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December 20, 2016
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June 19, 2007
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November 22, 1975
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Approved For Release 2007/06/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100010063-4 THE DETROIT FREE PRESS 22 November 1975 &We Or-ren se - Ot TRE IDEA that assassination of foreign desireto prevent the election of Mr. Allende. leaders would ever become an instrument of The CI took part in apla to lea kidnap the ncand supplied rms ders ~jrierican policy is'abhorrent: ? = `":~' ` ` general ouin Chile. The general was kid- 'But there it is finally, laid out in all *the ugly planned coup details by the Senate Intelligence Committee. napped and killed, but not, according to the The government of the United States, at very committee's findings, as a result of the CIA lfigfi levels, made plans to murder the leaders planning. of foreign countries with which*we were not The point. however, e , His to make to carer time, at utar. an order by the ;The facts. as the country! has now learned situation was construed by the CIA to in- [ them, contain some of the most terrible iron- elude the authorization. to use whatever means were possible---including assassina- - tes. example, on the day that. President. tion. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, the CIA was This trend was carried to the point, in the providing an agent in Cuba with apparatus to case of Premier Castro, of forming alliances poison Fidel Castro. At the same time, an between the CIA and the most criminal ele- envoy from the late president was meeting ments of the American gangster world. with the Cuban premier in an attempt to Coupled with the abuses of Watergate, the illegalities of the FBI, the IRS and other improve Cuban-U.S.relations. :The excellent work of the Church commit- government agencies, these revelations show the extent to which we have allowed 4 tee shows that the breakdown of morality and the. humanistic tradition within the our values to become compromised. lndi- Qerican government knew no single politi- vidual officials of the CIA and other govern-. c1 a1 party or administration. meet agencies were involved in these ort by the Senate committee may senseless assassination plots to be sure, but . is re ?T p fi w$ll mark a watershed in American history.. they believed mistakenly that they were ame of national h i e n n t :FZeading the transcript, it is, easier to un- carrying out policy tergate could take place. Governments that It is true that much of this sordid business in a different time and context, during I ld condone murder of foreign leaders b o egan d te ~a'sily slipped into criminal acts and abuses the Cold War, when officials in the CIA and against American citizens. elsewhere felt it incumbent to counter the - The committee was unable to find that any "dirty tricks' of our enemies. pieiident had directly ordered the assassina- But none of it has done us any good; our tiari of any specific foreign leader. But what foreign policy has not been one iota more didiake place was even more telling in show- successful because of these. assassination ing:the breakdown of morality within the . plots and would-not have been had any of U.S: government them been carried out. Ia'or example. the committee found that What must be done now is for the Congress President Nixon had personally ordered that and the people to regain control of our insti- eil?stepsbe taken to prevent the late Salvador tutions. for the Church committee's recom- i Allende Gossens from becoming president of mendations of new laws prohibiting such Chile. plots to be approved, and for the leaders of present and future, to under- overnment r di , g - ou ? The CIA, which received that order reCtly. considered.Gen. Rene Schneider Cher- stand and prevent the dangerous threat to a eau of Chile an obstacle to the White House free society implicit in such immoral deeds. Continued Approved For Release 2007/06/19: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100010063-4 STAT ssassin-atiOA-L