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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/06/21: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050069-4 ARTICLE AP)EARD r,Y 2$GP /~ THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION b November 1977 STAT~ By FAEZiirititdtELLt ctrarge in eacnange tor' leniency."':'uc ~a cvnsc:ucuve~.cnug,aauacr u~a,a a Former CIA Director . Gecrge~Bush .,:He- was fined $2,000 and received a ":.. carping outsider. f ? } said Monday he : disapproves of ' the ?r year's probation after being accused of 1 `?s"who recently revisited.China. Office ; U S. Liaisai Was thief Senate committee all 14071)W- of the` Richard:> ll t t iIi d . . a e ecessor, o fa ng ~. prosecution of his pre M. Helms, who pleaded no contest last :.';knew about covert CIA operations' n'' ' l ekibg l97 "is .1l974)i;'6!d a -week to ?a charge of failing to testify I Chile. g, > fully before a Senate committee.i ni; ??sue another matter,Bush, ; win was whether) the U S is. 'paper tiger , .Ea` worry abou 'thiL U, "My view wai 'that 'here to address the Atlanta Rbtrary Cl'ub,u:oaId= the Chisnese, should not have been prosecuted," Bob etiticized several policy decisions'af the "=iCbfriintttaeut tb "stand np" to it" SovieE said in a press conference in Atlanta.:`. Carter administration. Uniotir s ,: _? s r? However, . Bush'' added ' that".,the "I do 1have=some ser~ov reselra- lash said he ex ecti~the United: Carter administration "inherited a :very ; s Lions, Bush said,: about President Cart ` 5ta es! will expand=its tiade with ' difficult situation,":ahd ".he solution ap- er's actions in such areas as withdrawal -, China In the future. -^'t . - , pears to:-have been 'aery moderateof U.S:`troops from. Korea,, the proposed t? ~~. peaking of h~,a': own future,? Bush . one." a - ,rte . rb~.# Panar.-a Canal treaties, junking of the' ,, admitted: he Is .interested `in, the !W-_ He said his main reason for opposr ? B-1 bomber and. U.S. positions -, in the '. ` tlotlal political scene,"-but he would nod'. Ing the prosecution "has to.do with -na. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.' specify what office If any he might ruiis tional security." He would hot elaborate. However; the.-former: Republican for;In 1078 or ?1080:-At present; Wk. U. ,,..; Helms pleaded;no;coates tope- re- ti -national chairman added,;"I.bope I can: -3 ;in private business iirHonston:-? Approved For Release 2007/06/21 : CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050069-4