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November 4, 2016
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April 20, 2000
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October 29, 1991
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ger_vicemen 2P lr%vq4f eR&WeoaQQO @9 irCMhIR&Ug 02113.0 heavy cover which, in accordance with safety rules, had to be kept in a strictly horizontal position. The cover suddenly tilted and struck a compensating lattice over the reactor's core. The resulting movement of the lattice started a nuclear reaction. Very hot steam burst from the reactor and drove the cover into the lattice, tearing it apart. A pow- erful explosion shook the plant, and flames and smoke burst from the submarine. Ten men were killed by the blast, and the damaged vessel sank in the water. Although the fire was put out in about two hours, radioactive fuel from the submarine spilled into the water and sank. Radioactive materials expelled by the explosion left a trace about 6 kilometers by 500 meters in size on hills which prevented fallout from reaching the settlement of Shkotovo-22. According to N. Rubtsov, a specialist of the ship repair plant, analyses made after the accident indicated that firefighters who put out the blaze and persons who were nearby received radiation doses of at least 30-40 rem. Specialists concluded that design features of the submarine increased the risk of an accident if even minor deviations from norms occurred. The author relates that the plant's military superiors ordered its employees to consider the explosion a thermal one and to sign a promise not to disclose the "official secret." A month after the accident, a.'` commission was set up under Rear Admiral A. G. Kurik to investigate thek incident and organize clean-up operations. Minoborony subsequently drafted and approved a whole plan of design, technical and training mea- sures aimed at making nuclear submarines safer to operate, repair and maintain. in particular, this plan forbade repair work to be done on submarines while they were afloat, and it called for special reactor- recharging zones to be created at maintenance facilities. No such zone was created at the Shkotovo-22 plant, however, owing to insufficient funds. Citizens of Shkotovo-22 are said to be concerned over lingering radioactivity in the area of the plant. There have been calls for more thorough monitoring of local radiation conditions, more careful medical monitoring of persons who were.exposed to radiation, stricter measures to prevent the spread of radiocontamination from the fallout zone and waste burial places, and allocations for financing such undertakings'. Radioactivity reportedly has spread already to nearby Konyushkovo Bay and also to Abrek and Razboynik bays. The author mentions that specialists of the Taiga Geological Association in Khabarovsk recently.; conducted a detailed independent radiological examination of the plant and the settlement, and results of this survey are now being processed. Local officials 'think that a large-scale clean-up program is needed. I. Grishan, chairman of the Shkotovo-22 settlement Soviet, has asked that the settlement be officially designated an accident-stricken population center, which would make it eligible for additional financial assistance. (SNAP 911125) A dthor Tsarev, I. Title:':- SPECIALIST'S SUGGESTIONS FOR COMBATING PHOBIA OVER PSYCHO WEAPONS" Primary Source: Trud, October 29, 1991, No. 252 (21476), p. 4, cols. 5- Extract: "It would be tempting to turn psychological weapons against one's own people and make millions of them forget about discontent with the system of social inequality, about the struggle for peace and about their civil rights. Oppressed but joyful, fleeced by monopolies but content with everything .... Wouldn't this be the ideal citizen from Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600450021-0 1% 4PPL4W99 r~ ~~"Q~ @OAf @@45002lL the point ofAQp Qvgg i(e .. what newspapers of ours wrote quite recently about "MK-Ultra," an ultra- secret program of American intelligence which was aimed at turning people into zombies en masse. But we now know that we ourselves have not escaped such brainwashing. Stories about design bureaus at which instruments have been developed for producing long-distance effects on the human mind have begun to appear in the press.* Among the mail that we receive from our readers has been a trickle of letters which mention "individual brainwashing" by mysterious psychological weapons. Vladimir Nikitovich Volchenko is a professor of the Moscow State Technical University imeni Bauman and deputy chairman of the USSR Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies' Committee on Bioenergy Information Processing (Bioenergoinformatika). He took part in preparing materials on the question of protecting citizens against psychological terror, for the RSFSR Supreme Soviet. "For such cases to become fewer, people must first be rescued from psychological terror which is now occurring," said V. Voichenko. "The term 'psychological terror' refers to factors which adversely affect human consciousness. Politics and ideology are not the only ones'whi'ch should be mentioned. Among the rest are hypnosis shows at stadiums and" on television. After the trailblazer, psychotherapist A. Kashpirovskiy, came hundreds of his followers who have been giving similar performances. The trouble is not even that many of these 'therapists' are elementary acquisitors who''are out to make easy money in a hurry. This is a topic for a separate'conversation. The danger lies elsewhere. 1 -1! Mass sessions of this kind have a substantial impact on the hypnotizability of millions of televiewers; the sessions heighten it. And this means that the viewers stand a greater chance of being turned into zombies. "The runaway UFO psychosis spawned by television is another example. From letters and in the course of personal conversations, my colleagues on the 'Bioenergoinformatika' committee and I have established numerous cases of psychosis on topics of contacts with unidentified flying objects. This is very dangerous0" "Is there a way of preventing mass creation of zombies?" "Of course, and it is known to the whole world. It consists primarily in accepting a new thinking model which involves human spirituality. It must never be forgotten that for humanity, the optimal order of tasks which are accomplished proceeds from morality and ecology to economics and politics. In our country, it is just the other way around at present: politics--economics--ecology--morality. Do you think that we can enter the future with the cart before the horse?" From the editors: Specialists have acknowledged that psychological weapons exist. And the information media, which have long been a tool for ideological brainwashing of the masses, are probably one of the most potent varieties of such weapons. But information.about the existence also of technical "psi" weapons has been confirmed at the same time. The editors have received a report about a discovery and an invention called "A Method of Inducing Artificial Sleep at a Distance by Means of Radio Waves" (registered by the State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries on January 31, 1974). To the best of our knowledge, a hypnotic radiator has been built and has been successfully tested in a military unit. *See also the Daily SNAP, October 18, 1991, p. 2, col. 2 (SNAP 911125) * ~k Title:. R. A. ANOKHIN (obituary) Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000600450021-0