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September 1, 1982
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to critically analyze every exp performing tricks along with genuine phenomena, and therefore experiments must be conducted. in su a way as to prevVt any possibility of fraud. It is rtainly more- diffic continu As collecting experimental data with ave mentioned, in order to e placed the object to be b Approved For Release 2003(0 C Ax CIA- 6 QQ?92lR98Q700350005-8 PSI RESEARCH conditions, aluminium ba This bar was cd material which w distributed along into a sealed box of red by a thin layer d indicate how tl e bar, i.e., is orm continu point or is it a un bent a few minutes a and subsequent analyst be uniform. er the b showed t such analysis. ntain controlled EVIDENCE OF MACRO-PSYCHOKINETIC EFFECTS Lee Pulos PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Vancouver, Canada transparent plastic. l lire ILLNLUL7 UL ba:^ c1L' c ..oo .?u~u~ a~ -- - r _ i the horizon of the ies r ng pressure of a force is prevailing world view. These "taboo discoveries," because ridiculed and ignored. rall en t it f h i y e ur y are g r prema e t he force applied to one o ch r arked that "All reat truths ow em g was handed to a subject, begin as blasphemiesPP' and Harman [11 in a very scholarly ies in science h f th bl , em asp e hat the pressure seemed to exposition describes many o nd h n i a ess researc ous particularly with reference to consc rake the sealed box and go to psychic phenomena. As recently as 1966, D.O. Hebb [21, a revented them from concentra- leading behavioral psychologist, rejected the strong ' Some subjects liked ting. Therefore, we had fraud under these condi box with the metal ba filled with two unmi idea was that if th over, the powders wo, After the me we asked ourselv means of any tr for the boy machine; if of the cents two powde boy, duri room wi was in corre o mixing the powders), and come back with a bent bar. At this point we can only stress the necessity for further studies of the phenomena." in it because the idea does not a method that prevented any scientific evidence for telepathy o do this we used a closed make sense."- f science ism iti u t o cr c s ong with a glass cylinder While ere has been some unj being totally committed to the worship of scepticism and d powders subject sh become irre was bent even could the subject k? We concluded that s to use the centrifu der these conditions, btain this result by he only possibility box is placed in a centri fugal force can bend the bar w However, it is extremely un the short period of time when he i the box, could reach the washing m ly that this s in another hine (which e in the he basement), put the box in the centri position (any other position would lead Interviews were conducted by Larissa Vilenskaya rsibly mixed. from a washing e, the influence hout mixing the ieaiing witn a preaiccaoie woria in WW CLL Litt! eveLLLb UL uiC psyche have no meaning, a number of scientists have been investigating the increasing frequency of gaps in official versions of reality. A complete issue of Psychoenergetic > sy tems [3] was devoted to reporting sophisticated experiments of psychokinetic metal fracture physics and ritical examinations of the "Geller effect:' Complementing --he experimental data, a number of theoreticians such as !,.H. Walker and Nick Herbert [4] have been attempting to xplain PK phenomena by expanding the quantum theory of systems and mathematical physics. This paper is a report on a series of observations over t period of two weeks in January 1981. The subject is hom Green Morton Souza Coutinho, a thirty-four year old razilian pharmacist who was struck by lightning at the age f twelve. Subsequent to that experience'he? began !xhibiting a wide spectrum of paranormal abilities that )ecame increasingly more dazzling over time. It prompted ne of the Brazilian researchers, Mario Machado, [5] who Approved or Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 spent weeks with Thomas iPlt Ve1C&f Ag 4PQ3W;P vG1&RQNWQj7N 9aQPt`g02` 8waited for Thomas in the controllable condition possible, to describe the phenomena lobby while he went to the seventh floor to visit a patient as "the wondrous real magic of the mind." Throughout our for healing. As he entered the elevator, the observations there were a number of people present. These jasmine/eucalyptus fragrance permeated the lobby and got included Theresa, Thomas' 54 year old cousin who is blind; increasingly strong during his half hour absence. We also Jim Jensen, an American businessman and president of a stopped at a macrobiotic restaurant for lunch and once more large, successful corporation; Gary Richman, a free-lance the fragrance filled both the upper and lower levels of the journalist and our translator; Helolse Gorman, a psycho- restaurant. logist; and her husband Tom who is marketing manager for During dinner in Pouso Alegre that evening, Thomas Kodak of Brazil. The position that I will be taking in this began pouring enormous quantities of salt in his beer and paper is that of a "psychic naturalist" - simply observing while stirring it with a dinner knife, the knife twisted as carefully and openly as possible without seeking into an S shape. He then took a fork to continue stirring mechanisms or meanings. and the prongs of the fork twirled and curled around themselves ending up like some abstract psychic sculpture. In Sao Paulo we were sitting with Thomas having coffee Thomas seemed curiously silly and almost agitated that and as he picked up a teaspoon to stir his coffee, the spoon evening and he kept pouring salt onto everything?he was curled up in a complete 360 degree "loop the loop:' He then eating. He picked up another fork, speared a piece of picked up a second spoon and it too twisted while we were lettuce and held it for his wife to eat. Within seconds, observing him stirring his coffee. It happened quickly but the second fork twisted and bent into a carbon copy of the we could see the spontaneous bending of the metal. I took first. the spoon and could not unbend it without exerting a fair' In the course of dinner, we were joined by a young amount of force. We compared the spoons and they looked-honeymooning couple and Thomas felt the occasion should be like carbon copies of each other - both twisted in the honored with a special gift. He took a piece of soft foil identical fashion. This was to become a common occurrence. that is found in cigarette packages and seemed to go into a Spontaneous metal bending would occur both in his presence meditative or trance consciousness as he began tearing (touching and not touching the metal objects) and on several pieces of foil and folding the larger piece in a certain occasions when he was in the house but not in the same room fashion. There was both an air of mindlessness and total as the phenomena. absorption about him as he took a toothpick and began One morning, when coming to a private home in Sao Paulo probing the foil as if he were examining an insect. At this (where Thomas was staying), we began to detect anPoint, he excitedly remarked that the "energy was arriving" increasingly strong fragrance of a mixture of Jasmine anclas he began to experience a coldness and "goose-bumps" on eucalyptus which seems to surround Thomas and predominateboth his forearms. Then suddenly, within a fraction of a his environment. The fragrance becomes particularly evident second the finished product had been transmuted or trans- when phenomena are about to happen and our logical'teleported on to the table before its. It was a hard, explanation at the time was that it was a shaving lotion orsilvery metal phoenix bird with very fine detail in its someone had sprayed perfume. However, Thomas claims that itwings, head, and tail feathers. Its dimensions were is the "calling card" of his "extraterrestial guide" orapproximately two inches in diameter and one inch high. At energy that he has named Xils. no time did Thomas touch the tin foil with anything other The next day Thomas suggested we drive with him from than the tip of the tooth pick and while the transmutation Sao Paulo to Pouso Alegre, the town where he was living some was taking place, his hands were eight inches or so back three hundred kilometers away. On our way out of the city, from the foil. During the process, Thomas appeared to be _,.. b e'r 1:982 '81 RESEiRC September 1982 PSI RESEARCH Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 straining very hard to mobilize or hold the energy and once dining room and 'within five minutes or so it too "melted" the phenomena happened (or sometimes just as it was about taand collapsed Thomas on to the floor. Two waiters then happen) he released the energy with a loud "hra-aht" brought in a very large, heavy metal backless piece of During the week, Thomas was to transmute a number of furniture for Thomas and this held up throughout dinner. In metal objects from cigarette package foil. The foil was conversations with waiters and the management of that always provided for him by various members of our group and restaurant they acknowledged that spontaneous metal bending during the psychokinetic or transmutational process his was common when Thomas was present. At times, the phenomena hands remained above the table. He would on occasion would occur at other tables or locations in the room and the interrupt his intense concentration and occasional pulsating circumstances would have to be brought to his attention. to say that the energy was going away. Following a brief It should be mentioned that Thomas usually consumes rest, he would try again and usually succeed. There were considerable scotch whiskey while waiting for his energy instances however when he would release the energy with the bursts. It is almost as if he is anesthetizing his cortex accompaning "h-ra-aht" and nothing would happen. Thomas'with alcohol because his powers appgar to get stronger as reaction to failure was to shrug his shoulders matter-of-the night wears on. A point of diminishing return is factly and accept these occurrences as part of the overall inevitably reached, however, and Thomas will then exit and picture. Tliom~s also explained that he must say defini.tivoretire for the evening. At the same time, many trans- (definite) following "materializations" or they willmutations, materializations, metal bending and so on often sometimes revert to their original matter or energy state. occur both spontaneously and with directed energy without his having consumed any alcohol. Thomas believes that the following dinner Thomas went to the refrigerator in the alcohol seems to amplify the energy when he is working over room and opened a bottle of mineral water with a metals three to four hour period. bottle opener. As he placed it back in the refrigerator, -it suddenly bent into aforty-five degree angle looking like a placing next phase of our working with Thomas began with perfect "V". Gary forty-Richman returned to his room shortlyPlacing a number of coins from different countries on the thereafter and noticed that the bottle o ener on his table before him. It was a very warm evening, and as was to 'Y' p become typical of his dress code for extended sessions, refrigerator had also bent into a identical with the one thoma3 wore only trousers and was bare from the waist up. Gary his tel key him d uri brie.flouvi4V r sit with Thomasaand no hoone elsewhad access to his 3e asked for a piece of tin foil, picked up an American Silver dollar and held a small piece of foil against the room. During our most recent visit with Thomas (December, edge side of the coin with just his thumb and index finger. We could see the edges of the foil under his thumb and as 1981) 1 was following him through a cafeteria line which had.he energy and concentration a succession of different kinds of salads displayed in five is ~ built up he punctuated it with large bowls. Thomas walked right by the salad bar without usual 'h-r-a-aht and the foil suddenly transmuted into stopping or touching anything but as I reached for tliet carbon copy of the phoenix bird that was presented to the spoon-like ladle, I noticed that all five spoons (fourteen rOang honeymooners the night before. Jim Jensen was then to eighteen inches in length) were all bent in the nowLnvited to pick up the silver dollar and hold it in the palm familiar 360 degree loop-the-loop fashion. Sl:ortI., -f his tightly closed hand. Thomas realized that a trans_ thereafter, Thomas sat on an all-metal folding autational energy was building up and took the coin from chair at our rim, placed it on a sheet of paper and traced the dinner table and in five minutes the bottom portion of it:ircumference of it with a pencil. Jim picked up the dollar melted as if it were made of hard butter and Thomas found himself on the floor. I got another metal chair from the gain, held it tightly as Thomas closed his eyes and began 30 31 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 V'!2 PSI RESE ";September 1982 PSI RESEARCH Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 to build up energy. Ile stopped at this point, asked Jim his One day during lunch Thomh3 asked Jim to take the thigh astrological sign (Pisces) and then had us all grasp a piecebone of a chicken on one of the plates, scrape it clean and of metal and say "feesh. . . feesh" over and over. After abreak it In two (the bone was approximately five inches in minute or so, Jim experienced what he described as a "puegIength). Thomas seemed to slip into a very deep state of sensation," opened his hand, and the silver dollar had beenroncentration and asked Jim to fit the two edges of the replaced with a beautiful medallion. There were twobroken bone together and hold them in that position. He porpoises with the word Peixes (Pisces in Portuguese) on onethen put each of his index fingers on the back of Jim's side and all the astrological signs on the other. We tracednds. Gary, Jim and myself could all see a bluish type of the medallion on a sheet of paper and it was an eighth of an=nergy move from around the chicken leg and then localize at inch wider than the circumference of the original silverthe Juncture where the bone had been snapped. After several dollar. Jim remarked that he was going to have a metal3econds, the bone suddenly fused together and we examined it clasp made and wear it around the neck. Thombs took thelery carefully in the sunlight but could find no evidence medallion and said he would create a clasp with a tooth3uch as a telltale scar where it had been broken. Thomas in pick. As we watched, a small lip of metal began to slowlyiis excitement took the bone back, examined it, and began extrude from the top of the medallion but Thom s could notaaving it over his head. As he did this, the end of the get it to form a closed circle. He finally gave up saying one flew off and it fractured apart once more but about an "that energy" had dissipated for now. Inch away from the original break. Thomas then spoke very novingly and meaningfully about the healing capabilities In the course of gathering data and affidavits from'hat we all possess and that "electrical energy" is the other witnesses of Thomas phenomena, two persons (one was a)asis of healing. He added that` t'uiatter including lawyer) indicated that they provided ThomSs with a tenInanimate substances are infused with an "intelligent cruzeiro note which was then transmuted into a thousand!nergylp at a very basic level. cruzeiro note (worth about $14.00 US). Thom,s admonished them not to spend the note or it would revert back to its Together with Thomas we visited the "fasqueira" (place original ten cruzeiro state. One of the individuals stiil~f lightning), an open field and pond ten kilometers from has the transmuted currency but the other took the thousand1is home town, where Thomas had been struck by a lightning cruzeiro bill to a grocery store, purchased groceries andtolt at the age of twelve. He frequently goes there during cigarettes, and as she handed the note to the cashier, initorms and goes into almost a frenzy holding his arms up the brief moment it took to exchange hands, it transmuted:oward the sky and "charging" himself with electrical back to a ten cruzeiro bill. A related experience occurrednergy. Adjacent to the fasqueira is a small cave with a when Thom asked me to obtain a brand new, crisp, ten!tatue of St. Mary inside it. People will go there to pray cruzeiro note, fold it, and hold it in my closed handIM sometimes leave St. Christopher medals or coins behind. (again, he never touched the currency and was approximatelymomhs picked up one of the St. Christopher's medals and six feet from me throughout this demonstration). Heave it to Theresa, his fifty-four year old blind cousin to appeared to work extra-hard at mobilizing energy, released'eep for him. He asked for the small, dirty oval-shaped it with a "h-r--a-a-hl" and when I opened my hand, the newtedal shortly following our experience with the medallion. bill was replaced with an old crumpled worn ten cruzeiro:t was placed on the table and he held his hand above it but note that had been out of print and circulation for overie were able to maintain eye contact with the medal forty years. In all instances, we have documented the?hroughout. In a fraction of a second it suddenly before and after transmutations with photographs and careful:ransmuted into a larger, shinier medallion of Santa Lucia recording of the serial numbers of the currency. rho is considered the patron saint of the blind in Brazil. Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 PSI RESE C? xyu/ PSI RESEARCH Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CI*P%-c007922000700350005-8 prefatory signals of chills along both This was presented to Theresa and it was a very movingEorearms indicated that Thomhs' energy was builds u but moment for all of us as Thomh3 is very close to his he remarked that "this energy" p cousin gy" was different. He asked for and has tried unsuccessfully to restore her sight on several five hundred cruzeiro Brazilian note, took a pair of occasions in the past. scissors and began in what appeared to be a daydreaming, engrossed state to casually trim all four edges of the bill, Following a brief rest, the "energy" began building upreducing it in size. Thom s took the bill and folded it, again and Thomas took a piece of cigarette tin foil andsaying that he was going to transmute it into a currency of rolled it into a loose cylindrical shape approximately ones different country. The bill was then handed to Jim who and a half inches long and a quarter inch in diameter. Therxamined it making certain it was the same note. Jim was obtained small figure had long hair, a full robe, the armsisked to fold it several more times and hold it tightly in were crossed, and it was identified as San Onofre, thehis closed fist while he held a piece of metal (a bent patron saint of drunkards. There was considerable jokinggpoon) in the other hand as a "conductor" of energy. Thom and frivolous insinuations at this point as to. Thombs'then began to kindle and build up the ener drinking habits although he was not intoxicated at the time,~Lodi ~ gY as usual, Using the same sheet of tin foil and following more or les ~ and releasing with a loud "h-r-a-a-ahl" Jim felt sthat nothing had happened for there were no unusual the same process (except for one of the tin foil "templates"Bensations experienced at all. When he opened his hand and which was rolled into a tight, round ball), Thomhs proceeds to materialize three small metal statues of little monksdunfolded the bill it had transmuted into a brand new 10,000 with their hands over their mouth, eyes, and earsltalian lire note which we have kept for documentation. respectively. Andsn very sfl re was a great deal of excitement and Thomhs indicated y profound messages can?sometimesthat the "ens was becomie come through in very simple and apparently innocuous ways, ~Y g stronger:" Ile added that to hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no I was then asked to produce a new, crisp bill and Jim evil would help us discover the basic goodness andArovided me with an American one dollar bill. Thom asked perfection that exists within all of us. ae to write my signature twice on the face of the bill and We took a break at this point and room service brouglltto fold the bill down several times. Again, Thomas never us refreshments including a dish of ice cream and a salttouched the bill and he remained on the other side of the shaker for Thom s. Just as he was transferring the firs ttable throughout, stripped to the waist. Thomh3 said he was teaspoon of ice cream from the metal container to his mouth going to invoke all the forces of spiritual and universal the spoon instantaneously bent into a 360 degree "loop-the-aisdom and burn my birthdate someplace on the bill. Despite loop" and the ice cream plopped onto Thom'as' lap. },sill we had seen to date I silently questioned this since no laughed at this unplanned "psychic joke," picked up another?ne in our group knew my exact birthdate. Thombs took a spoon and it too bent and flipped ice cream into his-Agarette and burned the back of my hand as a symbolic trousers as he was attempting to get it into his mouth.gesture and when I opened my hand a few moments later and Just as he finished eating the ice cream with the curlicuedinfolded the dollar bill, my birthdate, 06-01-1928 was spoon, the metal cup containing the ice cream suddenlyyurned along the edge of the bill. folded so that the two edges came together and touched. We Thomhs said he was going to do something similar for all tried to pull it apart but were unable to budge the twolim and I provided Jim. with an American one dollar note. lips of metal. Thomas presented the cup to Gary who hadlim folded it several times, held it tightly in his closed earlier talked of losing weight - the implication being thatEist, and then extended his arm across the table to Thomb3 he could never retrieve food from an almost sealedwho still held the burning cigarette. Thomh3 said he was container. going to burn Jim's driver's license number on to the bill, 35 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 Sir' ember 1982 PSI RESE?R'-ptember 1982 PSI RESEARCH Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 and then burned the hack of Jim's hand - punctuating thj,'rprise, Jim reached into his pants pocket and took out a with his usual "h-r-a-a-ahl" When Tim unfolded the notetd of American one hundred dollar bills that were held what was burned on the edge was his American social securit?ether by a thick elastic band. He took off the elastic, number rather than his driver's license number. of interest olded the currency and I was further astonished to see however is that an Idaho driver's license has at twelve to fourteen of his credit cards were inside the individual's social security number just above the dri_verrlls- It should be pointed out that not one person in our license number and on frequent occasions, people copyigrty was aware where Jim kept his credit cards. In down identifying data from the license frequently copy thscussing this with Jim later, he impressed upon us that no social security number for the license number. Upon returfe ever had access to his credit cards since at all times to his hotel room Jim double-checked his social securit+ey were either in his pocket or on the bedstand next to card which was hidden with other documents in a concealeere he slept at night. (We all had single rooms). place. We were convinced that no one had acsess to ti With his eyes shielded by his hand and facing the wall. documents and there was no evidence to suggest they had beePmh; began with "I see a Shell card," then correctly and tampered with. ickly gave the nine digit identification number and the During our most recent trip to Brazil, Jim brought 1dpiration date. He went on to say "American Express, eleven year old daughter Julie with him and Thomas becammeTO? ? ? (reciting the thirteen digits)" and expiration very fond and protective of her. On one occasion she wate. Then in a very surprised manner "another American asked to produce, fold, and hold in her closed hand apress Card - you have two cards?" (it was an executive American bill (in this case a five dollar denomination}ld card) and proceeded to rattle off the numbers like a Thom's then asked Julie what she would like burned on thmputer. There were twenty cards In total, some were bill and she responded "Thomas this way (horizontally)Plicates, and others were club membership cards in Julie this way (vertically), the word `love' in between, audition to a"telephone credit card. There was an average December, 032:' Thomas mobilized his energy in the usua nine digits per card and Thom got all digits correct on fashion, burned the back of Julie's hand with a cigaretJ twenty cards. He even added qualifying remarks such as and when she opened her hand, the bill was burned with thds is a different card - very hard plastic:' It should words, just as she had requested. noted that Thomas spouted the numbers with such rapidity it Gary had difficulty in copying down the information Shortly after the social security number experienc1ckl'y enough. Thomhs began asking questions about Uri Geller. IP The same evening Thomh3 asked me to bring out a bill of acknowledged that his own metal bending powers did not begs denomination (American one dollar bill), to hold it until he saw Uri on Brazilian television in 1976 even thong ore me and visualize myself pretending I am tearing the lie was able to do far more impressive phenomena by thJ1 in two down a centerline. I did this several times in time. Ile also asked about Uri's telepathic abilities and 1 mind's eye and at his request actually tore the bill in several side remarks lie defended Geller's abilities ao. I was asked to fold and refold the pieces several genuine. Thomh; then seemed to become inspired and saiQes (he never touched or came close to the dollar bill) that he was going to demonstrate telepathy. He went to ill to hold the folded pieces tightly in my hand while he far end of the room, Faced the wall, and we sat behindrbilized a reconstituting energy. The energy was released sofa as a shield at the other end of the room. Jim wa~h the now common "h-r a-a-ahl" and upon opening my hand asked to take out his identification and Thom wotrl' bill was in one piece and there was, no evidence of a telepathically "read" the identifying information. Gary war, Thoms had Jim do the same thing and again a bill asked to prepare to write the numbers down and much to ri in two pieces was somehow reconstituted to its original 36 37 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 'w: RESE,, t";;; Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : K#IA-RM%Mt@0Z i2ROQQi9&50Q@5pAre as vi it a t n not as possible state. We documented this sequence with a series oduring our first visit with Thomh and g did detect any photographs. instances of fraud or deception. Prior to our second trip Even though it was quite late following dinner, Thom November, 1981, we had heard through several sources that felt he had more energy and we set up cameras and taps ?m" had worked with a parapsychologist of international recorders once more in the hotel room. Thom~a turned to is repute, William G. Roll of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I and joked about the number of credit cards that NortPPoke with Dr. Roll who alerted me to his observations of Americans carry with them. He went into the bathroom, lefPveral instances of outright fraud on the part of Thom the door open and told Gary to get out a pencil and papejlong with very genuine psychokinetic phenomena. Throughout and prepare for a telepathy transmission. Gary could se)ur second visit, we were extra-attentive, prudent, and both Thomas and Jim and I at the other end of the room. Zhpindful of Thomas with respect to Dr. Roll's cautions. pocketbook containing my credit cards and identification waAle did not notice any evidence of fraud throughout the in a small sealed pouch attached to my camera case. Ntwelve days we were together. passport and other identification were inside the mail What does Thomas have to say about his powers? chambers of the camera case. For obvious reasons I eithetnitially, he attributed his new-found capacities to the carried my camera case or it was at my feet at all times anLiberation of "latent human energy" after he was struck by a no one had access to It. Before I could get my credit cardiightning bolt and "knocked out of his body" at age twelve. out of the pocketbook, Thom began reciting so quickly tbince then, however, he has "revised history" and now states Gary that it sounded like -a computer read-out. I had twelvChat he was struck by a "ray"_ from some sort of extra- credit cards, bank cards, and medical and dental insuranecerrestial origin and ascribes his unusual faculties to cards. He 'read' off all the eight to twelve digit numbe0space energies" from parallel universes. on each card without error. He then `went into a hidde I am intrigued by his original version. For the past fold where I kept my birth certificate and in a very puzzleyeven years I have had twenty-three children ranging in age tone read out "Lecorgous Peter Pulos" (my name in Greek ?Prom three to eleven brought to me for an opinion because of the certificate) and accurately gave the ten-digiG Heir unusual proficiences. Nineteen of the twenty-three registration number, registration date, and issue datehildren had a history of severe electrical shock or an Another card in the hidden fold was my NAUI Scuba Diver carclectrieal insult (including lightning) to the mother's body with seventeen Identifying digits - also accurately given'ihile the child was in utero. While Uri teller's assertions There were more sessions and many other phenomena ~jre considered a gordian knot by many scientists, he what has been reported is a representative sampling of whaldmitted to me in a personal communication that at the age we saw and experienced. My overall impression of Thoma h`f three and a half he saw a blue light under his mother's that he is one of the most emotionally responsive, warmealewing machine, explored it with his finger and received an and basically kind persons I have ever known. Whalverwhelming electrical shock. Matthew Manning, a gifted astounded us more than anything was his child-like awe iritish psychic, described a similar experience In his wonderment, and exhilaration every time a phenomeno11tobiography, as does Steve Shaw, a twenty year old student occurred. Even though he had probably transmuted oirom Iowa. Peter Phillips [61, a professor of physics from materialized objects thousands of times, he treated eaolt? Louis University, has studied Shaw extensively and event as if it were the first time it happened. escribed metal bending and other psychokinetic phenomena The question of his personal honesty must be consideredder laboratory conditions. While this type of data is since in view of the phenomena described and the absence o{necdotal there are low order implications of some type of ideally controlled conditions, cries of "magic" and "fraudause and effect connection between a sudden and traumatic Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 P SI RESEA ,,? eptember 1982 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8 electrical shock and the unfolding of different types of psi abilities. On the other hand, golfer Lee Trevino has been struck by lightning eight times with no apparent psychic changes. The work of Burr [7], a neurophysiologist, suggests that varying gradations of consciousness result in significant electromagnetic shifts and bioelectric reorganizations of the body. I found his hypothesis a useful platform to begin speculating about the possible role of magnetism and electricity in the phenomena. I hope that Thombs in his own unique way will contribute to widening our apertures of vision and consciousness. 1. Harman, Willis H. Research Report 4 1974). In Changing Images of Man, Policy (Stanford Research Institute, May 2. Mishlove, Jeffrey. The Rando:h. House, 1975). Roots of Consciousness (New York: 3. Krippner, Stanley, ed. Psychoenergetfc y stems, Vol. 2, Nos. 1/2 (London: Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, 1977). 4. Walker, E.H., & Herbert, Nick. "Hidden Variables: Where Physics and the Paranormal Meet," in J. White & S. Krippner, eds., Future Science (New York: Anchor Books, 1977). 5. Machado, Mario. Personal Communication (December 1981). 6. Phillips, Peter. Personal Communication (March 1982). 7. Burr, Harold Saxton. The Fields of Life (New York: Ballantine, 1973). Department of Psychiatry University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada PSI RESEARCH STUDIES IN NEN-GRAPIJY IN JAPAN Yuji Ogawa, Shigemi Sasaki Tokyo, Japan Our colleagues from Japan have described in their journal Psi Kazaku (Psi Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, September 1979; Vol. 5, No. 1, August 1980; and Vol. 5, No.3, February 1981) several experi- mental series with a gifted subject, Masuaki Kiyota, who produced apparent psychokinetic metal- bending and thoughtography, i.e., exposed photo- graphic film with mental (PK) influence. Assuming that an influence which is capable of exposing photographic film should possess some properties of light, the authors conducted experiments using a light-quanta detector (a silicon photo-diode - SPD) to record this influence called by the authors nen-field (thought-field). To record changes in the output current produced by the photo-diode, they used a high speed digital wave- form memory or oscilloscope (photography as a memory). The authors found that the subject seemed to be able to control the appearance of the nen-field, thereby changing the output current of the SPD. The current was produced with interruptions correlated with the subject's intention. He could influence the SPD when it was placed in an opaque box at a distance of about 1.5 meters from him. Experimental results seemed to depend on the psychological state of the subject. The abilities of Masuaki Kiyota have also been described by Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff in their book Mind Over Matter (Oregon, WI: New Frontiers Center, 1980) - Editor's abstract. We define thoughtography (nen-graphy) as a phenomenon -oduced solely by the direct mental influence of a secially gifted person on a photographic film surface in Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350005-8