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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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PHILIPPINES M ORE THAN 7,000 ISLANDS and islets rise from a partly submerged mountain chain to form the Philippines. Largely trop- ical wilderness, 90 percent of the islands are uninhabited, 60 percent unnamed. Two- thirds of the population lives on the two largest islands, Luzon and Mindanao. Predominantly of Malay origin, Filipinos trace their origins as far back as 3000 B.C., to the first immigrants from Indonesia and Malaya- Hillsides terraced with rice fields bear witness to ancient engineering skills. In the 14th century Arab missionaries brought Islam to the Sulus and other southern islands. The Christian influ- ence datesfrom 1521, when Magellanland- ed on Cebu, opening the way for Spanish colonization in 1565. Spain's rule lasted 333 years, ending with the Spanish-American War. The United States guided the Philip- pines during the next 48 years, leaving a heritage of language and liberty. The nation became fully independent on July 4, 1946. GOVERNMENT: Republic. LAND AREA: 115,830 square miles, about the size of Arizona, extending 1,Is0 miles north and south, the sweep of Wash- ington, Oregon, and California combined. POPU- LATION: 32,600,000, mainly of Malay stock. LAN- GUAGE: Officially' Filipino (Tagalog); English Isloken by 40%). Spanish, SO-odd native dialects. RELIGION: 83% Roman Catholic; Aglipayan Ian independent Christian sect), Moslem, Protestant ryinorities. ECONOMY: Copra, sugar, abaca, lum- ber, fishing, gold, lead, manganese, iron, copper, chromite. CITIES: Manila, port, industrial center ipop. I,3.39,IN101; Quezon City (Manila suburb), capital; Baguio. summer capital Fasay; Cebu. CLIMATE: Hot, humid, heavy rainfall. Approved For Release 200014#,a'R`C Goa !- STATUTE MILES Elevations in Feet Soundings in Fathoms Places with Scheduled Air Service '+ pg~ e MajorBattles; Land 'ibL Sea 5,;a N ((' r , THAI ANOrt.~tI,TNAMnI PHILIPPINES r' ce R?9 .; G rry a Ocean. M ALAYY517t,!' 1 N' D' 0 NE S I A LUZON tdaa 0 Quezon City k blo ,'n Oaat ~VN rPandas d0gpt I I- Mot Taaut Yok c a,Pa San Nia L 9 ya' L arw Vi Gtandaal taC lulw. r k?M1 a5 7q~ be.~ y to oan~ c!a'~S,nta c^ n, Vohno Mamburao.~, Na J }a(W"` Liyanla- Legasp, Sor9on ~MlNDgORO ..F buys a Don d rot lane ryn0Str. yy~~', ayan?` Bulan yn fl Laoang Ivo. San R a -nbbn M..- CAWU0n Is Cobol Agutaya. N. 'Cuyu S_ , A-eli re?I . Qa9 .Rrq' Mid. do "u? T-gqall ? TaP.d.Siasi SULU Group Sambammta C E L E ARCHIPELAGO ?Tand,L,s denad mr of n an,o nay m me ,aplneu mr __L- monlhy OH-ben r, 1911 in M-y e.19-1 Fall of 0n nl+nd fcrneu on May41942.endrd organised :daxn< to Iapaneu ampatlon. 'I 7' wP"'"".goo ateel- .Conga M-Y. -SSam'J -Merl } Da1no ~ rnorGeneroso Sinop. G,, If' ? wOr+Ydal cap e San lg006r General Santos U"` ,Jog Abad Santos...-...'..'.. n9"" I N' 'Batu)aki M B E S iangas Sara ca Scan .lards (Rlmaal T,nl , I.&_- Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700270001-1 v T~-n y r yw i', J !~? a ~n o a~ s~ ro o _~ a~ g 0 5' n ?,r T ~ ro ro~ w C ~- n G ?-?, O' 'C C n ? 7" U _ 7 F ~? w n O W>> S c c 7w Sr w ro ~' - r o w ti ? d M'g C d r 2 2 'Tl O ro y ~- ro O 770 ~' O W ,.. O '' n, ~ O. ~,,,, ro 4 w O n 7 w O ro O - o c c L` V 7 O. i Oro ~P =?n ;E Er w ro O .n _ 'y. ~?T C Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700270001-1 C) S :4 ro ro w F y a" c c ". ". g-. ^- C o C -vo ,pprq f ro 3 - _4 " 4 o u n o ro L. a c c > 5O !PE, e, d?grow?~~ s~ S g^ w n -?nc x 3~ w-, ^ o g F! Fr c p~t5 71 ^ C 7 S' L 0. Pni O j, w C ro A