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One-Day Ticket $13.95 (3 years of age and older) The two-day ticket represents.a $9.95 savings. Tickets valid only on consecutive days. There's so much to see and do at The Old Country that a two-day ticket is your best bargain! .All prices are for persons 3 years of age or older. Children 2 years old and younger are admitted free. One Low Admission Price covers all rides, shows and attractions except for the shooting galleries, skill games, arcades and special concert entertainment. All prices are subject to change without notice. When Leaving The Park for a short time and plan- ning to return the same day, please have your hand stamped at the Main Entrance. Stamp will permit same-day re-entry to The Old Country. Special Group Rates are available for groups of 25 or more. Inquire at our Group Sales Office. Group cater- inn ie als labl- _, o avai MEMO= rass! Season Passes are normally 849.95, but once you have purchased today's admission ticket, you can buy a Season Pass at Guest Relations and enjoy Europe all year for only 836.00! Season Pass holders will enjoy a 10% discount throughout the year on most items in our gift shops. They also receive free parking, half-price concert tickets and other special promotions. ? Picnics and coolers may not be taken into the park. Picnic areas are located near each parking lot. ? Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not properly attired. For safety reasons, some rides and attractions are height restricted. Please check the marquee at the main entrance for more information. Pets may not be taken into the park; however. complimentary kennel service is available in the En- gland Parking Lot. Knives or other weapons are not permitted. Radios and other electronic devices may not be taken into the park. Special Notes Handicapped guests will enjoy easy access to most of Busch Gardens' attractions. Special information to aid you with your visit is available at the main entrance turnstiles. First Aid is located in Hastings between the Monorail Station and the Royal Concert Palace Theatre. Please contact any of our hosts or hostesses for immediate assistance. NRKGHMM~ The Old Country is a People Park. Well keep your pets happy and well taken care of in our free Pet Check, located near the Main Entrance. Our Guest Rela- tions Window in Banbury Cross is also our Lost and Found Office. Rental Lockers are located near Guest Relations. Cameras can be rented at the Emporium gift shop in Banbury Cross. Strollers and Wheel- chairs are available on request at the Main Entrance for a small fee. Warning: Heatherdowns Hill is hard to negotiate with a wheelchair or stroller. For Your Shopping Convenience, a free merchan- dise package service is available. You may leave your purchase in any shop in The Old Country and pick it up at the Emporium in Banbury Cross as you leave. If you leave :The Old Country without purchasing that special gift, you can still order any of our merchandise, gifts or souvenirs by mail. For information, simply call (804) 253-3455, or write: Busch Gardens, P.O. Drawer FC, Williamsburg, VA 23187. Attention: Merchandise Department. For Your Convenience, restrooms and telephones are located in every country. A First-Aid Station is located near the Bird Showcase and is marked on the map. Sorry, we do not issue rain checks or refunds. Most rides and attractions remain open unless the weather is very severe. If the weather does necessitate closing a ride or attraction, we'll reopen it as soon as possible. Selected credit cards are honored at The Old Country for your admission and at most gift shops. (We accept VISA s, American Express", MasterCard" and Choice Card.) 03/07: CIAgfflf);Q0J92Ro00 7att410001 BUsCH G~ ENS" THEOLDCOUNTRY WILLIAMSBURG,VA. AND NOW9 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE FOR RECYCLED ALUMINUM See a special statue of Shakespeare, made entirely of recycled aluminum, in the lobby of the Globe Theatre where we are featuring Mark Wilson's "The World's Greatest Illusions" show. It's our way of saying that aluminum is a valuable resource with countless applications. So come have a look and enjoy the show. Keep in mind that recycled aluminum is good for the environment and good for the country. Container Recovery corpmIdim Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96.-00792R000700410001-5 A d $r Iftl 0.A r? N ~'+ O O F x x ~Oj? ^I C x 7 d co A) V1 ~ (D VM ~Q. 00 aro a~~ ~'S:~ F _ oa c d $$ n trpi~p o AD O o ~?5 3 oyC o (D DCYq mn NGV~mDaO.A C n N n D E ^ C ~wo ~>. ~' c n ry ~ y' C 0.0' ._O?. ~ Q ~ I o B'nC'n -25 C C. C fD 7 O n mN I-D N ~ m n ~ ~ ~ O y 02 5a~~yx~O 5 ' ro I N x I~ C y ~ ~ O N N N o s 0. ry N ? DC. 2 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700410001-5 DISCO VERaT W .INN Il,n., ~Nea.l.rl.n.l 11 5 'on Ial dl UrII ,n lrer_1o rni .41 IA JOI IF PLUMP "Can,Iho'+ Bird Review" (3) III At 11,11, III,. I; IS I IS Imo. , I+ I la t I: ['ANAIIIAN PAI.IADIIIM "GUUdtime ('n Show" 0) " 1 1 ?F ~ e ? a ' England/Banbury Cross terun.ut Skyridu Amed Inun (lirrumy Ihl*Irrurc lo France. Heatherdowns hr la.?h Yes. Monster-(C el ol.erlxolhoe double hxping r'r41 ilk?r . ~tierer. I Clyde. a dehrlnlnl rate for smaller rqo teoflr ighland St.hlea heurr rd no -0d tan none i ttok of lks. are'hody (rnin!N -ion drpar Ire tarn Irv New Franc Hastings Monorail Station to and (tool the Arheusrr Busch Hospitahty Center (open a*dy and also ae essibte by taking Route tin). The Catapult-a scrambler ode. TLrvey Manor-clkn operated arcade. The Battlements ?ehctroran shronmg gallery. Threadneedle Fai medieval goner & rntertairrotent Recollection.IShadow Room -,cc yourrett as no... before. France/Aquitaine Le Mans Raceway--dove replica race tars Blimp Ileb... adere Skyride-amoral frail Cngland'deparlure to l,ernrany. _ I.e Scoot -log done ride. Caeiloru Train Stoehr- -departure tilt Ile:dherdowns Etgle'a Nest -.hildrrii. tat :onl. Germany/Rhinefeld Glis..de rrdler crwstcr. Rhine River Cruise-paddle but ride. Zeppelin Luedung Skyridedeparture to F oglandamval (torn Fra Kinder Kaeeusseil--antpuc mcrry-go aramd Grimm'n Hallow-childrens odes and play area. Der Rote Baron kddie auplanes Kugelhelle--arcade it ak ball High Striker Game -trot your strength. Her Budemtraaae -skill game. Die Autobahn -banter car.. Die Autobahn Jr.--kiddie buol?n cars. Der Blitxaehneller- trabam thrill Ode )lie Schwentar Spinne spider ode. Itna N'irhetwinchen kxlde unless. ran. Fas-n cat.r b* da Swe. rata - e.ea aw.uo.. 1)er M'irhelwind -, winger ndr The Big Bad Nalf-^S.a m'-v< Italy/San Marco L'Aeroatato Minuto kiddie balksm Mr. la Macchina Wattle e-d)mg machmr The Battering Ram-boat storms Odes da Smelt Cradle-3&1 tort) ode la Aliante Piccolo kdde hang glider rde. On a periodic basis Busch Gardens hosts the best of bop name concert talent in the Royal Palace Concert The- atre. Tickets can be purchased at the cancer) ticket booth in New Frances and concerts and admrxslnn prices are listed there. Note: There rs a small add. liun:d charge for big name canherl.. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000700410001-5