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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700160001-3 ? Pour Comers AZTEC RUINS R Ut'i? NA j.MON.14.8 cA 'Aztec NATI ----,.... ? -.B1risfeId FO shiptod *cfm j1C1 San COLORADO Ute ME 10.0 Raton-P4ss n 1 'ot.sio Aiiii,-,..dfolsom - , STATE MON. //i CAPIN MT. of ,.--.,.. ??? ? ( NA ..MON. - t...?.1 )'- ' ,e;'? r,:t.rhu.rICort. R CirnarrOrt 110 00'1' 11 .4pringrr. t- -, ,, / Wagon ,, Mound r .Roy Taos Wh GHACO CANYON NAT. MON. L PUEBLO BONIT,' 4+ .PAtL4kAF Gallup. ?...Wingate Fo Winga IND RESER 731 111'? IlAW/K4( RAMAN- \.? INDIAN RESER ArN:, , OP kra 9 ' Pie Tower. NT NT Remain! SAN DIA ta Fe* PE NAT. MO ingoe,2 ON FE NA ATE MON. ROLA (413 5. ue ATONAL SERVATION EST ? Estaneja *Anat. SI,ETA !MET I. Los Lu elen MarifranoPea si 10,091 ABi s-rn-rE OUARAI A STATE MON. ? Munt. *noir CIROLA ATIONAL ION ?NJ .1116 ?--?23-k::Mosquero? OVEdNORS 'et HtJCH I'Las Vegas ' '1?:;;Confilas Fort -a3?Com (ruin). "Tucumcari 66 ? - ? +? .5,940 Clayton. I Sanla Rosa ,,?Alarnn9nrcle "Xites. NCOLN ,NATIONAL OREST 008 tINGE Lu pifan Peak 083 1.? Oln 'San Patricio _ ACHE TION Font Sumner Nigiod ? Clovis Melrose Portales. 1;1 T5'.) Blf4,180+ ,PRO'swell i :).hlagerman GILA NATIONAL FOREST lBInt Knee 7,653 ul ? ...j.:t?....C. .Lor sburg v-T....,, ,... ....? ....? . gming / 'Iil li'M '?,. c-, I , '1,,---,..S' 1 l 1 /''', I 1 Wnimas Peak 1 '8,519 I) ' Las Cruc ? LA MESILLA., rn, STATE MON. 'UNITED STA1rES MMMIMMIMIIIMMIGNOMMOM Anthon 0 FORT BLISS MLITARY RESERVATION ? LINGO NATIONAL FOREST LLANO ,11,,rm ESTACADO Tatum' 31 Lovington. Hobbs. 0 Eunice. C 0 rn >.< Isbad'7;\ apving 'SBAD ? 5 VERNS NAT. PARK Elevations in feet SEATUEE M LE5- PAIN IIING UR STA( I" ARTIST NED At SI/CLEF MAP Si GCNAPS J AT) US AND LEO ZEUARIII GEOGRAPHIC AHT OIViSiCN EC, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 60 TEXAS nationalNation monuments I pa rksan:d major Ita National forests L.:Li Indian reservations 1Military reservations al Inhabited pueblos ea Abandoned pueblos A Other national monuments A State monuments Jal Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700160001-3 White Sands National I'vlonument SHIMMERING wavelike dunes, fresh as a wilder- ness snowfall, blanket a vast area in the Tularo.sa Valley. Ever growing, ever chang- ing, the hills inch forward before the prevailing south- west winds. The world's largest gyp- sum desert was created mil- lenniums ago when the min- eral was washed from the thinking San Andres Moun- tains, deposited in dry lake beds, and blown by winds into dunes?a process still going on. Established in White Sands National Mcmument pre:erves near- ly 231) square miles of the starkly beautiful landscape. For the thousands of visi- tors who come here each year, the Park Service de- vised sail-like picnic shelters.. (lower left). To keep a way open for cars, employees spend countless hours grad- ing and scraping away the sugar-fine sand. Surprisingly, the desert supports much plant life? yucca, squawbush, rabbit- brush, cottonwood. Many animals, including badger, skunk, fox, rabbit, coyote, gopher, and kangaroo rat, make excursions into it. permanent inhabitant of the dunes is the bleached earless heard, Holbrookia macalata rzdthveni (100. ? - Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :-CIA-RDP96-00792R000700160001-3 WHITE SANDS - Approvedfor Ref as