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December 22, 1987
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240001-6 SG1 B SG1J CONFIDENTIAL/NOFORN From: D1'-ACO To : DZ' (Dr. orona Subject: Sc;alar Waves RE~f: Verbal Request for Summary Statement on Scalar Waves 1.. (C) Per refe-rence, the writer will provide a summary below of his understanding of the nat~~re of scalar waves. These are unconventional waves that are not necessarily a contradiction to Maxwell's equations (as some have suggested), but might represent an extension to Maxwell's understanding at the time. If realizable, the scalar wave could represent a new form of wave propagation that could penetrate sea water, resulting in a new method of submarine communications and possibly a new form of technology for ASW. Thus tike potential applications are of high interest to the U.S. R&D Community and tihe Intelligence Community, particularly if some promise is shown to their realizability. 2. (C/NF) There is a community in the U.S. that believes that the scalar waves are realizable. In a recent conference sponsored by the IEEE these were openly discussed and a proceedings on the conference exists. The conference was dedicated to Nicola Tesla and his work, and the papers presented claimed lied i i mp s an some of Tesla's work used scalar wavy rnnrPnts. Thus there "Tesla Connection" in all of_this. ;3. (U) The scalar wave, as the writer understands, is not an electromagnetic 4vave. An Electromagnetic (EM) wave has both electric (E) fields and magnetic I;6) fields and power flow in EM waves is by means of the Poynting vector, as iFollows: watts w+~ The energy per second crossing a unit area whose normal is oriented in 'the direction of S is the energy flow in the EM wave. A scalar wave has no time varying 8 field. (In some cases it also has no E field.) Thus it has no energy propagated in the EM wave form. It must be recognized, however, that any vector could be added that could integrate to zero over a closed surface and the Poynting theorem still applies. Thus there is some ambiguity in even stating S = E x B is the total EM energy flow. SG1 B 4. (U) The scalar wave could be accompanied by a vector potential A~and E and y e~ B remain zero in the far field. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240001-6 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240001-6 CONFIDENTIAL/NOFORN From EM theory we can write as follows: E _ -t7f6 _ ~ ~ ~A/t 8 = Ox A In this case f~' is the scalar (electric) potential acrd A is the (magnetic) vector potential. Maxwell's equations than predict va~ _ I~ _ ~ (Scalar Potential Waves) c' ) t' OVA _ ~~ ,~.y p (Vector Potential Waves) A solution appears to exist for the special case of E=0, B=O, and p xA=O, f'or a new wave satisfying _ A = v5 ~ _ - '-~ ~t S then satisfies ~'s Mathematically S is a "potential" with a wave equation, one that suggests propagation of this wave even through E=B=O .and the Poynting theorem indicates no EM power flow. 5. (U) From paragraph 4 above there is the suggestion of a solution to IMaxwell's equations involving a scalar wave with potential S that can ;propagate without Poynting vector EM power flow. But the question arises as to where the energy is drawn from to sustain such a flow of energy. A vector that integrates to zero over a closed surface might be added in the theory, as suggested in para 3 above. Another is the possibility of drawing energy from the vacuum, assuming net energy could be drawn from "free space." Quantum mechanics allows random energy in free space but conventional EM theory has not allowed this to date. Random energy in free space that is built of force fields that sum to zero is a possible approach. If so, these might be a source of energy to drive the S waves drawn from "free space." A number of engineer/scientists in the community suggested in para 2 are now claiming this. A chief proponent of this is Lt Col Tom Bearden, who also lectured at the IEEE T'esla Symposium. He is known for his "Fer-de-Lance" briefing on "Soviet Scalar Weapons." 6. (U) In summary, scalar waves refer to non-EM waves with the potential for Approved For Release 200'~/~/~E~.~~~1~~~6-007928000500240001-6 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240001-6 CONFIDENTIAL/NOFORN unconventional wave propagation. They appear to have some properties of soliton waves: they may not attenuate like EM waves do. Their existence is not proven, but if they exist their energy source is not clear. They have a gLiantum-mechanical flavor about them. 7.. (U) If such scalar waves exist than they will be transformed via collective phenomena from microscopic waves to macroscopic waves, as in the c