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AP?1419velcil'C91:f 5A1n4fgR2991114/4/C13.,:7S16.71.RIFIgtoroz92.Ftaao7003,500.02rut a religious environment. The third case developed in 1978 at a small village of Covunco Abalo(Neuquen ce)in a very poor home where L.B.a boy aged 12,1ived with his grandparents.He iver met his father and his mother had left him there when he was very little. Lrcumstances were as usual :pieces of furniture moving by themselves,mattresses ankets falling,stones thrown by nobod,y,handfule of soil hitting them on their These events aroused fears in the family and neighbours .The Priest of the re - lentiago Sarriegui,and the Psychologist Alberto Arias,calmed them down and the 1ena disappeared.There were no hallucinations of any kind like seeing demons zits or dead people. POLTERGEIST IN BRAZIL AND ARGENTINA Prof. Lic. NOVILLO PAULI, ENRIQUE INSTITUTE FOR PARAPSYCHOLOGY - CATH.UNIV.OF CORDOBA, ARMNTINA The cases presented by some investigators in Tokyo show almost identical Pht they are given a different interpretation.This interpretation reveals the Abstract s Various streams of interpretation of the poltergeist are analysed how the pressure exerted by the environment can lead to vicious conclusions 16 itrbut ing evidence. :den atmosphere,fear of magic,witchcraft,occult powers.Offeringe to the devil In the First Part I will present three cases of poltergeist in Argentina -i observed in public places on Friday night;there are thousands of UMbanda cs which I was asked to intervene. In the Second Part I will analyse the cases 4 meetings(Brazilian spiritism,a mixture of primitive afrioan religions,chia ted in the Third International Congress on Psychotronic Research,held in To spiritism-superstitions).Tbere are stalls displaying coloured candles,ribbns es,soils,waters and so forth,at every body's hand.These objects are supposed 10 The three cases in Argentina developed in environments socially and 80 effective to dominate the forces of nature and spirits.Once they have been aa ', ,their power can be used at will in rituals which are believed to be and ac- cally different. a- The first case took place in a middle-class family,P.B.,1' ved in the city of Cordoba,in 1973.The father was a qualified worker in a car as black and white magic. One can also see and buy images of afrioan gods,the tory.The phenomena consisted in the familiar falling of stones,objects movin with horns,legs of goats,tail,dark fur.These shops stand everywhere,visited by ound without being touched by human hands,appearance and disappearance of mo)a -children and grown-ups,and what they sell can be frti?quently seen in homes. yd,Olothes and so onTlevitation of objects,spomtaneus fire.These abnormaliti is atmosphere exerts a permanent psychological pressure on the population at ted for over a year and was studied by a team of Psychiatrists,Physicians andises ... acial levels.Therefore one should not be surprised if the interpretation given cbologists from the Institute for Parapsycholo of the Catholic University gy of poltergeist is as the one presented in Tokyot"Some evidences of evil as doba.A proper psychotherapeutic treatment both of the stressed twelve-v 6at a distance induced by means of magical procedures"(7),"by macumbeiros(black who was adopted and the family put an end to the phenomena.They experienced li '-ur--?1 sorcerers)that can be found in terreires de quimbanda(a Place specialized in procedures)in Brazil"(7).The authors explain that there are various reasons of great stress but they knew how to keep calm,and being catholic,they gave se?pie resort to these proceduressthreats,love and elimination of enemies etc. I thing a correet interpretation.There were no vism10 or audible hallucinations;.13... seeing or hearing strange beings. c, i finally saY:"the consequences are usually terrible"(7).Thus the authors wives spoil the presentation and interpretation of the data with their credull b- The second case took place in Santa Fe city,in 1975 and it lasted for overt? acceptance of the cause originating the phenomena:the threat by an enemy and ol_, Mtrdance to the Macumba in order to use its magical procedures.Tbey do not stop month.The family A.M.had a lover incomeithe father was a traveling salesman od products.Tle phenomena consisted in the spontaneous appearance of blood jze objectively and quietly other possible causes of the poltergeist:11ST%, gious images.First,this occurred with an image of Our Lady,about 15 cms.tall.ta ,suggestions and the contradictions exposed in the papers.They accept as absa The disturbances ceased after a Candomb14 group(Afro-Brazilian religion)per- flowed between her hands joined over her chest,as if praying.The other imagjb: rituals in the home.Some mediume and sorcerers confirmed that the two crucifixes made of plastic,about 10 cms.tall.Blood appeared where the n___ e re and ran do the arms and feet.On one ()cession the phenomena took place wi-1117? na were being provoked by terreiro procedures..."(7).They do not study if down the Biochemists Dr.E.Molina an vcd Dr.C.Zapata were holding the crucifixes in essation was due to a real and objective action of exorcism or if,considering 4:,i.vonment the people live in,it was a psychological conditioning that put an hands in order to get samples of the blood and, analyse it.The source was a t ter control,and there the phenomena repeated with other images.It was possiblk_ j even accept the actual existence of a being created by popular folklore year-old girl who worked in the house as a maid.She was sent to a school forth:ne phenomena. a s prove that the blood type taken from the images and the girl 's was the . same47 which they attribute characteristics which are contradictory.They speak of used by tate of great stress experienced by tar? ' real agent that obeys the sorcerer"(7).BUt on the other hand ,they claim phenomena might have been ca M.famili because of the illness and operation of the youngest child,and by t!his incorporeal agent has been described by several witnesses asinsemi-human lar case in other town.The girl had pseudoperceptions of seeing and hearing at" having dark fur,claws and horns,fetid smell"(7).How can an incorporeal agent Vino body! )have corporeal characteristics at the same time?We might be dealing an evident eidetic projection,hallucination,of the images of "exuan(devil)they 332 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CI 333 ,re used to seeing. , ausion. In order to study and elucidate poltergeist cases,it is necessary to In another paper presented by them it is easy to detect the atmosphere op in mind the various approohes given by other authors or streams of analyses, sive fear in which people lives with all the psychological consequonces brood of merely considering one aspect and interpretation of the problem. bout by the belief of invisible beings who try to do harm,to destroy them for ken made during their past lives about which they know nothing. Before acceptiI0MAPHY all these serious matters,they should prove them through evidences.But this %an we e 1 xplain the poltergeist?" by A.R.G.Omen. A Helix Press Book, Garret Pu- %? done;everything is taken for granted.They feel submitted by powers to such am ant that those who suffer them can not overcome them.These are conditionings If.lcations, N.Y. 1964 CD disposing toward all kinds of suggestions,illusions,hallucinations,fears.ln tcri::d7 llite:rt:te;,by14itilliam Roll. A Signet Book. New American Library, Bergen- 0 CD per it is said thatOsome members of the group displayed a behaviour that sugL_ MD 09 the presence of foreing personalities.These personalities were induced by blaZ:958 ford Disturbances" by G.Pratt & W.Roll. Journal of Parapsychology,Vol. gic procedures to influence and/or create trouble to the patients,hate them ay,iatt!Nisa over Matter" by Louisa Rhine. Mc Willan,N.Y.,1970 CD CD de references to a relationship with them in past lives"(7).That is to s ok give up their destructive action.There are a series of contradictory sup o tp_ persuaree Physical Phenomena of Mysticism" by Herbert Thurston. Burns Oates, London l'???? typical spiritist meeting where one talks with dead people and tray to CD1952 CD as incorporeal beings suffering headaches,stomach-aches,having sexual desire-8Pes6menos Parapsico g . i 16 icosPs' en el Laboratorio" by Enrique Novillo Paull, CD re so on.It is necessary that everything be proved to be true ,and. not merely taketts7crole:r Buenos Aires,1975 01of the "Third International Congress on Psychotronic Research" pegs. CSI granted(7). I.-? 16, 481, 657. Tokyo, 1977 CD In another case there are a number of hallucinations provoked or favoured' 9 this atmosphere of fear,exorcisms and credulity of a very special community,t CID cal of Brazil.Here they see an"animal similar to a gorillanduring the disturb.: 01 other times they only see parts"like a hand of a monkey"etc.(7) The authors re 0- CI to the conclusionOas the majority of RSPg,this poltergeist suggests the influl re of evil action at a distance,induced by means of. terreiro rituals(black magic), 'Ci sions of animal-shaped beings".(7) o Discussion. Having analyzed the cases presented and compared them with the all 7 ? bibliography on the subject,A.R.Owen(1),W.Roll(2),G.Pratt(3),L.Rhine(4),ILThul CSI (5),E.Novillo Paulf(6),we come to the conclusion that the more primitive or ol; ghosts etc.The cases presented by the authors above mentioned,tell and analyze the case,the more its interpretation attributes the phenomena to demons,spiri) CD CD .%? nomena which are very similar to those in Brazil,but their interpretation is 1 ly different *the source is the human being himself. They develop within anothq CD CD tural background and the way they are focused agrees with the cultural level e CSI community. W.Roll says in his book:"If poltergeist phenomena say anything, is 4 0D bout spirits,demons or ghosts but about human personality"(2). OD When referring to voices,communicatione etc.A.R.Oven asserts:"There is not 00 0D one case in which the spiritist hypothesis has been proved"(1). OTD For these authors as well as for psychiatrists,the fact that the supposed: re rite succeed one another when the medium communicates,would prove that we are ling with splits of his(her)personality and his(her)unconscious creations.His 8 dramatized ideas convey concepts of the environment in which he(she)lives. LL In addition to the stress provoked by the conflicting situation with the e ^ ronment or with himself,feelinge of real or imaginary guilt,which would be the 0D ce of the poltergeist phenomena,the interpretation given by those who interve :. 2 their hallucinations and supposed messages from spirits,make the problem even acute,thus creating a vicious circle. 0- 0- < 334 335