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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/06/21: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050013-5 ~-~ THE WASHINGTON POST Article appeared 9 May 1979 on page D-22 Jack Anderson 'Greek's'.!d+ds' Favor Carter, Reagan Let others rely on George Gallup, in popular esteem, however, Kennedy their favorite falter. But he is still Elmo Roper and Louis Harris for guid- might be prevailed upon to run. Inti- remembered as a Democrat-turned-Re- ance in next year's presidential sweep- mates say he has a low opinion of publican, and his connection with stakes. We prefer "Jimmy the Greek" Jerry Brown and wuldn't want him to Richard M. Nixon gives him a Water- Snyder, who calculates the political pick up the nomination by default. gate tie that is no advantage- He was odds exclusively for us. Gov. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr.: acquitted on charges of taking bribes While Jimmy's reputation as an 12 to 1. The California governor is from the dairy lobby, but the fact that oddsmaker is based on sports, he appl- ready to challenge Carter in the prima- he was indicted at all can hardly be ies the same skills to political pro- ries. While his mod lifestyle, chame- considered a plus. spects: He talks to the insiders-the leon-like politics and general flakiness Sen. Howard H. Baker: 7 to 1.. The state party chairmen and other sea- turn a lot of people off, Brown did Senate minority leader from Ten- soned political pros. beat Carter four times after a belated nessee is offering himself as a moder- At? this point, nine months before entry into the 1976 primaries. Brown's ate alternative to the conservative the first presidential primary in New stock would also go up dramatically if favorites, and he might be a compro- Hampshire, Jimmy rates President he were the only alternative to Carter. mise candidate in a deadlocked con Carter as the odds-on favorite to win ? Back in the pack at 2( to 1, Jimmy vention. the 1980 Democratic nomination, and the Greek rates the other Democratic George Bush: 10 to I. Another mod- gives Ronald Reagan an almost. even - . possibilities as definitely dark horses- erate dark horse, Bush is a Texan with chance to be the Republicans', stand- Vice President Mondale, Sens. Daniel strong ties to the eastern establish- and bearer. _ .. , Patrick Moynihan (N.Y.), Robert C. ment. His tenure as head of the Cen- I Here is Jimmy's "early morning Byrd (W.Va.) and Frank Church tral Intelligence Agency is regarded as line" for Democrats and Republicans (Idaho), Rep. Morris Udall (Ariz.) and a drawback. on the race for the White House: . Health, Education and Welfare Secre- er Ford: 15 to 1. Though his Carter. 4 to 5. Though his popularity tary Joseph A. Califano Jr. personal popularity remains high, and among party leaders is low (Snyder The Republican odds he could well be the kingmaker at the talked to nine key state chairmen and Reagan: 8 to 5. The 68-year-old for- convention,' the former, president not one wanted Carter as their candi- mer California governor is still the stands little chance of getting the date) the president has the enormous darling of the Republican right.' His nomination unless he fights for it. And advantage of incumbency. Rarely have age is his biggest drawback, but his this he apparently won't do. political parties dumped a sitting presi- - charm and conservatism still cause . Rep., Philip Crane: -15, to 1. The It-, dent, to do so would be a confession of flutters among the little old ladies. He linois congressman, is overshadowed failure that would taint the party's also has a. professional campaign or- by fellow conservatives Reagan and image, with the voters. ganization, virtually intact. from the Connally. But he has youth and per- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy:. 7 to 5. 1976 race. sonal charisma, and if he manages to. Kennedy was the unanimous choice of John Connally: 3 to 1. The silver- upset Reagan in New Hampshire, he the state chairmen Jimmy talked to; haired former governor from Texas is might make it. all Kennedy would have to do is say coming on strong. He has an effective The longhots at 50 to 1 include Il "Okay." But Kennedy fears that. an campaign team, he exudes a presiden- linois Gov. James Thompson, Sens. Bob open challenge would split the Demo- tial aura of strength and confidence, Dole (Kan.), Lowell Weicker ((Conn.) cratic Party and give the GOP the and his views are conservative enough'- and Paul Laxalt (Nev.), and Reps. John presidency. If Carter continues to slip,... to- pick. up Reagan delegates should.... Anderson (111.) and JackKemp (N.YJ. STAT Approved For Release 2007/06/21 : CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050013-5 -r`'