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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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Approved For Release 2OC'r'1/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000500240005- fa What is your pugnacity quotient? If correctional cilrty?"~:i._ ? t~Q~M orming publicly HA natured When a Civil Service Co on mmissi ou're the easygoing, sunny- -'.. " A' s uttered to a halt, and the;;y Y be t a 1 fora 'ob s psychologist was called in to review: - - ta ped si h out of tt J ?':;~ ,`. t;;:~"... x;: this necessary to effectively operate the 1920s he began to shrink . f,...__... .--- _ :.. .: .. ' - ' "should a jail be an ugly environment Is Nice a Vice? run by people who are not nice? Is z:'f - ahoe>a or cut his neat at dinner table. Not sl4nsin g r er no pp T..~, type, the Vasquez case, he concluded that - - ?.,s Then three years ago some 'r:?.':t. =.: guard at the Reno, Nevada, city jail p rocedures b-testin il' - h " " g p s jo e ja to t to nice rtih b lbld Md N you mgteaeeo --oun needed overhauling. The Reno po at- in San Fr U L--?__1 A- .-A - living in down--at-the-heels' `' ?. _ rate being hired. = ' y ? Vasquez, who came out number one reinstated Vasquez as number one 4' wuhis five 'lost deer h tin list But now after her. b :aJ FRONT RUNNERS t ut err war g had in fact n ton la on written exams for the jad Job, was deep-sixed by the jail's clash with the police, Vasquez is not` -stud and P A( psychological tester because, he said, sure whether she will accept the she was "too nice" to be a jailer. But appointment if it comes through. If ; to the Ford Foundation news - TJy?egyhazi "has written mo Vasquez is not all that nice: She she does turn it down, the !a = -`700 works, many. of. of. them : ` fought back vigorously, with help ?,. psychologists can always claim that _ } from the American Civil Liberties her change of mind only shows she is L. orchestral . ''4 Union. "Why," Vasquez asked, . - : ~. erratic and was unfit to begin with. ? Now seventy-four, Nyiregy does not feel up to laying p 7. P. and he has not made a region c ,pus 't-t Et ~:. ,C.~: :i ...:. :: ? :i ','.. .. ,:iS.ti . ..