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November 4, 2016
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May 17, 2000
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Approved Fo Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000700760002-6 understand what is happening. Whe ESP experiences are no long felt as a threa th i t e act vation of internal resources during therapy allow t ye patient to mit gate or overcome resistances, actualizing hisk tendency toward recovery. of other levels oX reality wh Capra, F. The Tao of Phys Ellenberger, H.F. The Dis Books, Inc., 1970 Jaspers, Karl. Psicopato neu, 1973, vol I and II. Kiskos, J. and Samuel, Suggestive of Theta Age In Proceedings of the T tronic Research. Tokyo, LeShan, L. The Medium, Viking Press, 1974. Price, H.H. Mediumshi Edge, H.L. (ed.) Phil Springfield: Bannerst r, we described the types of theta agents we came across, as k as the improvemente and relapses observed in patients as we It with these agents-The subjects selected for our sample did know that they were being focused by the group, were not rgoing psychotherapy and had been showing certain symptoms for than a year, purpose of this paper is to take up these aspects and extend based on observations made during the last two years. ing Hypothesis observations, as pointed out in our paper "ESP as a Component one Psychological Disorders",which is being presented at this onference, led us to consider that there might be another level eality, unperceived by our senses, but which could interact with individual. Apparently, besides the classical interaction vidual vs. environment, there could be a third one that we d call "spiritual". "Spiritual" is probably not the best word 347 Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-FkDP96-00792R000700760002-6 ti .taking into account the possib stitute today's psychotherapic it another dimension, aiming at patient and his-reality, as well CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND LEVELS OF REALITY: PART II - ESP AS AN AID TO PSYCHOTHERAPY IN SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS SAMUEL, Andree. and KISKOS, Julika Clinical Psychologists Sociedade de Pesquisas Psicobiofisicas de Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, S.P., Brazil Great Britain: The Chaucer Press,: ription is made of the theta agents observed and their inter- yon with the patients; Removal of theta a ents b me f g y ans o Healing t a Distance: Some Evidencesain procedures is followed by an improvement in the patients' rd International Conference on Psycho s up new possibilities for patients whose prognosis of recovery 477 17.1 r i 8 _ _ 1 tract: The authors discuss the interactions between other levels y of the Unconscious. New York: 4eality and ours in cases involving patients with psychological Irders of various kinds. Trained sensitives were used in this and often manifested extraneous personalities (named th t e a ral. Rio de Janeiro: LivrariaAts by the authors), and who were involved with the patients. A k e Physicist. New York:ioduction 977, at the III International Conference on Psychotronic In Wheatley, J.M.O.tarca in Tokyo, we presented a paper discussing the possibility f Parapsychologynfluencing ata distance people with various types of psycho- * disorders, aiming at relieving or removing the symptoms rienced. After experimenting during three years, we had come to ew York: John Wile conclusion that this could be done. However, we also'found out personalities extraneous to the members of the group in some $s manifested themselves, suggesting an interrelation between Dutton, 1975, psychological disorders of some patients and the influence of 1 personalities - which we named "theta agents". Also in this Approved For Release 2000/08/11: CIA-RDP96-00792R000700760002-6 II 1 1 1 1 1 n w w rt n E n 0' 0 0 0 H 0 Ort' Y rwj rt H m 9 H 9 CD 9 m rD w w 0' 'C ro H ro ro'4 ~?.; n rt ID H~ H w H rt m rt (~'w w'U w Mam W r? r? w r? w H? ID O H O R.p o'0 rep (D H.MW 0 0' O N 0 w C w m w o rt 9 m O O' rt 0' rt 0' rt rt H? CD 0 ct 0 O H. 0 0' n p 0 0 a n o w It 'F' m rt N 0 rt H rt rt rr 9 .? w 0 Ct CL (D u rt 8 Hp H H? 0 D4 a 0' 0' n w n Hn O H? '4 m E O M tT Y,' N MN0' .9 N H? ft CD H? (D M H n M m m n w H O m 0 p ~-' w H m N Cl rt ' E H m H?rt 1,. H? rt w rt O 0' m'O r?0' 0 w m 0 H w w O m rt ro N (D PV H? '4 H? N O rt 'f7 rt H? H H? N o w H 0' CD 9 rt m .r H m m M L H? w m N m w w H H (D p o p rt m 0 0 0' p H?H?a aH rt w rt H O ' w 'C 0 0 'wt E p (o n " N H x 0' OQ rt 0 w a H. 0' P. m rt ft H? 9 C H N m OQ rt 0 co H. O a E N row N O 1 O m 0 O w H H tJC '0 9 r (D 0 ro o m m H CU c4 0 m E H H' 0 0 m 0 O N M C 0 m w w 0 n' w p 0' M 9 01 9 CD o C. 9 p aH-a (err mo row r. p '4 "? ( In W rt 0 ro O 'O ' b N c m r?'0 CU Oo w ?? O v c Ir N C n rt rt n OQ n ro r? r? r? O' OQ O 7 N p m m m m 0 w OQ 0 9 N 00