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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/06/21: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050128-8 ON PAGE THE 14ASHINGTCN STAR ---- 19 January 1977 ''. at did its Sorensen .Charles Bartlett er's foreign policy. - ' not back: at resuming-?a familiar tug-of-war to affect the tilt of President Cart- warning that Congress will Theodore Sorensen's fail likely to mend tt,P ADanrv?c ,, . ,_f _ :_ _______ --~`i3.?.: .~ x p tousv gle,~ ~? - .?? -u ?=L.1 those oenr on must wage the same strug- ,was plainly not a. figure taking mor _ e t u o e while he warded off those; inareuin hmely~haughty coumpin,.which Carter, who would cripple-it fur; ~~_~?.~~~, was Ine agency to its new restraints. ' Jaut, testy personality'whO`~On] . appointment f'- h e e was , adviser and CIA of the reformers and. began . ' to let this imnressinn divan directnr.en Innrr s c__~ g s as porter., George,Bush cams - 4iand acumen of this unusual- secretaries of State and De= into the agency on the heels' WOO imam. Carter's mistak Tens n.? presidents to who will be a strong sup- . plainly struck by the- wit '-have,: staunch -fi ure Against these threats, the -first friend in the Kennedy' = It will'-be necessary- for' agency requires a leader >-circle and the Georgian wa-.America e e t Bence to eave the CIA more, those who see the-need for p;did not include the ability tog'. vulnerable to elements anx?.- an intelligence system will work easily with people.- ious to reduce it to a public have to stay alert.: i Y orensen was Carter's 'library e Y as a oner ut his background threat- intelligence. It warns that:' -whose gifts of int ili en d n u g s is calculated to dimin-.. him as much admired: but; him by President Carter. ish the public's trust in its rarel lik d I ' B wore with hum, prepared to carry out? among Cuba's -pigs. Such ;..people who remembered every legal order" ive t ff ? 2s. basically beaten by iminister tnat. Y -people would, clearly have been the CIA -had spread disease- who had k d t ___ .-,.?w.,. ?=a uc year lu uz iuge oy a Luoan a bad choice. Sorensen was - testified this': week -- - _ - -- ?i?~auc,y ui' at-L-baiIVIIS against ' the- ficed as a handle for the -the pacifist stance which he ?CIA. A recent one, widely many whn fall fnr nthc.e .-n._ - c,,heo,.......at__ _ .a_ _ .. ... - _ _ u m Lt a improperly handled classi- -' cils_ Those who didn't like Sen.-' Frankv C' urch, D - fied material were the nub,.. him could be alarmed by his Idaho, to prosecute a for ;of the case 'against him.'.." pacifist leanings. .John' mer CIA director,- Richard -(Sorensen 'was actually a ' Kennedy counted Sorensen _ Helms, for. covering the tight-mouthed official, ex . 'a key adviser in crisis situa- agency's small part in the, tremely loyal and circum tions, but he always. took overthrow of Chile's spect in all matters relating pains .to keep the public Communist government to national security.. If he from learning that. Sorensen These pressures attest' a' left the White House in 1964. was' involved, because he readiness to embarrass the with some . classified .,did not want it said that one nation and do grave injus papers, it was because he of his advi ' had-declined tice to one man in order to' was rushing to write an to engage ibat.:1i. spank the CIA_ = embrasive history of the-' _ The ? .- - `rations ': of - The sentiment also sur Kennedy years. ? .: :;-.; ;;.Sorensen's .'draft status faces in hostile -articles _ pmt tho~o'; gained __ weight in many which replay Communist fences. - people, . there exists a fierce hos- ? As Sorensen himself tility toward the CIA-This--- wrote in' 1963, "personal- 'sentiment has many expres- ities play an intangible but .ions." It was apparent in surprisingly im h portant t e eagerness of tho e cm-- -- Charges that Sorensen. role" in government co h STAT Approved For Release 2007/06/21: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100050128-8 ,