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Approved For Release 2001/04/02 :CIA-RDP96-007928000700350008-5 (2) of Josh Pedro de Freitas ("Ze Arigo), the famous Brazilian medium of but elementary school education, wltose spirit personality, "Adolfo Fritz;' performed- in- numerous invasive surgeries, and who engendered con- siderable controversy with Brazilian medical associations. - P.V.G. 03141. Anicvas, Joaquim. Notes and notices. Revista de Parapsicologia, 1974, 2(7), 16-17. 4 illus Five brief notes and critical comments on (1) the dis- cussion of divination and De Gaulle's use of it in the Brazilian Spiritist newspaper, O Clarim; (2) an encounter between the Maharishi Mahesh and Illinois Governor Walker; (3} the prohibition of a "parapsychology/occult" convention in Madrid, Spain; (4) the discussion of a solely materialistic parapsychology in the Spiritist newspaper, Reformador; and (5) Hiroshi Motoyama's International As- sociation of Religion and Parapsychology and his work with the Philippine "psychic surgeon;' Tony Agpoa. -P.V.G. ~F~'' j~j,~r E.A. -Our opinion. Revista de Para= of gra, 1974 2(7), 18-23. 4 illus; 1 ref Friderichs reports on his investigation of the 12- ea~r- old Margarida Araujo of Paraquacu, Minas Gerais, _ rB azilT+ who claimed to see and talk with an apparition Roman Catholic Virgin Mary. Friderichs concludes that it is a case of "an exteriorization of an intense subconscious desire" (p. 20). -F.V.G. 03143. Dialogue with the reader. Revista de Para- psicologia, 1974, 2(7), 24-27. 4 illus; 2 refs Four questions raised by readers are answered and discussed by two Roman Catholic priests/parapsychologists and C.L.A.P. staff members. The questions were (1) Are the claims of Tibetan monks such as Lobsang Rampa a farce or reality? (2) Is it necessary to reincarnate several times for a personality to mature? (3) Can dreams reflect a reality not known by the dreamer? (4) Does precognition preclude free will? -P.V.G. 03144. Anicvas, Joaquim. Facts of real life. Revista de Parapsicologia, 1974, 2(7), 28-29. Z illus Two spontaneous cases are described and evaluated: (1) a commentary on a case of 'Tiptology" (table-tilting and raps) reported in Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (March, 1973). The author argues that the case did not merit the attention given by the ,journal because the conditions of observation were poor and there were outstanding indications of fraud; (2) a poltergeist case in "Brusque" (Sao Paulo?) in which strong, rapid bangs on windows were reported in an old house with a tradition of hauntings, The case attracted a great deal of attention. Many held vigil around the house to "catch" the window knockers. Unfortunately, the author argues, it is difficult to demonstrate that the bangs, which occurred only when the focal person was alone, were not due to fraud. -P.V.G. 03145. Quevedo, Oscar G. The problem of the healers: Part VI. Revista de Parapsicologia, 1974, 2(8), 4-13. 9 illus; 21 refs In this sixth article in a ,series of IS articles on heal- ing, several techniques and theories of psychic diagnosis are discussed and critically evaluated. These are primarily radiesthesia, the perception of diverse cerebral radiations which are believed to correspond to diverse states of health; diagnosis by dreams (oneiromancy); and diagnosis by hypnosis, where the hypnotisand perceives (both close by and at a distance) a client's health problems, sometimes by "acquiring" the client's problem and exaggerating the symptoms. -P.V.G. 03146. Lamparte, Victoria V. Biographies. Revista de Parapsicologia, 1974, 2(8), 14-15. 2 illus; 4 refs Two biographical sketches are given: of William P. Blatty, Jesuit-trained army intelligence officer turned part- time author, whose work The Exorcist became a psychic thriller in the U.S. and which, Blatty claimed, was based on his own experiences of an extraordinary case of demonic possession in Washington, DC while he was still a student at Georgetown University; and of Carl Gustav Jung, Freud's protege, a professor of psychiatry and clinician, who advanced various theories of psychic phenomena and their role in therapy and psychological development. -P.V.G. 03147. Our opinion. Revista de Parapsicologia, 1974, 2(8); 16-23. 8 illus; 4 refs A hodgepodge of notes, announcements, and opinions on 5 subjects: (1) counterarguments to a Spiritist newspaper's position on abortion; (2) the fallacious reason- ing of adherents of reincarnation; (3) the inadequacy of certain representations of Brazilian parapsychology at inter- national conferences by the engineer Henrique Rodrigues, whose Spiritist biases, the author argues, permeate his presentations; (4) a summary, critical evaluation, and rein- terpretation of the 1971 Angolese case of a 12-year-old girl's demonic possession and concomitant psychic phenomena, including unusual spontaneous scarification of her skin; (5) an argument by the Jesuit E.A. Friderichs that the existence of a "non-physicalist" psi-gamma faculty contradicts the Communists' purely physicalistic cosmology, thereby undermining the philosophical premises of its political system. -P.V.G. 03148. Dialogue with the reader. Revista de Para- psicologia, 1974, 2(8), 24-29. 5 illus Four questions raised by readers are answered by the Roman Catholic priest/parapsychologist Oscar G. Quevedo: (1) To what degree may the phenomena in William Blatty's book, The Exorcist, be held to be true? (2) Why may a Jesuit priest practice exorcism in one case and not in another? (3) How does parapsychology interpret the well- documented Argentine case (Mrs. A.R.K. of Rosario) of a detailed dream regarding an accident that occurred the fol- lowing day? (4) How does parapsychology interpret the case of the French 10 year old, Frances Burns, whose ab- dominal cancer, spreading to the brain and elsewhere, was thoroughly documented by physicians and given a prognosis of certain death, who was cured during a visit to Lourdes? -P.V.G. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE (Editor: Larissa Vilenskaya) PROCEEDINGS OF THE SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PSYCHOTRONIC RESEARCH 03149. Iotov, Ivan N., and Godeanu, Mariorara. New discovery in the pyramid. Proceedings of the Sixth In- ternational Conference on Psychotronic Research (Zagreb), 1986, 92-94. The authors (a sensitive/healer from Bulgaria and a biologist/researcher from Romania) describe their observa- tions and studies of changes in the development of living systems placed inside a pyramid. The pyramid, constructed in Bulgaria, is made of glass and concrete, and it is a Approved For Release 2001/04/02 :CIA-RDP96-007928000700350008-5