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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : RESEARCH NOTES AND COMMENTS actualises one of these possibilities, ionising a particular atom and giving rise to a mark at a particular point. As a result, its pore tiality changes abruptly. In particular, it will in general no longer be possibl for it to interact at all other points of the surface; in actu\lising one possibilit , it excludes the others. This abrupt change in the range of its actualisation of one of the reduction, of the state vector. Why do reductions of state vee actions and not during all physical i preceding explanations, a state vector system for interacting with observing ap and the reduction of a state vector repres these potential interactions. Given this question becomes, Why do physical sy interactions with observing apparatus apparatus? Now the answer is obvious observing apparatus that a physical sys interactions with apparatus. Understo vectors seem obvious and logical and It must be emphasised that the abo physical explanation of state vecto explanation which, hopefully, indica not find these events, interpreted o "crying out for explanation". Thou vector collapse occurs can be given, take into account what state vecto ns open to the photon due to erred to as the collapse, or ccur during observation inter- ns generally? According to the nts the potentiality of a physical tus to produce particular results terpretation of the terms, the heri for it only actualise their potential they interact with observing only when interacting with tualise one of its potential em can a d in this w of "wholly i e consideratio collapse, but m es why the present the reductions of state sterious or occult". are not intended as a rely as an intuitive jectively, to be "wh uthor at least does ly mysterious" or on of how state h no physical explana hese events do not seem ysterious if we resent. Villars, C.N., Consciousness and quantur theory: A reply to Lawden and Walker. J. Psychophys. Sys., 4, 401-403, 1982. Villars, C.N., Reply to Lawden. J. Psychophys. Sys., 5, 173-175, 1983. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : C IA-RDP96-00792R0007PAJg79g'S AND COMMENTS Joan of Arc's prophecies JEAN BARRY M.D. 38 Cours du Medoc, 33300 Bordeaux, France Joan of Arc is not a myth. Her feats of arms are well attested by the Chronicles on both sides, and also by the instruments of the Inquisition trial led by Cauchon and Bedford. The Proceedings of the "Rehabilitation Trial" initiated by Charles VII, in order to prove that her victories were not those of a witch, brings fourth men, women, priests, warriors, bearing impressive testimony. Thus it is very interesting to follow our heroine, not only in her childhood, but also in her warrior life. . As a parapsychologist, I am particularly interested by the strength of her moral nature, her cleverness, her'military talent, and, last but not least, her gifts of premonition and clearsightedness. I intended to write a book on Joan and parapsychology, helped by a friend of mine in respect of the historical part. Here, I give a short glimpse on the subject: Joan's clear-sightedness is connected both with near future and with furtherest future. Cases of the first type are certain, testified by history. Cases of the second, are arguable, often being transmitted by family tradition. Let us mention first some of the first category: In Vaucouleurs, talking with Robert de Baudricourt, Commander of the place, she foretells the French defeat at Rouvray, (later on named the`"Day- time of herrings") just before the battle was lost, at some 400 kilometres from there. Going to Chinon, she foretells the place where Charles Martel's sword was found, very rusted, in the ground, behind the Sainte Marie de Fierbois altar- table. Fifteen days before her attack on the fort of the "Tourelles" and a second time the day before, she foretold she would be wounded. She said: "To- morrow blood will be drawn from my body, above my breast". An arrow pierced, through her armour, the lower part of her neck. From the high wall of the fortress, the Commander, Sir Glasdale, insulted her, calling her "milkmaid, harlot". She answered him: "You insult me, but you are not far from your death". Not long after he fell down from the burning drawbridge, all armoured, into the Loire, and was drowned. Many other cases are worth telling, all of them historically true. A few more have not been written in history and are transmitted by family tradition. A-RDP96-00792R000701070001-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : RESEARCH NOTES AND COMMENTS PIA-RDP96-00792R09 79~11,Q~~JX 1) COMMENTS Believe them or not, you shall not be damned for that. They are long range prophecies. One of them concerns Etienne de Vignolle, nicknamed "La Hire" by the Burgundians. This terrible "cadet of Gascony" was a great captain. For those who don't know of him, he is still the Knave of Hearts of our playing-cards. As a pillager himself, he said: "If God was a soldier, he would be a pillager". An incendiary of course, he struck his enemies like pigs. This terrific man had the gift of friendship. As soon as he saw Joan of Arc he said: "I believe in her, I shall follow here everywhere". Such was Joan's ascendency, that he ceased to swear like a trooper, stopped his plunders, went to church, and confessed his sins. Joan had predicted to him that if he fell back into temptation of sacking a town, then the last of the La Hires would die ruined and miserable. After Joan's death, he again became a pillager. A woman of my acquaintance, Mrs Michelle Nahon, told me that her grand-father, Jean de La Hire, who asserted he was the last descendant' of Etienne de Vignolle, died in that way, some fifty years ago, as an impecunious science fiction writer. Still more striking is an old tradition in the La Tremoille family. Georges de La Tremoille, the traitor counsellor of Charles VII, who became jealous of Joan's glory, had already laid an ambush for her and her seven companions, on their way from Vaucouleurs to Chinon. Later on, he made it impossible for Joan and the Duke of Alencon to take Paris, by withdrawing Gillese Ray's and Richemont's troops. This was more than five hundred years ago. In 1933, the old Duchess of La Tremoille called for her family physician, the late Dr Datin (as I was told by his daughter, Dr Grassin's wife, a surgeon in Rennes). "I am tired and sad", said the Duchess. "My son, the young Duke, died yesterday morning, burnt alive in the hunting-box of a Scotch Castle. As you can see, Joan of Arc's prediction, as it was known in our family, came true." And there is a striking confirmation. The young Duke, of course, knew the prediction, but did not quite believe in it. This was told me by a friend of mine, the physicist, Olivier Costa de Beauregard; his wife's mother was a friend of the late Duke. One day, some time before his death, showing the Countess his Castle of Serrant, in Anjou, he stopped before his family-tree, on which he stood alone at the end, and said half sweet half sour: "Look, I am the last, and, according to an old family tradition, Joan of Arc said, while she was The most well-known of La Hire's descendants is the XVl1th century mathematician. Philippe de La Hire (1640-1718). imprisoned in Rouen, that the last of the La Tremoille's would die burned alive." These testimonies are true. What is their explanation? Coincidence? Joan's soul crying for vengeance through time and space? Of course not. What they show is, once more, Joan's extraordinary gift for clearsightedness and pre- cognition. What is very striking in these two cases, is their consonance with the Biblical statement "The grandfathers have eaten sour grapes, so the grandsons have aching teeth". A friend of mine, Mr. P. Giry, M.D., has prepared a detailed documenta- tion concerning the very numerous psychic feats that have been recorded of Joan of Arc. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00792R000701070001-2