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October 9, 1976
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Approved For Release 2007/07/05: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100020112-8 2IIU1 LE AP EAR- WASHINGTON POST ON PAGE 4-19 OCTOBER 1970 -and Timothy S. Robinson Central Intelligence Agency. director: George Bush has met with key Justice De-1- vestigation of the bombing death of former:' Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier here The CIA director=' conferred` 14londay with Assistant Attorney. General J. Stan- pestigation said. =Y ` ' -Although few details'. of-.. their.' discussion .vestiaation into- Letelier's: death has in- volved.l participation of officials at the. highest -levels o# the- CIA: and the- Justice Department. The. investigation itself is now being: conducted; largely ,by the Federal - The CIA's role in- the wide-ranging in- vestigation poses sensitive ,ethical. and. le- gal questions accorduig:to._official;a close/ forts- to-overthrow the Chilean, regime. ofi the..Iate President .:Salvador, Allende in. which Letelier was a-high official: In addi- to keep- secret for:"national security" rea charter and other'-federal . regulations that- restrict- its :domestic ;activities-~ In, Febru lines' - -for L?.S. - intelligence -'operations, fneyinduded- a- broad-prohibition=against:! ?Letelier; - whQ"had been *an- outspoken- critic-:; of - the: present:,:.Ehilean military- junta,'was killed .Sept 21-when -a'-bomb exploded' beneath -his---car -as fie'-; -drove' through-' Sheridan :.Circle on Massachu- setts Avenue's - Embassy Row, Ronni K. Moffit .25,.'a passenger in his:car, also died.. Letelier;? '4? . had--;served .,as Allende's fo*reign_.minister.and_.iainfster of defense. as well-, as ;ambassador- to. the JJ.S::. He .was impri~ongd,for 364-days by they. Rlnilitary regime-headed by Gen. Au gusto .Pin Fiet_ which overthrew Al Iende Sept 7I`-X257,3 r ;y A charming anci ,.influentiar Leman with many -friends on -Capitol Hill Le telier beeaine~-the. 'most ? prominent'.- Chilean critic-irifth;. tJmted States of.." C the current Santiago re"rme Letelier and-Mrs.. Moffitt were on thei%;'way-, to,tlfe- Instiute -for Policy.-';. Stud :where both of them worked ;w;hen'the bomb` scploded Mrs M'offitts- It u? 'ba n cl= The :meeting -?Ioiiday =o'f Cl 'a; ands Jutic Department; ""officiar's.-, was called 'to ,discuss what"role the CIA' should play in. the Letelier investing- tion,1reliabI"e sources said. The deci- ions . they. `reached could. not be-- learned yesterday -According Co one source.Busb,,p nmised that the CIA- ':ould.cooperate in..the investigation.- Ina addition to he meetina-- with' Bush it is} also- known that federal in-., vestigators have had detailed intelli Bence briefings'and been given access to highly classified documents by CIA - officials; The_briefingsand documents are,'reported 'to,.include accounts of A ntericam}_terrorist: groups.; i?ntlyirivolved discussions of-th01;cur i,ent: political atmosphere in `Chile: The current Chilean regime-has been,. denoui ceth by its critics for alleged politiQial;,repre sign; torture' and im- prisons "it' of its opponents. The CIA briefings=as welt zs. '.briefings : by.' State =,Departmeiit_6fficials-are: re- ported to :have- discounted- these Grit- `acco oicalunts f: the -Chilean govern meiitas_distotted and exaggerated. ;ssist."a ,attorneyeneral - Pot finger.-who -lieauts the.Justice Depart-' pent s--civil rights division, does not have,slirect control ove the investiga- ? boil; accordurg to, government offi- ctali- In an: unusual development, he is playing an indirect role in the pt obi. which officially falls under the Justicg Departments criminal dnr Sian; : ?Pottinger-stepped into the investiga f th-i'largely_because of pressure from the Institu(e=#orPolicy Studies, where etelier,,wor'edaccording to reliable gatlo ' (FBI' with '-Prop Potts Th kil lin Eyre v. = mt,y of Cuban and other' Latin Amen can exile groups, based in Miami; Fla., to a'11 ew. York, City hotel ,where: some Chileans 'found-to have=made a. series -o? suspicious-, - long-distance phone - calls ,=. according `to- various sources. Investigators are also report- edly -making checks.-in -some-foreign nations. The investigation now appears tofo- cus on possible political 'motives for the. bombing iiicludiitry assasinatian. by rightwina Chilean or -other.Latin- Amei-iean groups.The investigators; however,.-have not ruled out other mo- tives-and aiestill checking into Lete tier's personal and social life O te? grou'''knownr- to-be ? tinder scru "tiny by federal investigators is the Pa Patria'y Libertad group. received -S38 Liberty). movement, a:'rightwing, neo- fascist.. Chilean orgarization_--Accord- ing to'a Senate-intelligence committee: l staff report issued.. last Decernber,,tlie rou r ceive $38 Lib rtad Pat i p , g e r e ax 500 from the CIA,- -throughan un named third party ,-in the' = early..1970s- "in -an -effort-to create tension and; a: possiblepretext for-intervention by-,, e' Chilean. military"-- against ' tile, 4llende_? government.:. rf ,.Little-.reliable information has been made-.public about the nature-:9f the-} bomb -that. killed- Letelier: Accoidina_ trust the FBE partly?because theinsti to.informed ,'sou ices,: -analysts Df the Lute hag in the':?past been- one of; the bomb by the FBI's -laboratory- -has'.so' > BI's targets of investigation =Poi, far, partly incondusice, and tln,.f 2? is now supervising the Justice ? -further lab studies are under way ,' _ Department's investigation of. illegal The 'explosive is known- tohave-- breal.~ms and o,1 ei improper acts by been, placed beneath- the area of.-thy` FBI officials driver's seat. tThe 'blast"is believed by- Becatfsev` i''the,.'institute's concern investigators to have been intended to oyez tie hives figation 'they- are-being kill. the driver.., rather than to destroy. representeCt. by ?Michael -.E Tigac a. ( the entire car. fhe farm ofexplosive. latvyeT do an ?inteceview;.tli.s week, T~ ,1 used and the:mean?by whicfi it vial ; mac laic Jiffs arm. was to'help govern- menK'-.aeries; In thee imeatigatlo-i al}tl to j*otec-k.;institute=oftlcrals from. irrtp:ol'ei actip~s-b,~ governrl nt.of detonated are. as t'et unclear. Investi-- gators found the 'face- of a- watch -or, clock, according to informed sources,- and have'examined it to determine` ave nves ga ors me mb or tha b Despite%ttie institute's Sk~pticicr?T _ 1 8bout t#ic? `1'I3I 'and wCT~, Tigar< ee= clue, but other sources aay~it is stiI atisfaction- with the invests " ss l. s rhre ec t: ,:;.. ; ? .~: _l under examination >r -. CONTINU E D- '~'? Approved For Release 2007/07/05: CIA-RDP99-00498 whether it was part of a timing -device 1 ti t h i So o f