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November 4, 2016
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May 3, 2000
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April 25, 1989
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SG11 ~~ ~' ~ - ~ * ~4ppr?ved*Fd~r Re~fe~s~ 2"00'0/08~?11k : ~I~-Ind`P~'6'~0*l9*1F~0~0~~`b(~G~b~`~~`-b'~i *' UNCLASSIFIED TITLE: - LABORATORY OF PSYCHOCEREBRONICS CONTEMPLATES CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND DOC REF: KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA (KOPDB), 820401, NR 62, 4 CLASSIF: UNCLASSIFIED RELEASE: NONE (XX) TEXT: ABSTRACT. THE ARTICLE IS AN INTERVIEW WITH VALENTINAS ARTSISHAUSKAS, A DOCENT AND ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF A PSYCHOCEREBRONICS LABORATORY WHICH WAS CREATED RECENTLY IN VILNYUS. ARTSISHAUSKAS, WHO IS IDENTIFIED AS A NOTED SPECIALIST ON PARAPSYC1iOLOGY, COMMENTS ON THE NEW LABORATORY'S GROWTH AND RESEARCH PLANS. HE CHARACTERIZES PSYCHOCEREBRONICS AS MORE OF AN ART THAN A SCIENCE, SPECIFICALLY THE ART OF KNOWING THE `PSYCHE. PERSONNEL OF THE NEW LABORATORY, WHICH IS SAID TO BE THE LITHUANIAN REPUBLIC'S FIRST SPECIALIZED LABORATORY OF ITS KIND, ALREADY HAVE A NUMBER OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO THEIR CREDIT, ACCORDING TO ARTSISHAUSKAS. ERA STENYAVICHYUTE, A SENIOR SCIENCE ASSOCIATE AND ONE OF THE REPUBLIC'S MOST RENOWNED PARAPSYCHOLOGISTS, RECENTLY DEFENDED A CANDIDATE DISSERTATION ENTITLED COMPATIBILITY OF SPHERICAL AURAS, FOR EXA:uP~,E. SHE IS SAID TO BE CAPABLE OF PERCEIVING THE AURAS OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND OF USING AURAS TO DIAGNOSE MENTAL PROCLIVITIES AND TO RECORD SENSATIONS. IDEAL PARING OF PROSPECTIVE MARRIED COUPLES IS BEING PRACTICED ON TFiE BASIS OF THE COMPATIBILITY OF THEIR SPHERICAL AURAS, AND SENIOR SCIENCE ASSOCIATES GRATSIYA STUPORAYTE AND GENOVAYTE ARIMENE ARE SAID TO BE USING SUCH METHODS FOR THE PURPOSE OF OVERCOMING INCOMPATIBILITY OF MARRIED COUPLES. WITH REGARD TO OTHER PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF THE LABORATORY'S WORK ARTSISHAUSKAS FORESEES THE BROAD EMPLOYMENT OF APPLIED PSYCHOCEREBRONICS FOR SUCH PURPOSES AS INFLUENCING HUMAN BEHAVIOR; HE PREDICTS THAT IT WILL SOON BECOME ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MEANS OF ACCOMPLISHING THIS. RESULTS OF STUDIES OF MENTAL ANNIHILATION WILL BE USED TO OVERCOME MENTAL FATIGUE IN A MINIMAL AMOUNT OF TIME, FOR EXAMPLE. OTHER METHODS DEVELOPED BY THE LABORATORY WILL HELP VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION SPECIALISTS TO DETERMINE THE TYPE OF WORK FOR WHICH A PERSON IS BEST SUITED. UNDER THE LABORATORY'S DIRECTION, A DEPARTMENT IS BEING CREATED FOR C TI UNIDENTIFIE G OBJECTS WHICH ARE NOT A RARE PHENOMENON IN LITHUANIA'S SKIES, ACCORDING TO ARTSISHAUSKAS. A NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL OF A DEVICE FOR SUCH COMMUNICATIONS, THE SLGA-1, REPORTEDLY HAS BEEN DEVELOPED. THE FIRST TESTS OF THIS DEVICE REPORTEDLY HAS BEEN DEVELOPED. THE FIRST TESTS OF THIS DEVICE REPORTEDLY WERE PLANNED ON THE DAY OF THE INTERVIEW, SINCE POSSIBLE UNCLASSIFIED PAGE 12 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500680018-0 ~~~~pi~oai'e~d'~d- F~eie~a~se~2?0?/0~/~11~" I~IA~-F~~9~-d`0~9~'R~0~~5~~~~~~'~~*~ * `.' SG11 UNCLASSIFIED UFO APPEARANCES HAD BEEN PREDICTED FOR THAT EVENING IN THE VICINITY OF VERKYAY. RELATES: VALENTINAS ARTSISHAUSKAS, ERA STANYAVICHYUTE, GRATSIYA STUPORAYTE AND GENOVAYTE ARIMENE ARE MEMBERS OF LABORATORIYA PSIKHOTSEREBRONIKI. PERSON? ARTSISHAUSKAS, VALENTINAS STANYAVICHYUTE, ERA STUPORAYTE, GRATSIYA ARIMENE, GENOVAYTE FACILITY? LABORATORIYA PSIKHOTSEREBRONIKI UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500680018-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-00792R00050068001~8-0 ` both times. As a result, we failed to receive about 3 billion dollars in the last 5 years alone. The Americans are pressuring us to give up certain joint projects involving the transfer of space technologies to In- dia, which refuses to join the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. They themselves, though, a few days ago offered India military satellites and modern airplanes in exchange for the right of American warships and submarines to enter Indian ports .... Incidentally, it has now been discov- ered that what we sold was not an operating "Topaz" but a stand-testing model. 8y con- ducting tests with this model, the Penta- gon, which bought it for 7.5 million dol- lars, expects to obtain an economic benefit in the hundreds of millions. *See a so the Daily SNAP, January 16, 1992 p. 1, col. 2 (SNAP 920505) Author: Tsarev, I. Title: NEW BOOK PROMPTS CALL FOR DIS- CLOSURE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL-WEAPONS R&D Primary Source: Trud, Apri 10, 1992, No. S1 (21585), p. 4, cols. 5-7 Extract: An ultrasecret experiment of Ame- rican military services which was aimed at the possible use of telepathy for their purposes was described in an article by Jacques Berger entitled "Thought Transmis- sion -- A Military Weupon." This article was published in France in December of 1959 and caused considerable commotion. We turned for explanations to the au- thors of a book, Psychotronic War (Psikho- tronnaya voyna), which is to be published by the publishing house of the Society for Studying Mysteries and Riddles of the Earth. "How authentic is this case?," we asked. It would be difficult to select a more competent source; Doctor of Biological Sciences G. Gurtovoy, a professor of bio- physics, and I. Vinokurov, a physiologist, have been engaged in research in the field of bioenergy information science for more decades than one. On March 12, 1991, at a meeting in the Academy of Sciences, Ye. Aleksandrov, cor- responding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, identified organizations which were engaged in 'pseudo-science,' in his opinion. The cost of research of spinor (tor- sion) or microlepton fields which allegedly transmit thoughts over distances proved to be 23 million rubles for projects under the auspices of the USSR Ministry of Defense alone, while the amount appropriated through the USSR Cabinet of Ministers' mil- itary-industrial commission and the USSR State Security Committee was approximately 500 million rubles. Can Aleksandrov be correct in assert- ing that all of this work on development of psychological weapons is worthless? The commission "Fenomen" has a list of 26 ex- ecutors of work on the problem of "torsion" fields.. On this .list are very reputable institutes and firms and also eminent sci- entists, including academicians. Has the time perhaps come to make de- velopments in the field of "psi" weapons public, in order to be consistent in our striving for disarmament? We hope that such an open dialogue will take place. And the "Fenomen" commission will continue its investigation for the time being.* *See a so the Daily SNAP, October 18, 199`1, p. 2, col. 2; April 9, 1992, p. 3, col. 2 (SNAP 920505) Comments should be addressed to: FASTC/DXLT Attn: Roger Crozier WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Additions or deletions to the distribution 1~ist should be addressed to: FASTC/DXLP Attn: Mary Washington WPAFB, OH 45433-6508 Recipients of the Daily SNAP are advised that SNAP is intended solely for U.S. gov- ernment agencies and their designated con- tractors. 4 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-007928000500680018-0