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December 27, 2016
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July 25, 2013
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October 17, 1986
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/25: CIA-RDP98-01394R000200030010-4 VI. 17 Oct EXIiiJ EMBASSY PROTESTS CHILEAN KIDNAPPING OF CITIZEN FL151202 Mexico City NOTIMEX in Spanish 0320 GMT 15 Oct 86 Ml [Excerpts] Buenos Aires, 14 Oct (NOTIMEX) -- A Chilean National Central Information commando kidnapped a Mexican citizen in Santiago this morning, said her family members. Flavia Totoro Taulis, 21 years old, was violently taken from her home at 5:30 (local time) [1130 GMT -- time as received] by Central Intelligence members of the Augusto Pinochet regime. [passage omitted] The Mexican Embassy accredited in Chile has begun efforts in Buenos Aires demanding that the Chilean Government release Totoro Taulis. Mexico and Chile suspended diplomatic relations after Salvador Allende was overthrown in 1973. The Mexican Embassy sent a telex to the Mexican foreign secretary and, according to initial reports, Mexico will present an official request and diplomatic protest to Santiago de Chile through diplomatic representation in Venezuela. [passage omitted] EfolikEgiMMERAL-CONCLUDETREETING-ON-DRUGS PA152056 Mexico City Red Nacional 13 Imevision Television Network in Spanish 1955 GMT 10 Oct 86 [Text]? At the end of the regional meeting of attorneys general in Puerto Vallarta today, the creation of a regional planning cooperation committee was proposed to combat drug trafficking. One of the 10 points agreed upon at the meeting was the creation of a common front of solidarity through the exchange of experiences. The document was signed by representatives from 13 governments, including the United States. During the 2 days of talks, delegates made a broad analysis of drug trafficking and drug addiction. They agreed to create a multinational organization to confront the mafia and drug traffickers. The delegates reiterated their political willingness to continue the struggle against crimes that endanger the health of people as well as to prevent and correct the phenomenon of drug addiction. Among the 10 resolutions adopted at the regional meeting of attorneys general, the advantage of using resources confiscated from drug traffickers to support national and international campaigns against drug trafficking was discussed. Regarding the joint efforts to defeat this problem, the countries agreed -- in accordance with the laws of each country -- to create a regional planning and cooperation committee to combat the drug problem. This last point will be implemented within a short time at their next meeting. In addition to the agreements signed this afternoon, U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese proposed that awards be given to Mexican President de la Madrid and Attorney General Sergio Garcia Ramirez for their initiative in the struggle against drug trafficking and drug addiction. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/25: CIA-RDP98-01394R000200030010-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/25: CIA-RDP98-01394R000200030010-4 VI. 17 Oct 86 'M 4 ? zMEXICO= Curbs on Oil Exports Continue PA161658 Mexico City Red Nacional 13 Imevision Television in Spanish 0300 GMT 16 Oct 86 [Text] The Mexican Government tonight reaffirmed its commitment to seek stability in the oil market as long as OPEC continues to abide faithfully by its prices [ofrecimientos]. It was said that Mexico will continue limiting its exports of crude oil to 1.35 million barrels a day. It is worth noting that our country's self-imposed curbs on exports seek to contribute to the stability of the international oil market. 2CWORNEY____GgNER-AVS-OFF-I-C-E-ON-DRUG-OPERATIONS PA161440 Mexico City EL NACIONAL in Spanish 12 Oct 86 p 1 [Text] Drugs amounting to $10.270 billion have been confiscated by the attorney general's office since January 1986: 4,679 kg of pure cocaine and 70,000 kg of marijuana. On the black market, 1 kg of cocaine is worth $1 million and 1 kg of marijuana is worth $80,000. [all figures as published] This information was taken from a written report that the attorney general's office gave EL NACIONAL. The same report gives important information regarding the permanent antidrug campaign and the Pacific VII Military Operation. The report adds that 466 kg of marijuana seed, 23 kg of hashish, 38.2 kg of opium gum, 62.3 kg of poppy seed, 11.7 kg of heroin, and 0.7 kg of morphine were also confiscated. During the same period, 694 vehicles, 12 planes, and 14 boats of various sizes were captured. Regarding weapons that have been confiscated, the report states that during the various operations, 555 automatic weapons, 592 handguns, and 23,838 rounds of ammunition were confiscated. Also, 7 heroin laboratories were destroyed, 4 other laboratories were destroyed, and through 30 August 1986, 5,558 persons were arrested for alleged involvement in drug trafficking. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/25: CIA-RDP98-01394R000200030010-4