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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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Approved For F?~~~~~~0,00~/08' R. Loggerhead Point Y wan Andras. SANANL)R`p5~ AlKFGRT SObDEN WITH SWAMPS and severed by wide "bights," low-lying Andros, largest of the BiLhama Islands, sprawls for a hundred miles beside a deep Atlantic channel that widens iota the Tongue of the Ocean (pages 356-7). A sharp beak on the island's soggy western side broadens the lump of land to forty miles; 7,500 islanders live along the drier eastern edge. Reefs near the channel hold most of the blue holes, whose unusually strong eurrents set them apart from similar formations around the g/obe. r an's~y 1}~ RDP96 0?~7~92R4tT0700 000=7 ?51SgTr z- ~, ~L~ ? 'NASSAU ~^`~.-c+'` ?Rase 1. BSOr3 ~'~;E~NATIONAL.,,,c"~ '~~ ~?-,ey -",.~ A/ PU~7 ~, ~iA6sa~, Lyf~`rdC~,.~~,. `~ V ti Wintors`a '~ Fi~mings `~ Pmt f~'c bdiar,~ j ;r~-'' Red Shank ,?; '~~ ,r ~ ~ Point ,~~ ~,r ~.. r~et~ ,~? ,~ ~;6reatAba ? 's" FLpRID L' sp R Grand I Bahama t. %~ !eland ~. reru 'rsi~Es t~f,amf ~ro . ~ BANANA '~ ` f,~~` Na~sau'^~,~~Ie,rtbera ATLANTIC . ~ as.j Andros alVew -) p OCEAN -`--as? Stty~CBy~Sk~slan~ i roviLAN $atzsla ~anSalvador .a~'7,F +~if CAICOSgS. . r,'~oni r~~..,,, ~^ #Cayr+[anlslandr "~ -~ N c r? '~N1t~ the shafts, turning them iota blue gems dotting the bank. .~nc~r~s 1~/ar~r~ .Blue--hole areas pinpointed by author Soundings in feet ~--r =~_~--_ _ zo STATUTE MIIES~~ -~ ~~EOG RAPHiC ARI p1YI5~ON n NAi10 NAl OEOG RAP111C 50CIEiY a~ ... Nr~ -: t+ ~ 'tR4PLG S!r ~nHCEt~ c~~ 9T d,~ Fy 9 ~REA'K,sBAHAMA BANK ~-~ above the s~ after the Ice Age /acke7l water in mammoth g/acr~rs. Rain gnawed hales in t~i porous rock. Then came the` great thaw, when the Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-007928000700210001-7 ++ ~ '~ ~ .+ d y ~ ~ 7 ~ O `~ v O ~, b b0 ~ N r G ~O .,~_, b~.0 Approved For Release 2000/08/11 :CIA-RDP96-007928000700210001-7