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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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June 6, 1994
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Approved For Release 2000/08/11 ; CIA-RDP96-00792R000500600035-9 SG1A Science Applications International Corporation Cognitive Sciences Laboratory I Memorandum Date: 9 June 1994 SG1J To: From : Ed May Subject: Dolan and EEG SG1J SG1J SG1A SG1A Re: Your request to find a copy of my original memo concerning the Dolan EEG repli- cation issue in our laboratory. My memory served me well. We conducted four trials all of which produced an effect in the correct direction. However, this was a demonstration hour-not an experiment. Nonetheless, we, Dolan, and the EEG specialists were impressed at such a strong effect in so few trials. I am including a copy of memo with this one. As I stated in the earlier memo, Dolan's methodology does, indeed, meet my stan- dards for excellence. This is especially impressive given their financial situation. As of April, this year, Dolan has conducted over 300 trials of this type with essentially the same result. In science, however, it is critical that different laboratories replicate important findings. This has been done at Simfiropol University in the Ukraine. In equally will designed studies, they have completed over 800 trials with the same statistical conclusion; it appears as if the alpha power of an isolated individ- ual can be "decreased" by the intention of a distant agent. Approximately 1/3 of the Simfiropol trials were conducted between Moscow and the Ukraine, a distance of over 1,500 km. My immediate response to these statistical results has been that the anomalous effects were primarily due to AC-mediated selection. That is, the experimental trial begins when and only when (statistically that is) the alpha would be reduced during the effort period regardless of an agent's activity. However, as I indicated in an earlier memo to you, that recent analysis of some of the bio-ap data col- lected in this country by William Braud, leads me to rethink that stand. Statistically, I was able to show a causal relationship between the intent of a remote agent and the rate at which red human blood cells die in salt water! If this statistical conclusion holds up, it bring an entirely new perspective on the foreign bio-ap effort. Alp f4 ed?F k A@%ig@''2D9d'IY/?ial9l0Lsildt- PR?dbM 00600035-9 Science Applications International Corporation Cognitive Sciences Laboratory Memorandum Date: 15 March 1993 SG1J To: =1 Prom : Ed May I'M Subject: Dolan: Replication SG1J SG1A Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500600035-9 As you know we have had Dr. Yuri Dolan as a visitor in our laboratory. One of his claims was that isolated individuals' brain waves are modified by the inten- tion of a remote agent. At this time we believe that his protocols meets western standards and, we are unable to identify any meaningful flaws. He has been extremely cooperative with us and was willing to have us conduct a few demonstration trials at Stanford. A. rough outline of the protocol follows: (1) One subject was wired for occipital EEG and was sequestered in a standard shield room commonly in use for such measurements. (2) During the time of 1 hour, we conducted four 10 minute trials. The first 5 minutes was a control period followed by an effort period during which Dr. Dolan attempted to mentally "arouse" the subject (i.e., decrease alpha production). The dependent variable is the ratio of the mean of alpha power in the effort period divided by the mean of the alpha during the preceding control period. Four trials is not enough to demonstrate a significant effect, but all four trials produced ratios less than 1. Dolan was very encouraged given the rather hur- ried nature of the demonstration experiment. Trial 3 exhibited the smallest ratio and I have included the power/frequency plot for your information. In this trial, it is possible to visually see the decrease of alpha. 4'YMMM600035-9 SG1A Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500600035-9 3 o: Activation' Trial .: 0.7051 di0312 ,r ~ Approved For Release 2000/08/1 AA-I DP96-00792R00050OWN035-9