI Matsumi as patients of psychic allergy." -2- - Approved For Release 2000/08/11 ..:_CIA-RDP96=0.0292RG00400330014-3 5,4. Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 ? Source: "Shukan Asahi" issue dated 10 Feb 84 FUJI TV SHOW EXPOSES ESP HOAX After a brief lull, the ESP craze has shown signs of a comeback. Recently, a Fuji TV camera crew shooting a special documentary on ESP succeeded in recording several questionable demonstrations. i. The'demonstrtp- atiodh Id;:rcaia i;iiii'dOliei?'aftiderit;lhleily:ii0ided-by"TV. 4r ' . ?'. .! . ? 0 ? ? e ? e ' ? %,.. 0,??,KIYOTA Masuaki, age.21,.a third-year.studentatSenshu.University, - ',., whose repertoire includes twisting and bending spoons and psychic photography using -3 Polaroid film. "Sunday Mainichi," which has covered KIYOTA's career in great -; detail since last fall, says he is adept at twisting spoons and "seeing through" 1 ' mirrors. The other is YAMASHITA Hiroto, age 19, a second-year student at Tokyo ..., -;-..1....... ' '.... ?' ' "I.. ... le 'is:r ilithitiiit 'V 'iii: .6Iiiit.eigiSr.frkt. 'ith:6 #.44 ' 4itdb' 'Old: X?igtf;e0 'while ? ''''' -.- ?-.1. '`."-- f"4 blindfolded. . q 4 Fuji TV planned a two-hour documentary for airing during its Friday "Family - Wide Show" on 3 Feb. Shooting took place at a hotel in SHINJUKU, TOKYO, from 26 Dec for ten days. All the demonstrations were observed by a.panel comprising commentator TACHIBANA Takashi, SUZUKI Matsumi, director,of'the Japan Acoustic Institute (Nippon Onkyo Kenkyujo) and OTANI Soji, professor of psychology at the Defense Academy. No matter how many times the TV crew tried, they were unable to record the much publicized spoon twisting demonstration by KIYOTA in complete sequence. KIYOTA would show the spoon to the panel but always after it has been twisted, never before. It was speculated that KIYOTA twisted the spoon with his hands when nobody was looking. While the cameras were trying to record the spoon sequence, a strange thing happened. The first person to.notice.that_spmeallng.was wrong was producey. URUTA Toshio. On 29 Dec, writer HATA Masanori observed that KIYOTA, grasping the handle of the already deformed spoon in his left hand, rotated the spoon slowly as if he Neye, tyist,ing on,t*.30th,_two hours after the.,.der4onstration,sarted ....?nptkilig.'llappened,?-WOT4 started .pacin. the f1opt: While. :the. panel followed .his 'movements',oa the 1?7tr .TAtlinkNA. sawlaY0TA Vend the' gioon' ' On'6 Jan- KIYOTA appeared .= Nippon Television's "Noon Wide Show." Fuji TV aeras were et up in the stdio, one 4cinz the guest, anoter hidaen in thea coordinator's booth. The hidden camera recorded a sequence where KIYOTA.wai Seen' bending the spoon with his hands before he went on the show. During the psychic photography demonstration, KIYOTA pulled another serious blunder. Four cameras were used for this demonstration, an overhead stationary camera, one set up in the exhaust duct, another on a shelf, and the last set up behind a see-through mirror. KIYOTA, finding himself alone, slipped a Polaroid film into his pocket before retiring to the restroom. Five minutes later, he emerged, transferred the film to a holder, then appeared to make a psychic photograph. Flashing a V sign to the panel, he jested "Friday the 13th must be my lucky day for I see my psychic powers have not deserted me." Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 Producer IIRUTA speculates, 'After he went to the restroom, a lady who was in the area said she heard what sounded like somebody breaking open a wrapper. Probably; that's when he developed the film." YAMASHITA's demonstration was equally suspect. The blindfold he used was his own, a black cloth filled with cotton padding. Blindfolded, he was able to read cards and dice with total accuracy. Complex figures he was able to reproduce using a pencil. However, during the demonstrations,,thf?pane1.9t0.thathiclairvvant, , "'"'libtierd'Wert riStfibted telCntlYfow'fi'eld'oI'vlsion.'-As* is ihown-iiir diaerim on ,P AO, he to see clairvoyantly within a.specific-fiela located directly... below his .blindfold: SUZUKI?bbdervis that his field of vision was about what one, would expect if a blindfolded person were looking out through a narrow opening. CLAIRVOYANT SEES ONLY OBJECTS CLOSE AT HAND YAMASHITA.Wis Unable to read objects placed behind a curtain .made . - . . ? ?of-the the 'blindfold; -SUZDKI:OserVas,.".EVen an opening as small . )1JS:0'.1it:Unaer'theblindfold'COuia Made a world of difference. .You must remember he has sharp features, including a prominent nose. .We 'suggested sealing his eyes completely, but he said the pressure on his eyes would restrict his psychic powers." So it was not until the ninth day that.YAMASHITA finally agreed to have his eyes sealed completely. Needless to say, his clairvoyant powers deserted him at that point. Magicians are able to read cards while blindfolded for the same reason. When SUZUKI demonstrated this trick for YAMASHITA, the latter complained, "The Important difference here is I keep my eyes shut when blindfolded but you don't." If YAMASHITA is telling the truth, I can only say that ESP is beyond My comprehension. TACHIBANA says, "Whether we can call this ESP is very questionable." On 14 Jan the last day pf the shooting, .the panel confronted KIYOTA:with all the evidence it had gathered. Overwhelmed, KIYOTA admitted the demonstrations were fraudulent. .His confession was recorded by a bidden camera and shown later, to TV viewers. In that sequence KIYOTA demonstrated how .he bent ttle spoon with his. hands. Thai sequence is shown in photos at right.. .P#Pt, he cr,adles..the_spoon in his'iight hand, grasIng the bandle ith h,sleft 1and Placing his thumbs at the . ? narrowest part n1 the spoon, be bends it 1,-2 time 6, Plistini It',1)),'Initiviti his hands , UCIE and _forth; Ttiis. takes one .second if dpne,sloN:fly,,O.5 secpnas_Ag. dcRe , ijiYtody'140 can ,aivert be aftentiop nt-the,pmaiiptcg. seconds, can,qualify. as .a psychic; -?- Panelist SUZUKI put on his own demonstration, adding, "Even a grandmother of 84 years can learn this trick. Once you become fairly good at it, the spoon bends easily and you almost begin to wonder if you are not indeed psychic." KIYOTA, after being exposed as a fraud, said, "The pressure to perform within a limited time frame became so great I just had to use physical force. But I must say this is the first time it has happened." TACHIBANA is skeptical, "Since we caught them cheating this time, we have to suspect this isn't the first time." SUZUKI, who appeared on a Nippon Television show on ESP before, once measured the 34.5_megahertz radio waves emitted by KIYOTA's brain. KIYOTA showed me a Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 videotape of that program. SUZUKI says, "That's not unusual since we all give off these emissions." On the show, KIYOTA made a fluorescent lamp glow with his brain emissions. SUZUKI explains, "We boosted the emissions a million times just to impress our TV audience." Needless to say, the disgraced psychics offered a rebuttal. TV officials say the Yamashita family has asked that all his scenes be cut from the show. - ProchiceYURUTA'''siye.,'"i?Wi'tliiiilaYOtk'S'hoik has :b0n.unqpyqred,-- the,YaM#Ahita- .t:.4amily4ears?thatvitzitfd KIYOTA and has asked'us'io - - restructure the show." , - ? ? ? ? KYOCERA PRESIDENT A STAUNCH SUPPORTER 'TAMASH;TA. S'EtyA; CnimeUt.. ,ls -Opt '.0.11 ? _ ? ? . ? .? ? the- . _ . . level, you are fre to do sO." KIYOTA's father, Yoshinori, who operates a sushi shop in downtown TOKYO says, "When our. son confessed, we considered closing our shop and moving. But wt have decided to stick it out. We. are told that NH3( might do a program on Masuaki, if he's lucky." A well-known Liberal Democratic Party Diet member wondered what all the fuss was about. It is rumored that Dentsu Inc, an advertising giant, is also interested. YAMASHITA's father, Takemasa, is a director of Daiwa Securities Co, Inc and a former manager of its Kyoto Branch. He has many friends in the Kansai financial world who are familiar with his son's psychic powers. While the TV show was being recorded, YAMASHITA put on clairvoyant demonstrations for executives of Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Bank. Commenting ox the recent. TV show, Kyocera president INAMORI.Kazd9saysj 'Itis nonsense,toftry tp provide scientific evidence-of ESP.. Thee demonstrations are influenced greatly by the spiritual atmosphere. If I had been in the audience, perhaps things would have gone differently".", . . KIYOtA has received inv1tations- from oiieges. in the US and.-han)conducteUt= . - :.=demOntiation or NAXAYAMA Tait) -pf:'Od''PrAniS . ? - .IAMASHITA experiencedan awakening of their 1:)Yc-14c,..PQwqrs . er Yuri .GELLER1 ? 'ir4# x.14x44s..4A9..44.et3414.4?.*AggiAas,,expo.sedvricaliZals?AttpcsobArtak-silid,-th-- iiPM1i*44a' )CtOt4 continued,,visit reseArchers-,ev-TheElettrie.'-- 1 Communications University and Defense Academy. Some years back, this magazine published an interesting observation by YAMAMOTO Shichihei, writer, "ESP is ESP because we are unable to believe in its existence. These demonstrations should be conducted before an audience of skeptics. Otherwise, they are meaningless." Perhaps we can say the demonstrations failed because a skeptical TV crew possessed super-psychic powers which nullified the psychic powers of KIYOTA and YAMASHITA. Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP98-00792R000400330014-3 .?. ? APPlierffillicafkind2q2NO?iltliiogibViligiViViValgq902P3Qa4ukan 4L Asabi" which has been critical of the ESP boom. Still suffering from shock, he is undergoing hypnotherapy. Photo captions: Page 158 Buoyant KIYOTA (left) and YAMASHITA at start of shooting Page 159 KIYOTA demonstrates hoy. he berlt. ?poon. with...14114 . afte:r, hoax ? was -exposed.... ? - ,Stroking;the-spoon ? , 2) .Bending the spoon with both hands 3) Restoring the spoon to its original shape " Lid of demonstration ??? .?:??????. , Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RD146-i)0792R000400330014-3 ? ? Sketch of photo of YAIMIT clairvoyant Adtagonffactrigelease 200wuon ? pace here through gap In blindfold.. Cannotread cards placed here .? Curtain of same material as blindfold 5 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330014-3 ? .. . . ? ..?:Aippro , e 2000/08/11: CIA-R P9600792R000400330014 . . ...... -.. ? .. ???-?.444, ' tar ,117[:110/ires?--11gtigidLATTI/ - 113fil MCI 'it'. 2.1. .. I a="1 4f^ I ifif., I Acsg.I 141.1 1 Ilv4T I 25.,!eVci)t.?ciii.go ct, ,c 11 LI 11/ 4 II V . tit , 'C T.! .1.1alt. --. V. 7 '..-., .7 (...: 1,)1?13-17113"It8141-7.31.tca) Catl nt) t-C813F3 IT Irr , -r Y..) t . e F.,.4 111} t ii4 I I ' ... ? ..!. r t'1'{ ? 4 a - 31 1J ii F3 .1, 4 ? ilA ii 0) ? :-.: .*" .4 % ii) ' !biz IIII :, oil 4,1 + - a a Le 1.....10 ? 0 IL t I I T....M.1C. ta '5 LC- 1...1 1.7. ':(... -,,! la 7 l? )5_'? aE 11.11 11 Li ?s 77. ?,..? -yr a. -.. -I; to .f..: 'CZ/IE.:Vs- ;14..0 4., ....,.. 6 - ,;116.a.. PI ?.-2' 4, JZ_ El 0 1:11 ;1 a (.., 41 t ? Ail it 13 if', I 1. --t ill- 1C:'-c 4;?1). 7 X". ei Yr. ' ru )!: 4 I, . -,-: tc: 5 nt 0) i 1 11 ? ,.S. R..: .1..) .-,5i ',el? 1/1.-11- r 4 7 ", . tC -, Sr. V% IA ?... 1-, gA l., 1.5? Ii 1 i :Z. T.? -7 (11'.:A ;&--,,i,, to '-.4-. 4.: 11 ts ? A :ft' 0) Li 01 01 a -C 'IV ? .11.: ;:.-.. t...1::a.:-.. it...* V ? .1::1,', .t , 1),. ri ;ti 0 ii t 1...1. to E: ? ..k ? ' bt. ' III ie. - ..-t ilj .? -;, M. lc . (,-.. .e -_, A., LI -c- 7PJ b i'.4 ;Z) 42 tf,11 LI rt 4 -....,to-,c? 1,1.. ',, . t.,,' RI. -", ? it? 1 E., (I vi r 7'.. a ?.i.:, ....) 11 5 ff ' .k -4- ? t s ?-, 1- ,.. ,t tl".,./3 .,i,*.,?,1,.f. '1 - 1./ hr ? izt? ;?-, ?*, (E.: * f.1,' ' r ...ti13,1?' it L.- 1 1 * :."4 ? h.. As ;?.;. .,ej si. ..;, .;.-?, :,...41;;,- ?;.- .-1 t:I ,- I) " 1,1 7 ;',,: '''' l.., 11-0 ie. i-.) e 0) ,., ? ..... .' ft.,4$ I 4 co I., --E. t.1 tug 7 7 V Tr ,i. 11: ;). ,1* ?.:II. -. ? E/4 ?ic .n. 1;,',.-..:1-... : -c it t1 .11 II tc .Id t $21 11..G li 51';'2X-i V , .?%.S.G az it. ; rItii 4 0 1444, ' ''. ';??.( " i '? k ? IC % -? MI ili 0 ' 4 1:C qi:(.,... .0 .. t. 1, i." gi. (3)c,t1:-.1.z-r ? 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