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December 20, 2016
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July 5, 2007
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November 13, 1976
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xppF RED Approved For Release 2007/07/06: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100020092-1 ONY P. GE__ 13 NOVEMBER 1916 sBYNORSIAN KEi4iPSTEIt 'Two possible Theories-both stlllj? for Policy Studies since he was red; 3- , rmes Staff writer = unproved-have emerged. One is that leased from prison o lier was t L f y y e e ore :(Letelier was killed by agents of tl'e Only 11 days be ;~JASHlNGTO =Against the background of a busy`atrline terminal, present. 'government of Chile. The killed, the Pinochet government pub ?' the."scepe was played out in a matter other is that he was: murdered =lisped an official. decree revoking the of seconds.,A young ;voman:wlio.had right-wing Cuban terrorists 1.?Chilean citizenship of the former ca just landed at- ohn F: Kennedy air- So far, there have been no arrests binet minister for allegedly conduct. port in Newv.York .vas approached by .-: Although the FBI has'been reluc-;I mg a publicity campaign to obtain 1 a stranger ant to discuss the case, it is under Chile:'olitical and cultural isolation of! 'Tell your boyfriend to stay, away stood that U.S. officials were'shakeri .frbiri, the- Leteher -case or somebody by the murder, which seemed to have. The decree specifically blamed Le ill , get hurt, the man; said, then been planned as a deliberate insult to telier for persuading the government;' < the United States. of the Netherlands to withdraw a $6V melted into the crowd h d . a t ';,The:--woman ~.vas l'nefiarcee of and :The 44-year-old former diplomat =million development credit Chile i ng. FBI a agent assigned to investigate the :was killed when a char e of C-4 plas- been seek g t e a The controlled press in, Chile also:l critical of Letelier before l h Ood e i o v ~ s y arp killed: was s of h s auto.. Alo ards government floorb mini ter inthe- depos d . -his assassination. But' the. Pinochet., =of Dtarmt:.. President: SalvadorP Al- . was a U.S. citizen, Ronnie K:?Pdoffitt, deride' of -Chile.. Letelier was killed `25, a colleague of Letelier's at the In--,, government denied that it was tmpl : cated in the killing, which it called an ? Sept: 21 when a bomb exploded in his stitute for Policy, Studies,a left=lean automobile'on Washington's "Embas ing Washington "think- tank.".. Ivir$, c atrocio~ s act of terrorism t The clay after Letelier was. ki led, was also' Sy. he threat '.old the FBI a great'deal in the car butba as,nottser seriously hurt two Santiago newspapers suggested in editorials that the assassination Gout the killers Chef were seek eg 't Letelier was driving along Massa L~l would be used to rekindle an interns Leteher was murdered by members ! cnusetts Ave near.: the most~,finpor tional camps gn':-of . hatred . against o a rou so histieated enou h. to Cant embassies in the capital when ! -.1 fi P A n i the bomb ex loded Chit le.. 'find out the name of an FBI agent as US officials discourage speculation `signed to.the case, to.place him under';If the killers had wanted to se?t1e a that the Pinochet government played .surveillance, to'determine the. identi- score with Letelier without embar a part in the murder. The tient pl yed ' ty -of, his- fiancee, to learn her. travel. rasing the `United' States, . so the Tans and to pick her out of a crowd -t`heor y PosL(tuoted informed sources earlier y goes,the could have used a f p p this month assaying that CIS Direc 1 In short, an organization wit? an of-; .deans which would not have enda'h e aered two Americans and they could tor George.Bush believes it would;, -1 tf etive intelligence apparaLus. _ have been counterproductive for the: . . That doesn't prove,who killed Leave picked a less sensitive location , telier, of.course: But it could rule out Letelier served as foreign minister. 'Junta to have committed such a crime : -most nonpolitical motives. The killer ! gorims defense minister in the Allende LeteIier's colleagues at the institute apparently was not an individual. with vcrnrnent. He also was ambassador said that less than two weeks before '`a personal grudge , ro'Wasbington Before his death, Le he died, he told them he had received; her,was an enem of the militar a letter from a source in Chile report The - FBI has assigned agents toy y y ? wvork full `finis. on the case in 1Vash _: Zama of -President Augusto Pinochet '=ing that the junta had debated whetii r d er or not he should be killed::: i vtlch ; overthrew All d ' l t en e s e ec e ington New York,',iiami and erlia s p p government on Sept. 11, 197 According to the letter, Leteher "other with; according to sources fa- Letelier was arrested by.the' junta `said, a moderate faction opposed to milfar with the investigation ti' day,the Allende government was l his assassination won the debate over "This is a big'case, like abig kid= o' erthrown.':In an. interview v")witn those who contended that he should ! naping," one source said "There area playboy death, magazine Letelier made that public he wasafter I be eliminated.` lot of people -working, on ii t One associate said:Letelter.earried -1Sten from his cell by a firing CIA ahso is understood to be fa g squad the letter ',}vith him at all times to. t1?riiC Ka4xnv iri'fhainvaciigatinn L..a ~_------ ----- ._ 1 ' rotect the name of the pees on vho p s endi - -- --- , rater p ng one )cat - i Chilean prison, he was permitted was not'with.Leteliers'effects after. de; `the bombing.' It could have: been W-1tave the country.He.had been a ed in the blast or, it could have. .member of. the staff of the Institu?; ..stroy - been impounded as possible evidence ,, -k:bypolice or-the FBI.::'-??;.; :.--;a ' .--The FBI is understood to be active= `1y' investigating 'the possibility..that:1 :right-wing Cuban exiles may have:'' been involved. In recent years,-exile 'groups-including .veterans of `.the71 Bay of Pigs invasion and of the Ch1 .barked .. Pf fnrt to assassinate ": Cuban_~ canfinu STAT Approved For Release 2007/07/06: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100020092-1