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November 4, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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Journal of the Society for PsychiA 1 OVed For Release 2DOO1O81 CIA-RD96b &2R000700650007-3 seventeen- a Randi and others. Another remarkable psychic investigated by Benson Herbert was Suzanne Padfield, the British clairvoyant whose ability in psychometry led to the discovery of a child-killer 1700 miles away in Moscow. In the Paralab an experiment involved the displacement of a polarised light beam. Miss Padfield, together with the designer of much of the experimental equipment (Brian Baily), placed her hands around the collimating tube and sucessfully `distorted' the light path in a consistent manner. More recent projects at the Paralab have included an investigation into psychic healing, experiments with bacteria and viruses and the study of dermo-optics, including the ability to sense colours and writing through the fingers. This latter work in collaboration with Yvonne Duplessis (Paris) may assist blind and colour-blind people in their daily lives. Over the last ten years I have been involved with the Paralab as a member of technical and experimental support teams, designing and building equipment when necessary which would be used for the biophysical measurement of subjects during a variety of clairvoyance and PK psi-related experiments. It is paradoxical, I think, that such a character as Benson Herbert should provoke controversy from the spiritualist and physicist ends of the paranormal investigation community alike. He would he pleased perhaps to think so. Benson's quest, I believe, was not to explain away paranormal phenomena in terms of physical-particle theories or cause- and- effect relationships, but to investigate the nature of psi phenomena in the hope that his findings, together with the problems left by classical and theoretical physics, could be combined to allow a fuller understanding of the Universe around us. The quarterly International Journal of Paraphysics has been published from 1968 into the 1990s and has included Paralab reports periodically. Over the years much correspondence on behalf of the SPR has been taken up by the Paralab staff. Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience University of Edinburgh 7 George Square Edinburgh E118 9JZ that he was able to finish. In that piece, Bender describes now, as or old boy ayingin Lonon with a family sng by using the Ouijalboardirit "I was impressed,' took part in automatic pelli sk Thi their alleged 'intelligent' wrote, " to obvious origin, namely 'discarnate' entities. skeptical l in regard primary experience influenced my life." the ybetween and Bonn. It waslespeciall in Pa i, 1933 philosophy and psychology iven by the French k o after attending de Francetlin sPa is and after studying Janet's classic sic wor the College ge L'Automatisme Psy ?t processes at the tut al]( subconscious y the dynamics of Bonn University, supported by the head of the Institute, the philosoph and psychologist E ub RotWeker ablentorewxhibit t intelligent't actiivit es on that some of his sects nted automa `consci se level em ly men ware oy ft such comp' cated processes.lIn su( subconscious' `consciousus' self was g a state of dissociation, some of the automatic productions included traces d information which In1193r3 Bender obtained his Ph.D degree wi h a hrou the conventional means. on Psychische Automatismen [Mental Automatisms], in which he success fu study problem of of clairvoyance seco the the linked subconscious " devoted productions exclusively to with contribution ung published in laboratory conditions followed shortly after and was prestigious Zeitschrift fur Psychologie [journal of Psychology] in 19 Just before he finished his paper, the philos penher t Gerda actingsa clearing house for relevant information, had s him Rhine. Bender always stressed par book Extrasensory Perception by J. s des sycl importance of that book German strengthening university ginlan nstitutionalissed form pa de ogical research into of philosoph} vigorously supported by a prominent German p those years, namely Hans Driesch, who had published s well 1932 theb -known to the field, i on German methodological introduct Parapsychologie: die Wissenschaft von den `okkulten' Erscheinungen. In o possible d began training asra psychia SONAL TRIBUTE to be as well equipped as i ne an of medic HANS BENDER: "FRONTIER SCIENTIS - PER studies finished his additional the Professor Bender's death-he died in Freiburg on 7th May at the age of 84-- without, however, d fin h off hishat m bilitati edical spnc1941tion. exA f per mental b h has closed an important chapter of German post-war parapsychology. In my of war, he had to 'haon' i with anwas awarded a Psychology e for opinion, any future historian who finds it worthwhile to pay a closer look at on eidetic imagery and whstal,ga found and parapsychology in general will surely rank Hans Bender among the pioneers Strasbourg LTniversityin to the Philosophical as well as the Me of German psi research who, like Albert von Schrenck-Notzing or Rudolf Clinical Psychology, belong g ischner among others ,sent most of their professional lives struggling for faculty, which he directed until 1944 when Strasbourg was liberated b} T ( ) p the advancement and recognition of our field. Allied forces. y can be ti The `official' beginning of German post-war paB Bender was able to op So, let me first recapitulate some data of Bender's biography and then give back with some justification to 1950. In that year, an impression of Bender's personal `ausnti his special `aura'. au th and Psychohye somew Hans Bender was born in 1907 in Freiburg. In 1987 he wrote a short his native town of imren gebiete deerdoorsPsycho autobiographical note for Rosemarie Pilkington's book, Men and Women in financed 'Institut r s cholo which re esents in a se his last contribution to the field [Institute for Fringe Areas of Psychology and Mental Health], whit a ap y ~', pdpprovedePor Release 2000/08/11: CIA-ROP96-00792R000700650007-3 125 124 Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000700650007-3 .b rt N R: y U- -,j "O v' O w moo, r0 w w o rD UR n h7 t0 G rD O rt o P rt w S~ r: p W p O O vrt G 'b rt CD ,- C O O ~C p p w? W ? ryu Oy .tin CD O wy rt p p `~ N G F O O w C ~. v rD ti r~D O- CL C ~ ro P C O P) O v, Er '-' W o C n w s ~' v rD C O O O O a a y. ? O O N n r!4 G G N p Q o ryD C O_ a JG O p w 2: P O - 5 n - Vn O p rD O O vO ~ A wn cD Q In q n p n [~D G w rt ~O CD ~. w rG O O ~. w w w w n~ w a rn w o W n 0, cp o ? CD O y ]T, td CM ru ~' 'rt ' 'w' cn W rt rt >-tj ?' a n v'J O v y w O 'O w r1 N 3 Ow O O l C a "? 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