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November 4, 2016
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April 27, 2000
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1porcRuIIC ?r'e M ft m {~ 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP96 9~ Wq~Q9 ,l ;r psy- ~~n o DR. HIROSHI MOTOYAMA by Robert Dean Dunham Tl hs MpHops Although thirty minutes from downtown, the Inokashira district is still pure Tokyo, minus the sky- scrapers. The narrow streets are crowded with people, cars, bicycles and motorbikes. Noise and smog fill the air of the "endless city". In the midst of this confusion is a large oasis, Inokashira Park, which serves as a pastoral back- drop for the Shinto Shrine of Tama Mitsu (The Ball Of Light). This shrine looks like many others, but is different in that through its Toni Gate pass those who have witnessed or benefited from the psychic powers of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. He is the high priest of the shrine, a yogi and the internationally-known psychic who is the head of the Institute of Para and Religious Psychology, located within the shrine's compound. As I enter, the four-story con- crete building looks just a bit forbid- ding. A moaning wind takes yes- terday's gift of cherry blossoms and blows them into ashy mounds around the front door. Regardless, the bell must be rung. Dr. Mo- toyama has agreed to one of his rare interviews. ProWd ovix 000y "Take off your shoes and fol- low me." This is said in perfect English by a good-looking young American man wearing jeans and a turtle neck sweater. He leads the way upstairs to an overheated and empty sitting room where a sign on the biggest chair reads "President Only". My affable guide is presently living and studying yoga at the Institute. He says "Before coming here I was studying Zen in Kyoto. There I had some psychic experi- ences that eventually put me in touch with Dr. Motoyama." Without my realizing it, Dr. Motoyama has come into the room almost as if he had materialized when I wasn't looking. He eases himself into the "President Only" chair as the student leaves the room. Without any formal introduc- tion, Dr. Motoyama says "My life's goal, the purpose of this institute, is to prove the existence of the spiri- tual world from a scientific stand- chic ability. Here in my laboratory we are compiling data using so- phisticated electrical equipment to show changes in the internal ograns of the body induced through psy- chic powers." Dr. Motoyama graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University of Education, where he studied com- parative religion and medicine. From 1962 to 1965 he did research and lectured at Duke University"s Laboratory of Parapsychology. The author of several books on para- psychology, he has also authored many articles, including "The Mechanism Through Which Psi Ability Manifests Itself", which was published by UNESCO in the mid- seventies. LiWWwy WW07104 Life for Dr. Motoyama is di- vided among several worlds. There is the everyday world: husband, father of five, priest, teacher. The spiritual world: fasting and sleep- lessness (up to 20 days), medita- tion, communicating with spirits, exorcising, psychic healing (diabe- tes, muscular dystrophy, deafness). The old world: "I remember living with the Emperor Oji in a Yamato castle during the 5th century when the tree that is now a 'kokuho' (national treasure) was just a tiny sapling." And there is the future world: "By the end of this century, a cataclysmic catastrophe will cause the deaths of millions and a vast change in the earth's climate." Dr. Motoyama's psychic expe- riences began early in his present Approved For Release 20OW691415 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000400390005-7. AMERICAN PSYCHIC Magazine life. "When I was six years old, my mother took me to bathe in a mountain waterfall. Just as she put me under the fall, the water parted and I remained dry." As green tea is served in hand- some earthenware cups, he adds almost casually "I saw my mother walk on water twice. She is a mystic, and can see a golden aura around me." Here in my laboratory, we are compiling data to show changes in the internal ograns of the body induced through psychic powers. Although the Shinto religion is not based on belief in a supreme being, Dr. Motoyama says that he believes in God. "Well, I call him God, but the name is not important. I also believe in the existence of evil spirits. In fact, I have con- fronted and exorcised numerous ones." C Cmlaffi One of his most recent exor- cisms was for a woman plagued with personal tragedy. "She ar- rived at the shrine one morning during my meditation period ask- ing for help. Her only and once normal son had developed schizo- phrenia and she had confined him Approved For Release 2000/08/15.: CIA-RDP96-00792R000400390005-7 3 5. (n Ct) CA ? ~ cD =r CD CL a co am 0w = w CD m a?