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November 3, 1998
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September 1, 1983
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September 1983 PSI RESEARCH September 1983 PSI RESEARCH Approved For Release 2000/08/11 CIA-RDP96-00792000500400001-8 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PSYCHOTRONIC RESEARCH: JUNE 5-10, 1983 Russell Targ* Delphi Associates Palo Alto, California In June of 1983 I attended the Fifth International Conference on Psychotronic Research. This meeting was held in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, and it gave me an opportunity to talk with Eastern researchers about their latest ideas and experiments. The International Association for Psychotronic Research (IAPR) has broad interests, covering many borderland areas of science. These include principally psychotronic Interactions with physics (the physics of consciousness and mechanisms of psi functioning), medicine (psychic healing, iridology, dermo-optic perception), and geology (dowsing and the examination of so-called geopathogenic zones). The organization is now ten years old, and has held five conferences attracting international participation. These were in Prague (1973), Monaco (1975), Tokyo (1977), Sao Paulo (1979) and this most recent one in Bratislava in 1983. The president and founder of the organization is Dr. Zdenek Rejdak, from Czechoslovakia. The two vice presidents are Dr. Heinrich Huber, of Austria, and Russell Targ of the US. Three scientific directors Include Dr. Shiuji Inomata, from Japan, Dr. Erik Ingenbergs from the West Germany, and Prof. Fedor Romashov from the USSR. During the conference I was able to visit a striking remote viewing target site from an experiment that Dr. John Bisaha and Brenda Dunne carried out in 1976. In their series of long-distance remote viewing experiments, Bisaha traveled in the USSR and Czechoslovakia. One of the targets was a circular restaurant on a bridge tower high above the Danube river in Bratislava, the conference city for the 1983 * Some of the material presented here is from the forthcoming book The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities by Russell Targ and Keith Harary (Villard/Rg- orn H ,984) r+oiise, ly~F). IAPR meeting. It was thrilling for me to visit this exotic target, the cafe Bystrica, on the bridge over the Danube; and observe for myself that the distance separating the viewer and.the target didn t interfere with the accuracy of the perception. The viewer in this experiment was six thousand miles away in Wisconsin. She described his location as, ':. . near a very large expanse of water . . . boats ... it seems to have height, vertical lines like poles . . . a circular shape like a merry-go-round or gazebo. . ." At this fifth conference, there were approximately three hundred attendees, and three simultaneous sessions for three of the five days of the meeting. These sessions were divided into: I - PSYCHOTRONICS AND MEDICINE, II - PSYCHOTRONICS, PSYCHOLOGY, PEDAGOGY, AND CREATIVITY, and III - PSYCHOTRONICS, PHYSICS AND METHODOLOGY. There were approximately seventy-five papers presented, most of those heard by this writer were in translation. The published conference proceedings fill three volumes, and these are only the abstracts. Consequently this highly selective summary will treat each of the topics as briefly as possible, while still trying to communicate a sense of the work. Two Soviet researchers, Dr. Andre Berezin, a bio- chemist, and Dr. Konstantin Gubarev, a theoretical physicist, described a variety of Interesting projects. One of these is an experiment in rat telepathy, in which two groups of caged rats were housed a mile apart. Each group had been conditioned to move to the left side of their cage to avoid an electric shock to their feet when a red light was turned on. After both groups were reliably conditioned to this response, a computer controlled experiment was carried out. In these trials, the researchers found that when one group of rats was randomly signalled and shocked, their brother rats (litter mates) in the distant cage would move to to the left side of the cage also. The timing signals and selection of which group was to be shocked was controlled by a central computer, and sent to the cage controllers via phone lines. A similarly successful Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R0005004c 001-8 September 1983 PSI RESEARCH September 1983 Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500400001-8 experiment had been carried out several years ago by Leutin in the Soviet Union, with human subjects also conditioned by electric shocks. This appears to be a serious, well thought out, and well controlled experiment. A second experimental investigation was carried out in a hospital in which continued research is being done on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on consciousness. In this work, an 18 KHz oscillator was modulated with different types of stochastic (random) noise. The output of the generator is brought to the neighborhood of a patient's head, causing them to have "mystical or religious types of experiences." In other experiments with electromagnetic generators, it was found that heart attacks could be induced in susceptible rats, and relief from hypoxia was obtained in rats suffering from oxygen deprivation. We also learned from an English researcher at the conference, Guy Lyon Playfair, about a Soviet invention called Lida-4 which is a signal generator producing 100 Hz modulation of a 40 MHz carrier. This device is said to have put an entire hall full of people to sleep in fifteen minutes, according to a report from Dr. Ross Adey. Dr. Zdenek Rejdak spoke to the plenary session about the desirability of finding physiological correlates to dowsing. He described several approaches to this task. Dowsing and prospecting with psi was a recurring theme in the conference. It is clear that dowsing on the site of interest, map dowsing, and dowsing the answer to questions are all aspects of the same psi process, and all can be equally successful. A finding described by Dr. Edith Jurka of the US was the persistent and stable low-frequency (delta) EEG output of successful dowsers. Rejdak says that anyone can learn to do dowsing, but that one should beware of occultists and secret societies who claim to have all the answers. There was also a discussion of dowsing for thought forms. In this experiment, a researcher mentally created a wall in his office from side to side of the room. A dowser with whom he was working would then have to call him up and correctly tell him where he found the wall, as he dowsed over a drawing of the experimenter's office. Prof. Romashov from the USSR described his continuing research in nonconventional healing in the hospital setting. Laying-on of hands, starvation therapy, and various types of psychic healing are all being pursued, as initially started in Prof. Spirkin's laboratory several years ago. He believed that iridology is an important diagnostic tool, although it may not be psychotronic. Romashov claims ninety percent success with this approach to diagnosing gastric ulcers. He says that the iris of the eye has in it the code for predicting future illness. In healing experiments Romashov kept his patients blind to the knowledge that they were the subject of remote healing experiments, and found that they were still healed. Dr. Inomata from Japan presented a description of a complex electromagnetic field, in which one ordinarily experiences the real part of the field, and the complex or "shadow" field interacts with consciousness and is responsible for psi effects. He says that consciousness can change the flow of time, but not interact with matter directly. He suggests that the electron beam interference observed in the Bohm-Aharanov effect would be a good psi sensor because one need affect only the electron phase to get an observable effect. This is similar in some ways to the ideas presented in a paper by Dr. Gubarev (extracting information from the phase of a system without perturbing it). Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher has proposed a complex 8-space geometrical model of space-time with many of the same features. Frantisek Andrs from Czechoslovakia described research on geopathogenic zones, which are said to be discontinuities in the earth's crust that are hazardous to the health of humans and animals living above them. He and several others described how dowsers can locate these zones, and how these zones have been shown to make animals ill and reduce their productivity. This is like the ancient Chinese system of fung schway, in which the elders of the village would have a meeting in a dark and quiet place, to determine a proper and healthy location for a house to be built in the village. Rproved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R0005004D 001-8 ro 4p qvgd Fort 2 ,80~P/ 1,~ EI#-RDP,~C; 0~9,~ROOQSQO Q QJ 1- o r;ro m 0 rt yl#Vg ]r p? 't ro p a? m ro p.rt Vi ,"~.p -+aw w I-h t o'ro ro ~p n A.~ ~ pu rrt t as-(D 't I ro v'r+p rt w a w w rt " ro w I-' p " A ro N M 1.', rt ro " A" P-+ A O? w Q. fD ri 8 P+ ro o P-I o' r? 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