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December 27, 2016
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August 22, 2013
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July 17, 1980
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/22 : CIA-RDP98S00099R000400660016-7 Memorandum For: DD/NFA From: Senior Review Panel Subject: SRP Endeavors Since Mid-August 1979 NFAC 5065-80 17 July 1980 The focus of Panel efforts to date has been to provide an independent, collegial, and substantive review of major intel- ligence products of both the Intelligence Community and NFAC. In addition the Panel has undertaken other assignments such as postaudits of intelligence efforts, assisting in overall production planning, recommending improvements in the overall intelligence processes, and other intelligence evaluation efforts, including informal discussions with senior Intelligence Community officers. 1. Review of Major Interagency intelIi'ience Papers- 111 review of planned interagency papers at the request of DD/NL' or C/NIC is a continuing activity which absorbs much of the Panel's time. Since mid-August 1979 the Panel has prepared a total of 103 memorandums commenting on 42 NIEs and SNlEs, and 50 IIMs in various stages of production. 2. Production Analysis/Post Mortems: The Panel, assisted by Rear Admiral Robertson, completed an examination of Intelligence Community performance regarding the Soviet military presence in Cuba. Two analyses of NFAC production on specific subjects were developed: Comments on coverage of Soviet Military Capabilities in Situations Less Than General War. Reporting on Morocco/Western Sahara. The Panel is in the final stage of completing a comprehensive survey and analysis of the quantity and scope of NFAC intelligence production over a year's period. It will then proceed to evaluate the quality of NFAC's production during that same year. ALL PORT ARE .IED SECRET SIGNER 17 July 1986 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/22 : CIA-RDP98S00099R000400660016-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/22 : CIA-RDP98S00099R000400660016-7 Subject: SRP Endeavors Since Mid-August 1979 3. Theory and Practice of Estimative Intelligence Papers: In addition to individual essays on various aspects of the estimative process, the Panel prepared a study on the subject culminating in specific recommendations submitted to DD/NFA. 4. Research Production Planning: The Panel prepared two major reviews of the NFAC production plan, with Dr. Knorr serving as DD/NFA's representative to the Working Group. 5. Understanding the Problems of Intelligence: The Panel met with senior Intelligence Community officers, former Agency officials and a member of the House Intelligence Committee Staff (HPSCI) to discuss problems of intelligence collection and analysis, and to gain a better understanding of Community organization and activities. 6. Other Activities: Individual members of the Panel participated in a wide range of activities: Members of NIC panels to review NIE 11-3/8, and the IIM on Germany; Action NIO-at-Large for NIE 11-12; Member of NFAC's Long Range Planning Working Group; "Participating Observer" on Interagency Working Croup for Production. SECRET a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/22 : CIA-RDP98S00099R000400660016-7