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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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November 2, 1977
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~. a. era rte. rrt~... r..... ~ ~ 'ume 5, h~u. ai Approved For R~~~t~~~~ style awards !1-year old ski enthusiast is one of rust 1_ rCCll)Ie11IS of the Lifestyle :d riven fur the prc)n)otivn cif pusi- Ircalth lifestyle in Canadian commu- ~s. Lerman Smith-luhannsen, Piedmont, bee, a retired engineer, Itas been acti- involved for rnarty years in develop- toss-country skiing as a mass sport in Ada and tltc [%nied States. Ile has out cross-country ski bails in r`,luebec consulted in setting up trails in other ins of Canada. he Lifestyle Avvard program is part aeration Lifestyle, a public education ~aign developed by the llepartment ational Health and Welfare to cncour? :'anadians to assume greater responsi- ~? for their own health. ince the proErarn was first announced January, Canadians have been encvur- to nominate individuals who !rave ;ed to raise the level of health aware- in their community. an-Marie Mouchet, a priest and er from Whitehorse, Yukon Terri- is the initiator of a ski program for children in Old Crow. Father Afou- s Territorial Experimental Ski Train- :'ragram (TEST) has gained national :ntemational recognition. :ia Rose Dickey, of West Vancouver, ,h Columbia, has been recognised for :Cadetship in programs of community ences for retarded children and ~s, and in programs of volunteer ng and development. ?rt Knibbs, or "Aft. Sport", of Bow ~, Albeno, has been coaching and noting sports weld recreation in his -tuniry from the "peewee" stage to'~ rs for 30 years,: He was actively in- -d in the 1975 Canada Winter Games has been elected to the Alberta 's Hall of Fame for outstanding e and achievement in amateur sport. 'Jac?krgbbir"Smith-Jultan-tsclr, lUl }~eurs old, is cu~tgratulated on re h' Award by jonner f/eult/r and Weljure dlrnister/1larc Lalonde and the present Healthsand Iti'rl jare Minister lLlonique Begin. handicapped as well as the development of a sheltered workshop. Charles Rheaume, a polio victim from Ottawa, Ontario has bean active in the rehabilitation of alcoholics and the estab- lishment of a halfway house. !le has also been involved in promoting the visual arts for handicapped artists and leas founded an association for French-speaking handi- capped people in Ontario. Rosanne La(lamnte of Quebec City, Quebec, lost both legs and an arm as the result of a childhood accident. !n 1975 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, has given outstanding leadership to scouts and other youth organizations in P.E.I. for 40 years. lle has given valuable sup- port to the Canadian and World Jambo- tees of Scouting, devoting two years to planning the 197? Jamboree in P.E.1. Charles Andrew of Northwest River (Labrador), Newfoundland, after over- coming apersonal battle with alcoholism, has spent the last four years working with young people, initiating an innovative program to combat alcoholism in hi s she won gold, silver and bronze medals at contmuniry. t}te Olympics for the Handicapped in St. Etienne, Franca. She has also written r-'~~ .- an autobiography to encourage other handicapped people and is actively in- volved in promoting the cause of the disabled. Kathryn Barnes of Moncton, New Brunswick, is a founding member of the Moncton Nonsmokers Association and active on the New Brunswick Council of ben Bums, a treaty Indian from Smoking and Health. Working closely :e Albert, Saskatchewan, has vd+orked with city police and volunteer agencies, ;ood health lifestyles among his she has recently helped organize a "Block for the past 15 years, attd has Parent" program for the Moncton area. the respect and confidence of Adrian Pearson, a resident of Stellar? ieau.?. r$ and iieai ut ~,: J::.aS:O;i;ai5 tuli, i~uYa .SWlla, was nominated by St. . honesty and forthright concern. John Ambulance for outstanding service tie Solway, of Iv'eepawa, Manitoba, in instructing first aid. Mr. Pearson has ed in the development of family also rendered long service to the commis~ _'ucation in sc:hoots and wornen's Wily as a scoutmaster and as an air cadet tes, led in the establishment of a leader and instructor. Israelis to carry out the rescue mission in miry association f~(~rB~~~Or RL1~~Se~~E~l~i'O~~n: ~f1~-F~~P9~6OQd~ROtO4~(~-214{~?O~3~ox The secret of Entebbe The following item is reprinted jrom Fnr tan Report, August 24, 1977, apub- licatioir ojtheEcvnomistNewspaperLtd., London. A comer of the veil of secrecy that has obscured one of Israel's most valued mili- tary assets was lifted this week when an electronics engineer living quietly in Toronto was honoured by the State of Israel. His name is Sidney Hurwich. All that could be learned officially was that his invention had been used in the Israeli raid at Entebbe last year. Foreign Report can now reveal that Flurwictt's brainchild may have led the e new '-~ ~tembe - .A) cc 'anada 21. J Alastai il IEA hydro is will cuts it e reset tied c > the r? .e and s also ida Mir rporat; arch it n from ,andt partici~ ~pmen rrc exp mont tech Cc two ag y inve~ neteorc I energ rputer thine s ar is dalen 1 Jro Qu abrica ng sin - I J, ~~'C 230 ki' wind t :o-ordir .scienti a Lott ch wi] he We then. " of pla: reeled ievelox tstandi h temr t powe joiner tech ar . ar said Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240003-4 not only Ugandan radar, but th- a rada~f countries that Israeli manes crossed en rotate. ~fhis explains why Israeli planes were able to reach Entebbe undetected. The device sends out electronic rays to al~~r the natural corn osition of tht magnetic rei Ids an centres of cavity of ~weapons, instrument is s and mechanical devices. It sounds impossible, but }lurwich hirnself says that this is less an invention than "a different application of an old and basic principle of electronics'". Canadian beginnings His invention appears to have grown out of a modest battery-run instrument that he developed eight years ago to help the Canadian police to foil bank robberies. In 1969, he invited Canadian policemen to a viewing. With the instrument con- cealed in the same roam, he invited them to try to lift bags of money. The bags ap- peared to be riveted to the ground, and moreover, the police gun triggers jammed and their watches stopped. A year later. Flurwich got the idea that his ray could save lives by stopping the timing mecha- nisms. He offered it to }srael. When Israeli representatives came to see him, he told them that he was unable to press ahead with the research to de- velop his invention himself, since ite had Gabonese President visits The President of the Gabonese Republic, El Hadj Omar Bongo, visited Canada from October 20 to 23, accompanied by his wife. On October 21, the President signed an agreement in principle with Export De- velopment Corporation chairman and pre- sident John A. MacDonald to establish a '5150-million line-of-credit with Gabon. Further discussions will be held soon be- tween officials 6f both countries to deter- mine the type of goods and services that can be transacted under the line-of-credit pact, which first must be ratified by the EDC board of directors. During his stay in Ottawa, the Gabo- nese head of state, who is also the Presi- dent of the Organization for African unity, held discussions with various Can- adian authorities, on the subject of Can- ada-Gabon relations. stressing the com- mercial and the Francophone aspects, and the broader questions of economics and international politics. just received open-heart surgery. But he was convinced that his invention could be advanced and made powerful enough to neutralise complete weapons sistems over lar a areas. On the Hurwich principle, tirerc was no reason why the new beams 1 crn~ld not reach and disable tanks, ground- , to-ground missiles and complete radar systems, or even objects in the atmosphere. ; ` The beams could also be tacked together to form a screen that would make whole ` ~ zones safe from bombs or missiles. The Israelis will not divulge what tests have been run, or how the Hurwich ray has been developed. The first inkling of its existence was obtained after the Entebbe operation, by military experts curious to find out how the Israeli planes were able to fly to their destination with- out: a single radar instrument in the Middle East and Africa being a}erted, and why, as they approached Entebbe airfield, electricity was mysteriously cut acrd the control tower stopped functioning. In- dead, the operators of Entebbe control tower were the first to be punished by Ids Amin after the Israeli mission suc- ceeded: he had t}tem executed after they defied belief by pleading that all their detection, reception and transmission instruments had locked "as though by magic". International energy rep menu signed Paddle your own canoe The estimated travelling time between Vancouver and Montreal is two years - by canoe, that is. Jerry LaChappelle, 34, of Montreal, and his cousin, Denis Bilo-, 22, of Quebec City, have under- taken a 24,100-mile Odyssey, paddling along the Pacific coast, circling Cape Elora and returning via the Atlantic and the St. Lawrence River. The pair set out from Vancouver in July and, by the end of September, had travelled 2,100 miles to Long Beach, California. "Everybody says it's impossible," said LaChappelle, "nothing's impossible." Al- though the canoeists will be entering the territorial water of ll South American countries during the trip, they arc not concerned about possible attempts by these countries to halt their voyage. They Alan to get by with a "grass-roots" diplo- ::~a;,; , or rati~er, w~tn sausmanship. "1 don't carry arms, 1 don't care about poli- *.ics and I don't discuss reties^n;' states LzC~.aapelle, "1'm Canadian." Canada signed three new e agreements with member Energy Agency (IEA) coL on October 6.(SecCanada ~ 1~'0. 38, Sc/rtcntbcr 21.J Energy Minister Alastair chaired a ministerial lEA r the agreements on hydro; fusion research. This will } number of agreements in participates. The co-operative resew. on hydrogen, carried o, auspices, will assess the ro as an energy source and The agreement was also s sentatives of Noranda Alin the Electrolyser Corporati~ Hies active in research in extracting hydrogen from trolytic procedures, and tt vale companies to panic}1 research and development thcr joint studies are expo tiated in the coming montl NRC wind turbine Tl~e National Research Cc cipate in the other two ag: by Mr. Gillespie, by inves vironmental and meteorc of converting wind energ and evaluating computer selection of wind ttrrhine s N1tC's vertical axis erected in the Magdalen 1 co-operation of Hydro Qu nion Aluminum Fabrica~ has been operating sin Canada Weekly, Vol. S,1Vc With a capacity,'of 230 kil largest vertical axis wind t NRC will also caordii pation of Canadian scienti of and access to a lac tested device which wi: 'EURATOM and the We vernment near Aachen. volves the study of pla actions and is expected formation on the deveiol tale capab}e of withstands forces and very high tern ring in future fusion powe Canada recently joine jeers on coal research a conservation, nuclear safe 6 - Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500240003-4