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September 1, 1992
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Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 ENCLOSURE 1 VARIOUS UNCLASSIFIED MATERIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 Approved For Release 288bA 11EDCIA-RDP96-OO792ROOO5OO68OO11-7 ENVELOPE CDSN = LGX478 MCN = 92266/34070 TOR = 922662024 RTTUZYUW RUDKMKA3639 2662014-UUUU--RUEALGX. ZNR UUUUU ZYN HEADER R 221949Z SEP 92 FM FBIS LONDON UK TO RUCWAAA/FBIS RESTON VA RHHMMCY/JICPAC HONOLULU HI RUCKDDA/SECOND INTEL CO//ITU// RUDPMAX/FAISA FT BRAGG NC RUDPWDC/DA AMI{S WASHINGTON DC RUEADWD/DA WASHINGTON DC//DASG-MIR// RUEALGX/DEFINTAGNCY WASH DC RUEARDF/DIR AFMIC FT DETRICK MD//IS// RUEBFGA/VOA WASH DC RUEBHAA/STORAGE CENTER FBIS RESTON VA RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHINGTON DC//INR/CEE// RUEOACC/CDR PSYOPGP FT BRAGG NC//ASOF-POG-SB// RUESDJ/FBIS OKINAWA JA RUESFV/FBIS VIENNA AU RUETIAV/MPC FT GEO G MEADE MD ACCT FBLD-EWDK BT CONTROLS UNCLAS 3D/PMU/SU 291 067 075 SERIAL: LD2209194992 BODY PASS: COPY TO PROD TEP COUNTRY: RUSSIA SUBJ: PROGRAM EXAMINES PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL EXPERIMENTS IN USSR ((EDITORIAL REPORT)) MOSCOW TELERADIOKOMPANIYA OSTANKINO TELEVISION FIRST PROGRAM NETWORK IN RUSSIAN AT 1920 GMT ON 17 SEPTEMBER, IN ITS "NOVOSTI" NEWSCAST, BROADCASTS A 40-MINUTE PROGRAM ENTITLED "BLACK BOX", DEALING WITH THE DEVICES AND DRUGS USED IN THE FORMER USSR TO INFLUENCE AND BEND THE HUMAN BRAIN. THE PROGRAM BEGINS WITH THE PRESENTER NOTING THAT APPARENTLY A PROGRAM FOR IMPLEMENTING METHODS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE WAS SUBMITTED TO THEN PRIME MINISTER RYZHKOV IN 1987. THERE WERE PLANS TO USE PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE FOR MILITARY AND ECONOMIC PURPOSES. THE PROGRAMME GOES ON TO DEAL WITH THE METHODS OF INFLUENCING PEOPLE'S PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CONDITION, AND EXERTING INFLUENCE ON THEIR DECISIONS. AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN COMMENTS ON THE WORK WHICH WAS CARRIED OUT TO IMPLEMENT THIS PROGRAM. HE SAYS THAT A COMMISSION, CONSISTING OF 20 PEOPLE, WAS SET UP. THERE WERE SIX ACADEMICIANS AMONG THEM AND A SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL, LED BY ACADEMICIAN KOTELNIKOV, Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792ROO0500680011-7 Approved For Release M T/I1ID CIA-RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 WAS ALSO SET UP. PAGE:0005 HE GOES TO SAY THAT THE COUNCIL DID NOT MAKE MUCH HEADWAY IN ITS WORK DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT WAS TOTALLY REJECTED BY ACADEMIC CIRCLES. THERE WERE SIMILAR PROGRAMS IN UKRAINE, LED BY ACADEMICIAN TRIFILOV, AND IN MOSCOW LED BY DR ERNEST ANDRIANKIN. THE SPEAKER SAYS ANDRIANKIN WAS THE HEAD OF A DEPARTMENT DEALING WITH THEORETICAL PROBLEMS CONNECTED WITH DESIGNING LOGICAL LANGUAGES FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES, AND HE RESEARCHED A PROGRAM FOR EXERTING PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE ON THE ENEMY IN AFGHANISTAN. ANOTHER UNIDENTIFIED MAN SAYS THAT HIS THEORY HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT IT IS BETTER TO EXERT PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE THAN TO SHOOT. THE PROGRAM GOES ON TO DESCRIBE OTHER RESEARCH PROGRAMS WHICH HAVE EXISTED AND STILL EXIST. THE PRESENTER DWELLS ON TILE DANGER OF THESE RESEARCH PROGRAMS ENDING UP IN THE HANDS OF THE WRONG PEOPLE. DOCTOR OF TECHNOLOGY VALERIY KANYUKA, THE FIRST INTERVIEWEE IDENTIFIED BY CAPTION, EMPHASIZES THAT ONE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE RESEARCH PROGRAMS. "UNTIL THE WORLD'S STATES REACH SOME AGREEMENT, UNTIL AN INTERNATIONAL LEGISLATION BANNING PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL STEERING OF INTELLECT AND INFLUENCING PEOPLE, A MORATORIUM ON THIS GROUND WORK IS NEEDED," HE SAYS. "INSTEAD OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS WE WILL GET A NEW FORM OF WEAPONS, A MORE FRIGHTENING ONE, ONE WHICH HAS A FRIGHTENING NAME -- IT IS CALLED ECOLOGICALLY PURE WEAPONS". KANYUK THEN SAYS THAT INFLUENCING THE HUMAN BRAIN, AND SUBSEQUENTLY GENETICS, COULD BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. HE THEN RECALLS CASES OF USING DRUGS FOR POLITICAL MOTIVES. THE VIDEO SHOWS FOOTAGE AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE ATTEMPT ON PRESIDENT MARCOS OF THE PHILIPPINES IN MARCH 1967. THE COMMENTARY SAYS THAT GROUND WORK DONE IN THE FORMER USSR.-ALLOWS THE MIND TO BE SPLIT IN TO 13 PERSONALITIES. IGOR MOGILA, A JOURNALIST FOR THE TRUD NEWSPAPER, TALKS ABOUT A SOVIET HYPNOTIST AND HIS INVOLVEMENT IN MILITARY ISSUES. THE VIDEO SHOWS FOOTAGE ABOUT AN INCIDENT INVOLVING THE U.S. SUBMARINE "NAUTILUS", WHICH TOOK PLACE ON 25 JULY. 1959. VARIOUS OTHER UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE RESEARCH-ARE INTERVIEWED. ONE, IDENTIFIED BY CAPTION, IS YURIY MALIN, A BIOMEDIC AND A FORMER CONSULTANT TO THE USSR NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL. MALIN GIVES EXAMPLES OF SIMILAR WORK DONE IN THE UNITED STATES. ACCORDING TO THE NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA, HE SAYS THE CIA AND THE KGB AGREED IN APRIL 1990 ON JOINT RESEARCH IN THE SPHERE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE -- THE AGREEMENT NUMBER IS 174-90/16, HE SAYS. THE PROGRAM CONCLUDES BY SHOWING FOOTAGE AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE CIA IN CARTER'S INAUGURATION. ADMIN (ENDALL) 171920 FOX GFE62209.012/JA 22/2015Z SEP BT UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 210 ? Approved For Release ~RDP96-007928000500680011-7 N =1 military superiors ordered its employees to consider the explosion a thermal one and to sign a promise not to disclose the "offi- cial secret." A month after the accident, a commission was set up under Rear Admiral A. G. Kurik to Investigate the incident and organize clean-up operations. Minoborony subsequently drafted and approved a whole plan of design, technical mea- sures aimed at making nuclear submarines safer to operate, repair and maintain. In particular, this plan forbade repair work to be done on submarines while they were afloat, and it called for special reactor- rechargin zones to be created at mainten- ance facilities. No such zone was created at the Shkotovo-22 plant, however, owing to insufficient funds. Citizens of Shkotovo-22 are said to be concerned over lingering radioactivity in the area of the plant. There have been calls for more thorough monitoring of local radiation conditions, more careful medical monitoring of persons who were exposed to radiation, stricter measures to prevent the spread of radiocontamination from the fall- out zone and waste burial places, and allo- cations for financing such undertakings. Radioactivity reportedly has spread already to nearby Konyushkovo Bay and also to Abrek and Razboynik bays. The author mentions that specialists of the Taiga Geological Association in Khabarovsk recently conduct- ed a detailed Independent radiological ex- amination of the plant and the settlement, and results of this survey are now being )rocessed. Local officials think that a large-scale clean-up program is needed. I. 3rishan, chairman of the Shkotovo-22 set- tlement Soviet, has asked that the settle- nent be officially designated an accident- stricken population center, which would nake it eligible for additional financial assistance. (SNAP 911125) kuthor: Tsarev, I. 'i tl e: SPECIALIST'S SUGGESTIONS FOR COM- 1ATING PHOBIA OVER " PSYCH071 E PO S" 'r mary Source: Thu , Octob_6r 29, 1991, Io. 252 (21476), p. 4, cots. 5-7 Approved For Release 2 Z'd Extractz "It would be tempting to turn psychological weapons against One's own people and make millions of them forget about discontent with the system of social inequality, about the struggle for peace and about their civil rights. Oppressed but joyful, fleeced by monopolies but con- tent with everything .... Wouldn't this be the ideal citizen from the point of view of the'ruling circles in countries of the West?" This what newspapers of ours wrote quite recently about "MK-Ultra," an ultra- secret program of American intelligence which was aimed at turning people Into zom- bies.en masse. But we now know that we ourselves have not escaped such brainwash- ing., Stories about design bureaus at which instruments have been developed for produc- ing long-distance effects on the human mind have begun to appear in the press.* Among the mail that we receive from our readers has been a trickle of letters which mention "individual brainwashing" by mysterious psychological weapons Vladimir Nikitovich Volchenko is a professor of the Moscow State Technical University imeni Bauman and deputy chairman of the USSR Union of Scientific and Engin- eering Societies' Committee on Bioenergy Information Processing (Bioenergoinformati- ka).. He took part in preparing materials on the question of protecting citizens against psychological terror, for the RSFSR Supreme Soviet. "For such cases to become fewer, peo- ple must first be rescued from psychologi- cal terror which is now occurring," said V. Volchenko. "The term 'psychological ter- ror' refers to factors which adversely af- fect human consciousness. Politics and ideology are not the only ones which should be mentioned. Among the rest are hypnosis shows at stadiums and on television. After the trailblazer, psychotherapist A. Kash- pirovskiy, came hundreds of his followers who have been giving similar performances. The trouble is not even that many of these 'therapists' are elementary acquisitors who are out to make easy money in a hurry. This is a topic for a separate conversa- tion. The danger lies elsewhere. Mass sessions of this kind have a substantial ,DP96-007928000500680' ~-o 2- Zl OTTZ a 9S:OT 26. 9T ~ldd TiJ Approved For Release 2000 6096-00792R000500680011-7 pact on the hypnotizability of millions p. 2, col. 2 ., of televiewers: the sessions heighten it. (SNAP 911125) And this means that the viewers stand a greater chance of being turned into zom- bies. "The runaway UFO psychosis spawned by television is another example. From let- ters and in the course of personal conver- sations, itty colleagues on the 'Bioenergoin- formatika' committee and I have established numerous cases of psychosis on topics of contacts with unidentified flying objects. This is very dangerous!" "Is there a way of preventing mass creation of zombies?" "Of course, and it is known to the whole world. It consists primarily in ac- cepting a new thinking model which involves human spirituality. It must never be for- gotten that for humanity, the optimal order of tasks which are accomplished proceeds from morality and ecology to economics and politics. In our country, it is just the other way around at present: politics--eco- nomics--ecology--morality. Do you think that we can enter the future with the cart before the horse?" From the editors: Specialists have acknowledged that psychological weapons exist. And the information media, which have long been a tool for ideological brainwashing of the masses, are probabl one of the most potent varieties of suc~ weapons. But information about the exis- tence also of technical "psi" weapons has been confirmed at the same time. The edi- tors have received a report about a discov- ery and an invention called "A Method of inducing Artificial Sleep at a Distance by Means of Radio Waves" (registered by the State Committee on Inventions and Discover- ies on January 31, 1974). To the best of our knowledge, a hypnotic radiator has been built and has been successfully tested in a military unit. See a so a at y NA , October 18, 1991, Title: R. A. ANOKHIN (obituary) Primary oorce; rasnoya zvezda, October 30, 1991, No. 249 (20636), p. 6, col. 5 Extract: Rear Admiral of the Reserve.s Ron- ald Aleksandrovich Anokhin has died sudden- ly at the age of 58. After graduating from the Higher Naval School imeni Frunze in 1954, he served on surface ships and submarines of the North- ern, Baltic and Pacific fleets, He gradu- ated from the Naval Academy in 1968, He commanded a motor torpedo boat, torpedo and missile submarines, a force and a squadron. He trained many outstanding ship commanders who are experts of their work. In his last years of active service, he worked productively in the permanent commission for the state acceptance of ships. For his services to the Motherland, R. A. Anokhin was awarded many orders and medals of the USSR. (The obituary is submitted by a group of comrades. (SNAP 911125 Comments should be addressed to: FTC/DXLT Attn: Roger Crozier WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Additions or deletions to the distribution list should be addressed to: FTC/DXLP Attn: Mary Washington WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Recipients of the Daily SNAP are advised that SNAP is intended solely for U.S. gov- ernment agencies and their designated con- tractors. Approved For Release 2000 0 T1;qo-96-00792R000500680011 Tal oil- d 10:11 26, 91 dd Approved For Release UNWSIF 6LRDP96-00792R000500680011-7 Author: Musafircva, 0., correspondent (Kt a v) Title: USE OF PSYCHOTROPIC BIOGENERATORS DURING AMOT PUT,SCI1 CLAIMED Pr mary Source: Komsomo s aya pravda, August 27, 1991, No. 194-195 (20194-20195), p. #, cols. 2-3 Extract: ho could have thought that the unsuccessful attempt of a coup d'etat would give methods Impetus s coto our ntrol of investigation the human psyche? ern Viktor Sedletskiy, vice-president of the USSR League of Independent Scientists and head and chief designer of the center "Forma" of the USSR Association of Machine- Building Technologists of the international consortium "Ekoprom," related: 'As a specialist and a legal person, I contend that production in quantity (which is fundamentally important) and testing of psychotropic biogenerators has begun in Kiev. I cannot assert that it was Kiev generators which were used during the putsch. For such a statement to be made, the generators' specifications would have to be known. The fact of their employment is evident to me, however. "What are psychotropic biogenerators? They are electronic equipment, which pro- duces the effect of control in the human - organism. Specifically, the left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex are af- fected. The so-called protect 'Zombie-5' of the United States is based on this. "Similar work is also being conducted in the Soviet Union (specifically, in Kiev, at the Institute of Materials-Science Prob- lems, in one of the departments, the labo- ratory of which is located in a residential district of the city, there are biogenerat- ors that were produced at the 'Oktava' plant). Let me say on the basis of my per- sonal experience that I am also the author of a prototype of such a generator. I com- pleted the work in August of 1990, The ex- periments were conducted on animals. We did not conduct experiments on humans. Now, however, as I have learned, such ex- periments are under way on highly-paid vol- unteer testers. "One month ago, I officially informed Ye. K. Marchuk, Ukrainian SSR state minis- ter for problems of defense, national se- Approved For Release 20 T'd curity and emergency situations, of my views regarding this matter (psychotropic biogenerators are real and their use for evil purposes is possible). I did not, however, get a reply. "Why did the system fail during the days of the coup? Lacking experience, the putschists did not know that, in order to achieve the intended response, the 'influ- enced' soldiers must not be allowed to merge with the people on the streets." (SNAP 910912) Title: SORBENT FOR TREATMENT OF POST. RADIATIO YNI~ROMES N O'TION Primary Source: Sovies aya orusstya, May 28, 1991, No. 102 (18183), p. 2, cols. 2-6 Extract: Production of a truly miraculous material, which came into being through the cooperation of scientists of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and industrial special- ists of the Gomel region, has begun at the Svetlogorsk production association "Kh1m- volokno" (man-made fiber). Its prosaic name -- carbon fabric sorbent brand AUT-m can be understood only by specialists. But one probably couldn't find anyone who at some time or other wouldn't want to use an AUT preparation. The sorbent's charac- teristics make it possible to use it in the form of tablets, granules, dressings or suspensions in the treatment of the most diverse human diseases and pathologic con- ditions. Burns and trophic ulce-rs, viral hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, al- lergic and skin diseases, psychoneurologl- cal disorders -- this is a far from com- plete list of ailments which AUT helps to overcome. But most importantly -- it has been shown to have high activity in the treatment of post-radiation syndromes and in accelerating the elimination of radio- nuclides from the organism. (SNAP 910912) Title: Ya. S. BUGROV (obituary) Primary ource: v T: ernyaya Moskva, July 1, 1991, No. 130 (20514), p. 4, cot. 7 4 2- A1DP96-007.92R000500680011-7 Zl nT TZ eI ZT : T T 26, 9T ad_96J Approved For Release 2000 UNC Paragraph 5 lists the areas in which y the member-states of the Economic Community agree to reconcile their economic laws and carry out a coordinated policy. They are: entrepreneurship; the market for goods and services; transport, power engineering and information; the money and banking system; d finances, taxes and prices; the capital and securities market; the labor market; cus- tams rules and tariffs; foreign economic. relations and currency policy; standardiza- tion, patenting, metrology, statistics and accounting; and state scientific-technical, investment, ecological, humanitarian and other programs (including programs for eliminating the consequences of natural and other disasters) which are of common inter- est to the Economic Community. Paragraph 3 stipulates that relations between the Eco- nomic Community and former states of the USSR which remain outside the community shall be structured on the basis of gener- ally recognized principles and norms of international law, and that questions of common interest which require settlement shall be decided by special tween the community and the other states involved. The founding of a Banking Union on the ,rinciples of a reserve system is provided for and the functions of this union are listed in Chapter Four. Article 24 pro- rides for creating a number of special funds within'the framework of the Economic .ommunity's budget, including a fund for targeted programs and a fund for emergency situations and eliminating the consequences 3f natural and other disasters. Chapter Vine stipulates, among other things, that .a ouncil of heads of governments of the mem- 3er-states shall be the highest coordinat- ing agency of the Economic Community. The functions of an Interstate Economic Commit- tee operating as the executive-managerial agency of the community are defined. Chap- ter Ten lists specific questions in regard to which agreements among the member-states shall be concluded after the treaty is signed. Chapter Twelve contains provisions In regard to.sanctions against member- states which violate the treaty, procedures for ratification of the treaty and special- igreements within its framework, and admis- sion of new member-states and states with zbserver status to the Economic Community. Approved For Release T'd 7 Q8/~ lERDP96oo792Rooo5oo68ooi -o :1 3- Article 64 stipulates that the treaty shall go .into effect after being signed and rati- fied by at least three of the states which wish to join the community. *See the Daily WT5, October 17, 1991, p. 3, col. 1 (SNAP 911018) Author: Volkov, 0. Title: SCIENTISTS DIVIDED aVER_VALIDITY OF PSYCHOL0NNE_-_MP73 R Primary Source: Komsomolskaya pravda, Sep- tember 27, 1991, No. 222 (20222), p. 2, cols. 2-4 Abstract: The article reports on contro- versy over research of unconventional phys- ical fields and military applications of this work. Some scientists are said to be- lieve that 'psychotronic generators' based on new physical principles can be used for remote control of people's minds and behav- ior, and that original weapons for this purpose can be developed on the basis of generators of "spinor (torsion)" or "micro- lepton" fields, in particular. Other sci- entists are highly skeptical of such re- search. It is recalled that a resolution enti- tled "On the Unsound Practice of Financing Pseudoscientific Research out of State Sources" was published, together with an opinion submitted by the USSR Academy of Sciences' department of general physics and astronomy, on July 4 of this year-. The USSR Supreme Soviet's Committee on Science and Technologies issued this resolution. It accused several ministries of spending, without a proper expert review, half a bil- lion rubles on pseudoscientific and anti- scientifid developments involving spinor or microlepton fields with which scientists are already familiar. The resolution named the USSR Ministry of Defense (Minoborony), the USSR Ministry of Nuclear Power Engi- neering and Industry, the USSR State Secur- ity Committee (KGB) and the USSR Cabinet of Ministers' Military-Industrial Commission as clients and sponsors of this work. More than 20 institutes were identified as exec- utors and developers. First on this list was the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences' In- "'RE -RDP96-00792R00050068 1 '7' 21 OTTZ a 9T:TT 26. 9T a 9a- Approved For Releas titute of Materials-Science Problems,, hicli is headed by academician Trefilov. he interagency scientific-technical center Vent" (formerly the Center for Unconven- lanai Technologies of the USSR State Com- Ittee for Science and Technology) was dentified as the country's "chief" firm' .ngaged in developments in the area of un- :onventional fields. According to unveri- 'ied data from A. Akimov, director of this :enter, the cost of unconventional-field projects has been 23 million rubles in Min- ~borony's sector alone, while the overall tmount which has been allocated for such esearch through all of the different chan- els is as great as 500 million rubles. Seeking more information about uncon- entional-fields research and the purposes f this research, the author spoke to an ssociate of the USSR Supreme Soviet's Com- ittee on Science and Technologies and sub- equently went to the armed forces' General taff. He was told that the committee had eceived no information in this regard from inoborony, the KGB or other agencies in- olved. Representatives of the General taff referred the author to the USSR Acad- my of Sciences' Section on Problems of Ap- lied Science. Nikolay Prudnikov, deputy hairman of this section, said that it Ometimes orders projects to be carried out r the General Staff, but he disclosed no etails of this work. one such project, hich was called "Obezlichiye" (de-indivi.d- Oization), is mentioned. It is recalled at in 1966, a scientific research insti- ate informed the academy's section that le institute was prepared to carry out Buis project. An associate of the section ho knew more about the project was not vailable for questioning, however. At the lent" center, the author was told that di actor Akimov was away on a business trip.- Ye. Aleksandrov, corresponding member F the USSR Academy of Sciences and a sci- itific opponent of Akimov's, sent the au- ior a report of the Center for Unconven- onal Technologies. According to this Approved For Release T'd ?'pa!r`kls' dilr'i -RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 document, the center is engaged in research of long-distance production of medical-bio- logical and psychophysical effects on troops and the population, using torsion radiations; and also in research of medi- cal-biological protection of troops and the population against effects of such radia- tions. Aleksandrov expressed doubt that equipment capable of producing such effects can be developed. A letter which the edi- tors received from Aleksandrov is quoted, in which the'scientist denounced research of unconventional fields as pseudoscien- tific, citing a decision of the academy's department of general physics and astrono- my. Aleksandrov went so far as to accuse state enterprises of producing fake "field generators" and selling them to defense agencies for large sums. Scientists who hold opposing views of unconventional-fields research reportedly include V. Kaznacheyev, who is believed to be working in this direction for the de- fense complex and has signed an interna- tional convention on the non-use of "mental weapons"; A. Veynik, corresponding member of the Belorussian Academy of Sciences, who has put forward a number of theories; and other academy figures, who have published works abroad. The author suggests that the Academy of Sciences organize a roundtable discussion on the topic of psychological weapons, with all sides In the controversy represented. (SNAP 911018) Comments and additions or deletions to the distribution list should be addressed to: FTO/SCIR Attn: Edward Humphrys WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Recipient's of the Daily SNAP are advised that SNAP is intended solely for U.S. gov- ernment agencies and their designated con- tractors. 11 : Cs.1#-RDP96-00792ROO05006 80011-7 21 OT T2 2! T2: TT 26. 9T 6da Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000500680011-7 council of presidents, which would jointly make all fundamental decisions in regard to the armed forces. (SNAP 920203) Author: Ivanyuk, I., Major, correspondent Title: EX-SERVICEMEN DEVELOP SPECIAL CON- STRUCTION MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGY Primary Source: Krasnaya zvezda, January 11, 1992, No. 8-9 (20695-20696), p. 3, cols. 1-8 Abstract: The article reports on activi- ties of the Construction Research and De- sign Association (Proyektstroynauka), which is utilizing experience with construction of military and space installations. "Pro- yektstroynauka" is characterized as a high- potential organization which is launching production on the basis of its own scien- tific developments. This association, which has an annual turnover of millions of rubles, takes in several joint-stock compa- nies and small enterprises. A conversation is recorded with Colo- nel of the Reserves Dmitriy Arkadyevich Frumin, a former military construction spe- cialist and now head of the "Proyektstroy- nauka" association. Frumin and colonels of the reserves V. Kostin, A. Sytnik and N. Marichev are among a number of engineers who acquired unique experience in construc- tion of fortifications, missile silos and structures of space-launch complexes while serving in the armed forces, the author relates. For example, concrete capable of withstanding a direct hit by a missile with a nuclear warhead was developed, using high-quality cement and scarce superplasti- cizers. Frumin recalled that while carry- ing out a contract assignment at Kapustin Yar in 1962, he and his associates achieved waterproofness of concrete which was two to three times as high as usual. Experience of former military specialists reportedly has been utilized in building underground structures for civil defense and watertight structures for underground services, in particular. A new process which makes sealing of joints unnecessary, permanent forms which function simultaneously as fac- ing and wet sealing, concrete ten times as waterproof as conventional concrete, and other materials with special properties have been developed in this connection. Frumin showed the author of the arti- cle slabs of siligran, a concrete which is not only comparatively inexpensive but said to be capable of withstanding stresses as great as those for whi=ch missile silos are designed. Siligran is considered a possi- ble safe substitute for asbestos cement whose use is forbidden in many countries. Other potentially profitable developments of "Proyektstroynauka" include unique pro- cesses for producing building materials, and equipment for these processes. The association reportedly has concluded 20 agreements for creation of joint enter- prises and facilities, including a Soviet- Bulgarian enterprise, for production of finished products. (SNAP 920203) Author: Tsarev, I. Title: REPORTS OF BIOELECTRONIC-WEAPONS TESTING IN 1970s AND 1980s Primary Source: Trud, December 27, 1991, No. 298 (21522), p. 4, cols. 1-2 Extract: Long ago, Gennadiy Petrovich Shchelkunov, a specialist in the field of radioelectronics and an employee of the scientific production association "Istok," calculated and substantiated an effect of long-distance communication without the aid of equipment. This effect consists essen- tially of excitation, in cerebral fluid, of acoustic vibrations which reach auditory nerves. These vibrations are excited by pulsed microwave radiation. Shchelkunov did not attempt to carry out his discovery in practice, but he considers it quite fea- sible from the technical standpoint. In a scrapbook which I leafed through, there was a short clipping which read: "I, Ivan Sergeyevich Kachalin, and (the name of another inventor followed) made a discov- ery, 'A Method of Inducing Artificial Sleep at a Distance by.Means of Radio Waves,' in the Soviet Union:*- General-Colonel of Avi- ation Vladimir Nikitovich Abramov. rendered practical assistance in formalizing this discovery. Marshal of Aviation Yevgeniy Yakovievich Savitskiy supervised this work." Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96=OO791R0665@O680011-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792ROO0500680011-7 Documents state that "a paper by the authors of an invention, 'The Action of Modulated Electric and Electromagnetic Pulses on Biological Specimens,' was pre- sented at the bioelectronics laboratory of the USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IRE). In 1973, the first 'Radioson' (radiosleep) unit was developed at military unit 71592 of the city of Novosibirsk and preliminary trials were conducted ...." This report bears the seal of an aca- demic institute and signatures, including those of academician Yu. Kobzarev and Doc- tor of Sciences E. Godik. And, by the way, the block diagram of the "Radioson" unit includes the same microwave generator whose pulses, according to G. Shchelkunov, can also evoke acoustic vibrations in the brain. We were able to meet with a second in- ventor. Ivan Antonovich (he requested that his last name not be used), an associate of an institute of the USSR Academy of Scienc- es, said: "Yes, we have developed the 'Radioson' unit and have conducted not just one, but several successful tests both on ourselves and on volunteer soldiers. But prolonged correspondence with the Committee on Inven- tions and Discoveries didn't produce any results. They deferred consideration of our claim, which was registered as early as 1974, under a totally unconvincing pre- text." "Perhaps, because such devices already existed?" "No, at that time, this was out of the question. We gave some reports at various institutes, including IRE in 1982. Savits- kiy arranged a meeting for us with special- ists of a military scientific research in- stitute. They listened with interest, but everything disappeared as into a morass The total indirect evidence makes it possible to conclude: 'psi' weapons are technically entirely feasible, prototypes of them were tested as early as the 1970s and 1980s, and this means that they may also exist now. *See so the Daily SNAP, November 25, 1991, p. 4, col. 1 (SNAP 920203) Comments should be addressed to: FASTC/DXLT Attn: Roger Crozier WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Additions or deletions to the distribution list should be addressed to: FASTC/DXLP Attn: Mary Washington WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Recipients of the Daily SNAP are advised that SNAP is intended solely for U.S. gov- ernment agencies and their designated con- tractors. Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792ROO0500680011-7