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May 17, 2000
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Parapsychology Abstracts International Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700330001-4 this -- more than in any other science - research is con- ducted into phenomena which we cannot measure. He shows us that, in live studies, every science is in the same condition. Only faith -- always present even if unconscious -- motivates and guides research and finally takes us, along a courageous and eventful experimental path, to results which make History, in that they express new meanings and new measures which the soul knows by intuition. DA cautions that the first contact of the novice with a phenomenon should not be marred by inveterate prejudices which would hinder him from finding the way to the ob. jective truth. - DA/R.A.W. 02468. Marabini, E. With regard to psychic surgery. Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(314), 104-111. Notes the importance of documentation in every aspect of parapsychological research, through technical con- trivances suitable to the phenomenology of the subject; Thanks Dr. Naegeli for his important contribution. Criti- cally examines the phenomena produced by surgeon healer Toni Agpaoa. From this analysis arise serious doubts as to the authenticity of the modalities used by the "healer" during the execution of his operations (also excluding the possible therapeutic action which could be a consequence of these performances). Expresses hope that successive in- vestigations may explain the questionable points. - DA 02469. Servadio, Emilio. The 20th International Parapsychology conference. Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(3/4), 112-115. Servadio, who together with Dr. Cassoli, represented Italy at the 20th annual conference of the Parapsy-chology Foundation, meeting at Le Piol in August 1971, comments briefly on the most important reports presented on the present condition of parapsychology in the most advanced countries. ?- DA/R.A.W. 02470. De Boni, Gastone. In defense of the spiritistic hypothesis. Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Para- psicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(3/4), 116-122. At the meeting at Campione, the author, who to- gether with Mme Saint Clair, undertook the defense of Spiritism against Animism, presents two famous cases which constitute two elements of evidence in favor of sur- vival: The Whymant case (direct voice in ancient Chinese) and the Rosalie case (materialization observed by Harry Price). He concludes, against the opinion of Prof. Bender, in favor of the spiritistic hypothesis. - DA 02471. Inardi, Massimo. An important moment for parapsychology at the Second Modena conference. Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(3/4), 123-131. In the meeting at Modena organized by Prof. Rossini, the agenda of the day was "Parapsychology and Psychiatry." This event is singled out by the author because it is the first time in Italy that parapsychology was the object of the official attention of Medical Science, which on. this oc- casion was represented by an audience of qualified profes- sors. The author points out, moreover, that Dr. Cassoli has taken into consideration three kinds of phenomena which he places, for the moment, outside the limits of the ex- perimental field, several of which, however, are of great interest because there exists a possibility to acquire the tests necessary for their acknowledgment in the future. The author directs our attention also to Dr. Crosa's "Some Aspects of the Paranormal Phenomenology," which concerns healers, voices of unknown origin on recording tape, haunted houses, and "out of body" experiences. Dr. Crosa 1'a s ---- ----- psychology at the Anchieta Faculty of Sao Paulo, ic Ri i I UDcc), a v sta taliana at Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dc 26(3/4), 132-138. Bra'zfiis a nation where the ethnic and economic con- ditions create deep contrasts and violent psychic emotions. For these reasons Brazil appears as "the land where para- psychology ought to find the most fertile soil." Relates his experiences at the Latin American Center of Parapsychol- ogy (C.L.A.P.), which is managed by Jesuit Fathers, and was founded for the purpose of solving the problems presented by parapsychology to psychiatry and psychology, by devising new terms and new methods for collecting, selecting, and cataloguing the results. The C.L.A.P. will be the first university faculty in the world where graduates in medicine, philology, and philosophy will have the pos- sibility of specializing in parapsychology. - DA 02473, Sparta, Francesco. Parapsychology and ritism in Brazil. _ Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(314), 139-141. The author, an eminent anthropologist and "pars magna" of the Latin American Center of Parapsychology, reports on the situation of parapsychology in Brazil, ex- plaining the anthropological causes of the particular posi- tion of this land with regard to psychic research. He points out the difficulties met by the Center in completing their equipment although the main edifices are already built, and they hope that soon they will be in a position to start experimental work, considering also the great dif- fusion of devotee spiritism in the population. - DA 02474. Ryzl, Milan. ESP research in the U.S.S.R. Metapsichica Rivista Italiana di Parapsicologia, 1971 (Jul/Dec), 26(3/4), 142-149. Reprint of almost all of the 4th chapter of the author's book Parapsychology, recently published in Italian by Edizioni Mediterranee. The chapter concerns the researches carried out on ESP in Soviet Russia, about which Ryzl also spoke at the recent meeting at Le Piol. Dr. Ryzl, of Czechoslovakian origin, is well informed about the work in parapsychology behind the iron curtain. - DA POLISH LANGUAGE (Editor: Alexander Imich) PSYCIIOT RONI KA 02475. Gulak, Jan. Lowering the anxiety levels in per- sons undergoing bioencrgothcrapy. Psychotronika, 1985, 6-9. 10 refs; 2 tables Anxiety, a contributing factor in somatic illnesses, can be a brief or time-extended phenomenon independent of circumstances. The author, himself bioenergetically gifted, aimed at lowering anxiety in his patients. He hypothesized that there will be a difference in patients' anxiety level before and after the treatment; each treatment lasted 15 minutes. Seventy-three persons (56 females and 17 males) were given C.D. Spielberger and J. Taylor's questionnaires 14 days before and 21 days after the treatment. In com- putation of the results, Kolmogorov, Smirnov, and Student's tests were used, the first two yielding p = .01, the last one