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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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Gibraltar Bay hinhiu dralgerirnal I6 CITYI YAL GIBRALTAR YACHT CLUB HOLYOV 30 Harbour Elevations and soundings in feet Water catchments outlined in blue .Cathedrals -.Did fortifications Pxi .~':'x'so c rv0.1E0n A, 6FO69APH IL [IE~Y '}IdJun Bas, CALETA PALACE HOTEL Point S CAVE 39 LIGHTHOUSE Europa Point Pillars of Hercules, ancient name for mountains flanking the Strait of Gibraltar, watch 30,0(x1 mer- chant ships a year pass through. Telescopic lens com- presses the distance between Gibraltar's rooftops and 2,782-foot Jebel Musa in Morocco, IS miles away. Ships of the Royal Navy, illuminated by their own lights at dusk, blaze at berths in sight of Spain. For views of two continents, visitor mmay'ride aerial cable cars to the top of the Rock, off limits until this year. Staunchly British, the 19,000 Gibraltarians claim Portuguese, Italian, Maltese, Spanish, and Jewi'.h ancestry. Some 6,000 resident aliens from even cor- ner of the world add to the cosmopolitan flavor. With the military garrison, they jam the Croon Colony's 2Y4 square miilesj Regarded as impregnable. the Rock fell to a Brit; ceded thr fortress to Britain "to be held and enjoyel iatelx w tE l"manner of right Turever." t 1 __ 4 1. -A-141111 i .1 1 1I I ! Europe: Gibraltar once formed part I r r Caves riddling1he Rock have yielded elephant and rhinoceros fossils, The city crowds beside its mole-e'nclosed harbnr. Andalusia f 'I : I' r J I I