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Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00792RQOQ7QQ350009-4 Exceptional Human Experience homo noeticus (the model of which is Jesus or Buddha), has not only awakened but "has awakened the wisdom-eye" (p. 192). NDErs are called to live from wisdom, make it real, as well as from the heart. - R.A.W. NEW AGE ENCYCLOPEDIAS / DICTIONARIES 04373. Melton, J. Gordon, Clark, Jerome, and Kelly, Aidan A. New Age Encyclopedia (1st ed.). Detroit, MI: Gale Research, 1990. 586p. Index: 527-586 The subtitle of this encyclopedia delineates its scope: "A Guide to the Beliefs, Concepts, Terms, People, and Organizations That Make Up the New Global Movement Toward Spiritual Development, Health and Healing, Higher Consciousness, and Related Subjects." The coverage is limited to the New Age Movement per se (including the holistic health movement) and "its immediate and direct antecedents" not the historical roots. There are 334 numbered entries, ranging in length from a paragraph to 10 or more pages. Each entry lists additional sources of information. The volume begins with a useful and informative introductory essay and chronology entitled "An Overview of the New Age Movement." It describes the origin and history of the movement, the role its major leaders have played, and summarizes the main beliefs and "ideological commitments" of the movement. It is followed by a listing of the major works by the authors to obtain an overview of the New Ave. The 4-page New Age chronology begins with the founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875 and goes through Shirley MacLaine's televised version of her book Out on a Limb in 1987. An important appendix is a 10-page listing of educational institu- tions that offer degrees or programs on New Age subjects. - R.A.W. OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES 04374. Josephs, Allen. Hemingwa 's out of body ex- perience. Hemingway Review, 1983, 2(2), 11-17. 15 refs Describes Ernest Hemingway's out-of-body arguing that it was not fabricatedy but authentic. Josephs says "it affected him profoundly enough to become a repeated event in his fiction and to influence his eschatology, and particularly his focus on the subject of death" (p. 16). He documents these statements with frequent references to the Nick Adams stories, and offers some speculations on Hemingway's OBE itself based primarily on Charles Tart's writings and an interview with him. - R.A.W. EXPERIMENTS 04375. Verpeaux, Pierre. Hypnosis, telepathy and OBEs. Revue Francaise de Psychotronique, 1988 (Apr- Jun), 1(1), 27. Using a S who was experiencing a good type of hypnotic trance and also an OBE, the author reports some preliminary results with telepathy (with or without hypnosis). Furthermore, the S describes (clairvoyantly?), in an OBE, several very Vol. 9, No. 1 June 1991 good details of a picture in a room he had never seen or been in before. - B.O.B. SCHOLARLY OVERVIEWS 04376. Vicira, Waldo. Projeciologia: Survey of OBE Experiences. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Editora Brasil- America S.A. EBAL, 1986. 900p. Bibl: 699-771; 40 il- lus; Name Index: 775-787; Place Index: 789-794; Sub- ject Index: 795-866. The author is director-president of the newly formed "Institute of Projectiology" and editor of its Boretim In formativo since June, 1989. Vieira is also a physician working in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The book surveys 22 years of research on the out- of-body problem. There are 15 chapters (each one with its own bibliography), plus 2 additional ones covering open letters" and a "general bibliography about OBEs" (for Viera, "Projeciologia") (pp. 699- 771). The whole work is preceded by an "Introduction" and a short glossary. Titles of chap- ters are as follows: (I) The Foundation of ProJ'ec- tiology; (II) OBE-Projectiology Phenomena; (III) Altered States of Consciousness; (IV) Manifesta- tion Channels of Consciousness; (V) Philosophical Considerations; (VI) Previous Physical Wakeful- ness; (VII) Techniques of Conscious Projection; (VIII) Exteriorization of Consciousness States; (IX) Extra-Physical Moment of Consciousness; (X) Rela- tions of Projected Consciousness; (XI) Internaliza- tion Period of Consciousness; (XII) Ulterior Physi- cal Wakefulness; (XIII) The Subject and his "Projections'; (XIV) Relations of the "Conscious" Projection; (XV) Scientific Approaches; (XVI) Open Letters'; (XVII) Bibliography (699-771); In- dexes; a) Names (775-787); b) Places (789-94); c) Sub- jects (795-866). The subject index deals with nearly 2,000 topics. This has to be considered a basic reference work on OBEs. - B.O.B. SURVEYS 04377. Blackmore, Susan. Out-of-body experiences in schizophrenia: A questionnaire survey. Journal of Nerv- ous and Mental Disease, 1986 (Oct), 174(10), 615-619. 15 refs; 2 tables Questionnaires on perceptual distortions, symptoms of schizophrenia, and out-of-body ex- periences (OBEs) were completed by 71 volunteers with a history of schizophrenia and 40 control sub- jects (patients in a hospital accident ward). Sig- nificantly more of the schizophrenics (42%) than of the control group (13%) answered "yes' to a ques- tion about OBEs. However, a follow-up question- naire showed that only 14% of schizophrenics (i.e., the same as the control group) had had "typical" OBEs, in which a change of viewpoint was reported. Those reporting typical OBEs did not report more perceptual distortions or symptoms of schizophrenia than did those' reporting no OBEs, although those reporting other atypical ex- periences did. On this basis there is no evidence to consider the typical OBE as pathological or as symptomatic of schizophrenia. - DA 04378. Blackmore, Susan J., and Wooffitt, Robin C. Out-of-the-body experiences in young children. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 1990 (Apr), 56(819), 155-158. 17 refs; 1 table Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700350009-4