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May 17, 2000
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July 1, 1993
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Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 B IOENERGOINFOR MATICS Igor Vinokurov was born on April 20, 1937 in Moscow. Graduated from the Faculty of Soil Biology at Moscow State University. Occupied with experimental and theo- retical work in various fields of parapsychology. Council member of the International Socio-Scientific Committee "Ekoenergoinformatika" Ac- tive Member of the Russian Society of Physicians-Wri- ters. Author of a number of articles and essays on pa- rapsychology. Jointly with Professor G. Gurtovoi, he wrote the book "Psychotro- nic War: from Myths to Re- ality" a fragment of which (in its journalistic version) we of- fer below. Georgy Gurtovoi was born on January 16, 1915 in Yeka- terinoslavl (now Dneprope- trovsk). Graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Mos- cow State University. Candi- date of Physical and Mathe- matical Sciences. Doctor of Biological Sciences. Active member of the Academy of Energo-Informational Scien- ces. President of the Interna- tional Academy of Man. Au- thor of six books and over 100 articles. AURA-Z n92 - July, 1993 I~ YCIIOTRC !-IIIC o r a long ,,Tn secret tl organs an partments of varic had a systematic a le course of the p, wavering interes weapons. It woulc that in the Soviet any different. TI mound of material by the Russian n years testifies to th paid to parapsycl- nics, bio-energo-infc "exotic" areas of I higher echelons of begin a survey of t cular, with the mat( Work for the KGB Gazeta"/The Indei per - May 18, 199 report by A. Yakunii esoterica, who alleg of state security arc search in this field' they offered her pe heading just such a The question ar trustworthy is such ever, it is not only on needs only recall from foreign sourc and mass informatic pie, the results of a t parapsychologists (o ration) conducted in se polled confirmec course of their work ,Approved For. Release .2000/08/09 ; CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 -'~4JI) . ..,,,et.!jr'i"~.i~a!rBar~L?,La~ lirvdc"!"ii'-_.iv.c.:...:'.,:..1.:.. i.....a n:, irr? CkTICS gN"UROV v GURTo vol. o r a long time now it's been no secret that the "competent" organs and government de- partments of '(arious countries have had a systematic and, during the who- le course of the post-war period, un- wavering interest in psychotronic weapons. It would be naive to think that in the Soviet Union things were any different. The ever growing mound of materials being turned up by the Russian media over recent years testifies to the level of attention paid to parapsychology, psychotro- nics, bio-energo-informatics, and other "exotic" areas of knowledge by the higher echelons of power. We might begin a survey of the press, in parti- cular, with the material "I Refused to Work for the KGB" ("Nezavisimaya Gazeta"/The Independent Newspa- per - May 18, 1991 which carried a report by A. Yakunina, a specialist on esoterica, who alleges that the organs of state security are engaged in "re- search in this field" (in the mid-70s they offered her personally the task of heading just such a laboratory). The question arises - just how trustworthy is such a report? How- ever, it is not only one of its type. One needs only recall identical reports from foreign sources of specialized and mass information as, for exam- ple, the results of a thirteen American parapsychologists (of the older gene- ration) conducted in 1978. Five of tho- se polled confirmed that, over the course of their work in this area, re- presentatives of military departments and intelligence sections often took an interest in them. Official testimonies are also known. One such is that of Ye. Alek- sandrov, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and deputy director of the S. Vavilov State Optics Institute, whose article "Tene- vaya Nauka" (Shadow Science) was published in the January, 1991 issue of the journal "Nauka i Zhizn" (Scien- ce and Life), while an interview with him (B. Pasternak's article "Tuf- ta"/Crapola) appeared in the ninth is- sues of the weekly "Poisk" (Search) the same year. (We inform the reader that, at that time, "Poisk" was an or- gan of the academic press and the aforementioned journal - an organ of the All-Union Society "Znani- ye"/Knowledge). Aleksandrov's protest was directed at the "special departments" which waste both effort and means on re- search in the sphere of "pseudo- science" (cited in the texts are "one of the defence-related ministries", "sec- tions in the Defence Ministry", "the State Department for the Struggle with Espionage" and, finally, "Lubyan- ka" - the former KGB's headquarters at No. 3 Dzerzhinskaya St. not far from the Kremlin and connected to the latter by underground passages. - Tr.). He considers parapsychology, bioenergetics, astrology and so forth to be "pseudo-sciences". When as- ked whether or not he feels any res- AURA-Z n22 - July, 1993 - Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 ponsibility for divulging state secrets, Aleksandrov replied: "I have absolu- tely nothing to fear! As a specialist, I'm well aware that there simply are no secrets in this area. It's all unadul- terated crap". (We should stress the fact that he is a specialist in the field of physics, not in the subject under discus- sion!). The as- sertion goes further: "All kinds of 'spe- cial depart- ments' of ours have been feeding, for decades ap- parently, this damn pseu- do-science". The magnitu- de of this "fee- ding" has be- come known only recently. Talking about "a large-scale alleged squandering of half a billion roubles!). Following in the wake of the August 1991 Putsch, there appeared new allegations that certain organizations II r. "i t~ I( - &:(JB() Y G 3C; ,.J : . L?S. l9ull r.; 6 , ?'SJ' classified programme conducted in the interests of different 'competent' organs", and "being informed about the sums involved", Aleksandrov con- siders it "his duty to do everything in his powers to curb this outrage" (an AURA-Z n22 - July, 1993 ctn4Hx"mec'[we ?p a' !MHAAHOHOD HCTpageHb1 are interested in the deve- lopment of unusual wea- pons. First and foremost, we have in mind the arti- cles "Psycho- tronic Wea- pons Have Yet to be Found, and 500 Million Roubles Have Already Been Spent" ("Kom- somolskaya Pravda"/ Young Com- munist Lea- gue Truth, September 27, 1991), and "Bioenergetics Under Arms. The Govern- ment Gave the Green Light to Research on the Frin- ge" ("Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Novem- ber 19, 1991), written by O. Volkov and D. Frolov respectively. Note well: the first article from "Komsomolskaya Pravda", in which the author talks of Approved For Release 2000/08/09 CIA-RDP96-00792R0006004J 'x %f-r_. r.?~n f ^r.r)'t;P37+J'+'"r'z'^~.,~~F*:'r!~y7l?'??',: r- .*J'e ~'V',f.?3~7f",a''t, fi4-, the supposed rr psychotronic gene published on Aug 0. Volkov's ar suits of the next investigation. He ders that the U scientific groups c psychotronic genE a person from a d ned up a documer name "On the Imr nancing Pseudo Using State Fund; on July 4, 1991 b' me Soviet Commit Technologies, wa; kov, recommend( ment of General I nomy at the U; Sciences. In the decree it veral Union-wide due scientific exan a billion roubles on scientific work" coy (torsional) or "mic Their aim was to new weapons. Th organizations are sors and clients: ti fence, the Ministry Industries, the KGE Industrial Commiss of Ministers. In the laboratories and contain the names titutes, singled out I the Kiev Institute rR; C1_F4r-R$F "112 tWO910.,,C f DP96-00792RQ00f00440.00'k.-3.. . ing of half a billion wake of the August are appeared new 3rtain organizations are interested in the deve- S lopment of unusual wea- pons. First and foremost, we have in mind the arti- cles "Psycho- tronic Wea- pons Have Yet to be Found, and 500 Million Roubles Have Already Been Spent" ("Kom- somolskaya Pravda"/ Young Com- munist Lea- gue Truth, September 27, 1991), and "Bioenergetics Under Arms. The Govern- ment Gave the Search on the Frin- s Gazeta", Novem- -tten by O. Volkov actively. Note well: . "Komsomolskaya the author talks of the supposed mass production of psychotronic generators in Kiev, was published on August 27, 1991. 0. Volkov's article reflects the re- sults of the next stage of journalistic investigation. He earlier informed rea- ders that the USSR had several scientific groups capable of creating a psychotronic generator for controlling a person from a distance. He has tur- ned up a document with the intriguing name "On the Immoral Practice of Fi- nancing Pseudo-Scientific Research Using State Funds". A decree issued on July 4, 1991 by the USSR Supre- me Soviet Committee on Science and Technologies, was, according to Vol- kov, recommended by the Depart- ment of General Physics and Astro- nomy at the USSR Academy of Sciences. In the decree it is alleged that se- veral Union-wide ministries, without due scientific examination, spent half a billion roubles on "Pseudo- and anti- scientific work" concerning "spinoric" (torsional) or "microleptonic" fields. Their aim was to create qualitatively new weapons. The following Soviet organizations are among the spon- sors and clients: the Ministry of De- fence, the Ministry of Atomic Energy Industries, the KGB, and the Military- Industrial Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers. In the lists of research laboratories and executors, which contain the names of over twenty ins- titutes, singled out for attention first is the Kiev Institute of Materials Re- search at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The head organization responsible for such non-conventional work, now known as the Interbranch Science- Technical Centre "Vent", was earlier cal- led the Centre for Non-traditional Te- chnologies of the State Commitee for Science and Technology. The article carries data concerning this organiza- tion's financing: "...The cost of pro- jects implemented by the USSR De- fence Ministry accounts for 23 million roubles", but "general allocations, from various sources, including through the Military-Industrial Com- mission of the USSR Cabinet of Mi- nisters and the KGB, total almost half a billion roubles". (These statistics are unverified). (At the time this was equi- valment to US $100,000,000. - Ed.). In one of the Centre's accounts, under the section "Basic Directions of Research", there is direct mention of "medico-biological influence on troops and populations from a distan- ce using torsional radiation", and at the same time, the means to protect these troops and population from such influence. The Department of Ge- neral Physics and Astronomy at the USSR Academy of Sciences (1991) de- cided that such work should be exami- ned "as a recurrence of pseudo-scien- ce having all the signs of a huge'fraud"' According to Ye. Aleksandrov, state or- ganizations are producing and selling false "generators" of non-existent fields to defence concerns for big mo- AURA-Z n92 - July, 1993 Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 ney. (Was it not these "products" that General Kobets had in mind when he warned the defenders of the White House during the August Putsch?). Representatives of the KGB and GRU (Chief Intelligence Section) were in- formed that the radiation from these generators is not weakened over dis- tance and may be directed on a given person - for this one need only have the subject's photograph! With the help of these emanations, one may transmit information, but it's also pos- sibble to kill a person! Industrialists, however, are assured that these te- chnically powerful rays are totaly harmless to people and quickly wea- ken over a distance. The newspaper "Trud" (April 10, 1992), in a continuation of the subject under discussion, wrote that "perhaps Associate Member Aleksandrov is right when he asserts that all this work on creating "psi" weapons isn't worth a brass farthing. The existence of a list of organizations involved in this `nonsense', however, is some sort of safeguard. At "Phenomenon" (the so- cial commission of this paper - Ed.) there is an enumeration of 26 points - those working on the problem of "torsional" fields, among which are re- putable institutes and firms, key scientists, and academicians". And what of the "unverified" sum of half a billion spent on this spinoric research? In the decree of the Com- mittee on Science and Technologies (July 4, 1991), it is assumed that this figure will be made more exact: "To propose to the State Commission on Military-Industrial Questions of the USSR Cabinet of Ministers, to the De- fence Ministry of the USSR, and to the KGB that the aforementioned furnish information concerning the scale sources of financing research on spi- noric and "microleptonic" fields and on any questions connected with them". In his article "Bioenergetics Under Arms" D. Frolov revealed still another, hitherto unknown chain of events. He informs us of several documents un- der the common name - "On the Ex- pedience of Employing Methods of Bioenergetics in the Interests of the National Economy and the Nation's Defence". In 1987 General F. Khan- tseverov passed these documents on to the USSR Council of Ministers. At the time, the general headed the Spa- ce-Probing Centre and, as it is poin- ted out in the article, had, according to reliable information, connections with the GRU. The job of preparing the relevant information for then Chairman of Sovmin (the Council of Ministers), N. Ryzhkov, was carried out by his co-worker V. Volkov, a KGB colonel and head of the information- analytical section, who represented the so-called "active reserve" of KGB personnel there. In the supplement, devoted to this sphere of KGB activity, we read of "the possibility of elaborating a system for transmitting ultra-wide- band information, means of detection and control, appl field of military ti engineering, the sensory possibilii tary specialists, ployment of bioen the systems and i "hitting". In the do tion the following tion of methods a kinetic control of and physical cor and for influencinc making decisions - 4 years)". In acs documents, it is "means" will be im to secure social c V. Volkov statE handed the task problem to the Commission, the Science and Te Academy of Scien mission was even ter-section scienc Members of the alarmed that the assigned to the do the Sovmin, was s SECRET". A prop the structure of n parameters of a s me. A proposal w N. Ryzhkov, but further than a posi The fate of the p the creation of the ditional Technolo evidently turned o% Vasily Lensky writE President Stands i who consequently Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R0006004, IIPJy * fir: XP )001-3 proved For Release,'2000/08/09:, CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3 rf.+- le more exact: "To ate Commission on Questions of the Ainisters, to the De- e USSR, and to the 3mentioned furnish :erning the scale ig research on spi- Dptonic" fields and s connected with oenergetics Under .iealed still another, :hain of events. He !ral documents un- ame - "On the Ex- oying Methods of ie Interests of the and the Nation's General F. Khan- ese documents on icil of Ministers. At al headed the Spa- and, as it is poin- le, had, according ation, connections job of preparing rmation for then sin (the Council of ikov, was carried r V. Volkov, a KGB Df the information- who represented e reserve" of KGB nt, devoted to this :tivity, we read of Df elaborating a -sitting ultra-wide- ieans of detection and control, applied research in the field of military transport and power engineering, the application of extra- sensory possibilities in training mili- tary specialists, and also of the em- ployment of bioenergetic exchange in the systems and means of telekinetic "hitting". In the document's final sec- tion the following appears: "Elabora- tion of methods and models for tele- kinetic control of the psychophysical and physical condition of a person and for influencing the mechanism for making decisions. (Execution period - 4 years)". In accordance with other documents, it is assumed that such "means" will be implemented "in order to secure social control and order". V. Volkov states that N. Ryzhkov handed the task of dealing with this problem to the Military-Industrial Commission, the State Committee for Science and Technology, and the Academy of Sciences. A special com- mission was even created and an in- ter-section science council elected. Members of the commission were alarmed that the stamp "SECRET", assigned to the document while still in the Sovmin, was substituted by "TOP SECRET". A proposal was made on the structure of research within the parameters of a state-wide program- me. A proposal was also directed at N. Ryzhkov, but the affair went no further than a positive resolution. The fate of the proposals which led the creation of the Centre for Non-tra- ditional Technologies (later "Vent") evidently turned out to be happier. As Vasily Lensky writes in his book "The President Stands Alone", A. Akimov, who consequently became director of the Centre, suggested a "broader pro- gramme". The newspaper "Pravda" (Novem- ber 30, 1982) reported on several of the preliminary results of the program- me's realization. In an interview with a correspondent from newspaper A. Akimov revealed that, "for experi- mental work, things are already set for the production of factory samples of torsional generators", and that "the torsional fields know no barriers, and for this reason are capable of trans- mitting information through any kind of obstacle - they permit one to see into the depths of substances". Aki- mov further said that, when beginning work with torsional fields, he remem- bered "how physicists, closing in on the secrets of radiational emanation, simply carried ampules with ionised materials in their breast-pockets, and they paid with their lives for their scientific curiosity. "Therefore", conti- nues Akimov, "I was able to carefully check the influence of torsional ef- fects on the human organism. And, as doctors say, counterindications for admissible regimes have not been detected". "And for inadmissible regimes?" - we would like to have asked oursel- ves... Akimov also answered this question in a general way: "Much more time is needed in order to sur- mount the difficult path from concei- ving theoretical possibilities to crea- ting concrete technology. We are still faced with the prospect of solving many more scientific and engineering problems. But the main work has been done - today it is clear how and where we must move forward". AURA-Z n22 - July, 1993 Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600440001-3