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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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January 13, 1987
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/yl -/,AD ase 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000500490003-7 Daili Sovie r s Abstracts Publication FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY DIVISION Author: Savel'yev, A. Title; DF.VF.LQpS _AZTTn'aATION FOR NI CTING,BEMjCOND17C2 RS i ~Y.IMIriR Primary source: Leninskoye znamya, December 17, 1986, No. 286 (20306), p. 1, col. 2 Extract: The precision and reli- ability of elements of electronic devices and systems play a decisive role in determining their perform- ance. Processes that take place in semiconductors, however, are such that making and inspecting semicon- ductors require very sharp electron- ic 'eyes' and a very shrewd elec- tronic 'brain.' A group of scien:ists and design- ers of the US R Academy of Sciences' Institute of gineering and Ectron* cfi_.....(IRE) tinder the direc- tion of academician and Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences A. G. Zhdan, head of a laboratory, has developed _ }'stemr.r; lete..;p-rocess.-_ i ,,g_ of experiment 1lata from s r.Q.,agg of eroic,s.. (de- fects) on 'semiconductor--dielec- tric' boundaries (ASPOED), and also an automated complex for inspecting and diagnosing electronic materials and products using e.ectrophysical methods. What benefits do ..hese develop- ments offer? THE ASPOED system seemingly 'filters out' useful data from the mass of information from experi- ments, and with it the accuracy of (continued next column) Approved For Release 2001/03/07 determining cha,acteristics of de- fects increases by more than 10 times. This greztly increases the understanding of the nature of de- fects, and as a practical benefit it makes it possible to develop new instruments for more reliable con- trol of processes for production of microelec-tronic devices. The automated complex will help to determine and control character- istics of semiconductor materials,- devices andmicrostructures using various electrophysical methods which traditionally are used in semiconductor physics research. This complex is needed today by many research. laboratories, and especially by industry laboratories. It will help to improve substantially the control of processes and to identify causes of defects. The com- plex has been-made ready for series production, and the rest is up to interested clients. Author: Mokhorov, E., correspondent (Kaluga) Title: AUTO ELECTRONICS ORGANIZATIONS SEEKING WAYS THROUGH BUREAUCRACY Primary source: Sotsialisticheskaya industriya, December 30, 1986, No. 299 (5290), p. 1, cols. 1-3 Extract: In the near future, micro- processor-based devices which exist now only in the form of a single prototype will control the ignition systems of passenger cars and trucks : CIA-l4 DPI% &i192K6ob5bOM?6003-7