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December 22, 2016
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May 11, 2012
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February 4, 1976
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S1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/11: CIA-RDP99-00418R000100100010-0 THE NF .q YORK TIMES 4 February 1976 12-albyrln_Oftt'fthI;CO1:'ISCus C.Lk's Problethsil SCSI The following article. wasiwswer forthe record a nurnberfor major American news-Bath-isibility of allowing CIA. offi- 'written by John M. Crewdson!of- questions about sensitive erin ' organizations who served cers to pose as diplomats, as]: .bnd 'is based on reporting- b y agency_operations.:. the C.I.A. as clandestine agents signed to American embassies 'I _~hitn~.and Nicholas. M. i. I1` But.Mr Colby did -agree to were "phased cut" beginning: abroad, and some private com 1 tll- about some _r the _-____.f_ :_ 1-t 1993) he said -_.1 t..l __ _!__.? r_____ f____ . Feb '~"?? which,. he_ said,-. are as* much . their relationships 'with the men passed themselves off as ,y!~tiRzk, liter the Senates contis- a product o_f sensationalism andiC.I.A."Atno time," Mr. Colby icorporate employes overseas., wtion of George- Bush as Di= a ? lack..- of. perspective by its! added, were :any- of .the five, 3 .reo~or of Central.. Intelligence I-i addition, Mr. Colby, said. J i i ` th ' t d - d i f e eces- r uncoun e . pre cr t cs as o -the agency s own or ended William. Iw Colby's 2 transgressions. sons, told "what to write for it is now more difficult to jeer-Isng career as a spy? Mr solicit interviews' 'with busi- Mr Colby , -who was wearing an American journal ' nessmen and others returning JCOlby, ?relaked `in the sitting ? xnom ,of his modest suburban a rumpled burgundy pullover ate conceded, however, that, from travels abroad about con- and'.paused- occasionally. to-sip under the. agency's current re- ~40me ~and? talked. about "the ? ditions in the areas of the pt coffee, reiterated his concern gulations part-time or freelance world theYhad visited. ' oh aaL . rTra ?- -- . that-recent news -reports dis- correspondents abroad who "Eve g e temporarily. unemployedjclosin covert CIA.-operations g ryboay agrees that we the term g might at times sell articles too, to collect intelligence," date citizen used _ in Italy, Angola-and elsewhere American ; publications: *ere Mr. Colby said with -a rueful dbscri be the. Central Intel- y ligence Agen had -:provided ; >foreign- Intel- continuing in some cases to smile. But he added that many cy, which he head. li reviousl rvices with nce ' ` ge se p y gather intelligence for the :.~zl fox' 4 e last''- three years, u. -known ..details' about the CIA.- on -the c side had lately hads aand bused a concerns ad tibut not in the same context American a enc 's clandestine -. .. opted a? attitude g Y i Asked ? whether the agency of don t look at us" when gas .Senator Frank-Church, the activities.*, had -ever= planted stories with approached by the CIA, with ~oNairman of the Senat Select e ; .But =he a1so..said that, ?.al-, foreign news organizations Mr, + had- a request for assistance, and' - -Com+nittee.on Intelligence, wbn atio u l o " per ns ou - s c yr sure . allthat, as a result, "We're miss- 1..'1 reviously.:likened the agency dominated the newspaper head-,Colbyi replied, Oh; 41' u~eIe 'ant .rennin the time. He also concededling information." g g dines-and-television,-newseasts; the-posgibilty"that su`ch' bogus .^wild'beyond the control of the they, had- typically) accounted news a might have beery Distressed About Helms co nt u c s White Houses' it, - : i .for only-`about,5 percent". of picked 'up and reprinted by Mr,. Colby also expressed his{ -s Rather,-;Mir. Colby said,'-the tie C.I.A-rs total",expenditures. American newspapers,, although distress about the possibility 1 1 pubiiQ confusion -about the J ;,the;remainder of.. "the he .said fie believed the effect that Richard. M. Helms, whop ',Q1-k. -that-has-grown out~-of elephant?".vfr, C)Ibiy of_ that. on domestic opinion headed the C.L.: from 1966is At; y~ewt bf investigations by Mr- be- hopes-tg:,portray; would have been marginal . until 1972, : might be indicted Church s-committee and others, about the agency that he is by. a Federal grand jury in con- and 'revelationsMby the.tnew plantung-to write. >~ 'T ~;, s.-> ~~~~~ Reluctance nection; with some of his activi- r+edia reminded:--him, of-Tthe a Asked-about. the IA:'s-use '' ?~by' cited a concern Lies as director of the agency. `.. linda fable about-the: snc blind ' W=?journaliki.. to gather ?`idtei- anrong journalists'-about ' the :One of the. matters under ~en!who, each feeling a. differ ?ligence-topic that,~?al?.~ong. wi effect of: such relationships!:on investigation, Justice= Depart eiit;.fpart"of- an elephant;-:came covertopeiations, has created the-integrity of their profession meet sources have said, is Mr. Attic very different --conclusions :a -furor-in. recent. weeks, Mr. as-indicative of a general'?reluc Helm's.sworn assurance to the about its nature. . - ' Colby rolled his.eyes skywarditance onr- the part of other Senate- Foreign Relations Com- "n1The'retired'98:year-old Intel- for a moment,_then replied em- domestic groups,L:and" -even mittee that the C.I.A. had .not ligence chief, told his interview- phatically'that the -C.I~ . had. some- Government agencies, to given financial support to op-, em that . he-. wanted to-keep never' "engaged.- in- an ef' fort enter into- close contacts with ponents of the late Dr. Salva-' ,. -both: his seciecy..agreement to' maniuplate th e-' American [he C.LA. dor, Allende Gossens. -former: with. the C.IA; and 'any pen. press." The. State- - Department - he president of Chile, and had not sion, ,.and -he.,declined Thel- ast five correspondents said, is reconsidering the advi- engaged in. the surveillance-of Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/11 _ CIA_RDP99-00418R000100100010-0 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/11: CIA-RDP99-00418R000100100010-0 American citizens. protesting, against the Vietnam war. The other subject of the Justice Department's concern involved Mr. Heim's ? authoriza- tion nearly five-years ago of a C.I.A. conducted- burglary of a photographic: - studio- in a suburb of Washington- Mr. Colby said today that, al- though the C.I.A. had provided money to some Chilean organi- zations prior. to the 1970 Chil- ean- elections; he believed that a- "narrow construction", of the questions asked, of ~Mr. Helms In that. area precluded the pos- sibility that the former . CZ.- director,.' Whoa.. is . the United, had perjured. himself. Domestic Surveillance Mr Colby also said -he. lie- lieved that. Mr.-Helms had an- swered the Senate committee correctly.. with respect A o do- mestic.. surveillance ` -. by : the C,I:A., since the agency's:. role in what-has become known: as Operation Chaos, i a. Federal in' vestigation of anti Vietnam war groups. hi the late-'1960 s?- and early- :1970's;-.had' been': con- fined, with- only=a"small -num ber' of ^'unintende& exceptions, to 'finding links: between' pro- testers-?. and -foreign' g0"m- The burglary 'of' thephoto- graphic' studio, .',Mr..: Colby maintained, had. been anda ed by Mr_Holms's- res security to.?protect thee.C.LA: and ot; with' any crimin thn - tent.nMr:.Colby, speculated no ? criminal charges -could be sustained in that case or in? the only ? other area of CJ:_' actiri- `t' ? that remains under Federal eS a ments over e But the book. will come firsi,l him- home," she said. . he .said. The former rectorwas seen:a few days ago in a stationery.- store purchasing ui mesh - for the. temporary office he is building-in the base- ment :of.-,his:. apparently un- guarded. home-in Bethesda, Md., a Washington suburb. ' ' ". Meanwhile,. Mr. Colby seems like a , man :?who- is between trains;.=sitting.. at hoe mns wife snowy morning Barbara-, bustled . around him' There-is no Government car and driver any more, so he and.Mft i Colby debate over. whether.he should. drive :-to a_ downtown luncheon engagement, -whether he needs- any, cash:. what.-time she can- expect him home.. < '. "And, oh," said Mrs. Colby, a. bright,. smiling -,woman,", asi her..husband trotted down.. the stairs, "I need_to ask him about shoe repair".-. ' , - ;? - .She paused and turned to* a l lnvestigation~-the 20-year gram- of opening - mail between We,- United: States and - Com- munist countries. _, Colby: a lasYer who not practiced' since the early the -1950's. - when he ? joined C.I.A., said he planned to return eventually to the law after'gaiu?- ' ing admission to the District of Columbia bar .'and and taldng a "crash course" in legal develop- st 25 years. fl- l Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/11: CIA-RDP99-00418R000100100010-0