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December 20, 2016
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March 14, 2007
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February 24, 1977
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Approved For Release 2007/03/15: CIA-RDP99-00498R0001100070027-8 WASHINGTON STAR (GR r,! LINE) 24 FEBRUARY 1977 By Jeremiah O'Leary Washington Star Staff Writer, President Carter has sent personal messages to President Carlos Andres Perez of Venezuela and former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt about newspaper reports that they had received secret CIA funds and botlr leaders have said they are satis- fied with the tone of the letters., But- Perez and President Arch- bishop Makarios of-Cyprus, who was also reported to have-received funds from the- intelligence agency, are re- portedly ? considering', legal action against the Washington Post and New York Times. Informed sources said yesterday Carter-had sent.only.two personal- messages,. those to -Brandt . and Perez, to ease their anger over the reports ?- that one. time been on the agency payroll- . Venzuelan Foreign'.,Minister Ramon Escobar Salom said: in Cara- cas that Perez was "very satisfied" and considers that the letter puts an end to the incident. Reportedly,. Car- . ter's message said - the : newspaper charges that Perez.- had'. accepted payments -when he was "minister" of interior were "foundationless and groundless." .":Carter, meanwhile,, said at" his HE SAID, It stirs the world's conpress conference yesterday that he ? power'- has received substantial reports on science that the earth's most -the CIA's dealings with foreign lead=: ful nation, which proclaims the ers. "I have reviewed the "more con.;-! values of democracy and- exalts the troversial revelations that have been', publicized in the last:few,days," Car- ter said, "some -quite-' 'erroneous,. some with some degree of accuracy. "I have not found anything.illegat or improper. If in the future assess- ments, which will come quite early, I" discover such an impropriety or ille- ~gality, I will not only take immediate action-to correct it but also will let the American people know about it." ;,,.!','But Carter's comments did nothing` tii help distinguish: between foreign leaders who did receive CIA funds :and :those -which did not. When he; was asked whether he shouldn't cor- rect the record where there has-been --erroneous - information, -Carter- replied, `.'In some ways. we. are- cor- recting the record but if I began to ei they dispute' or 'confirm every indi-. . vidual story that is written, whether correct or erroneous,. on- every mat- dignity of man, should shelter a rot- ten organization whose principal aim is to corrupt men and nations. "Venezuela feels threatened. ? It cannot be believed that'the untruth ful accusation published by one of the most - important. newspapers - in the United States, and the mention of the -CIA as the source, could have been done without obeying plans which compromise official high circles." Carter yesterday elaborated on his ,-concern about the issue of CIA pay- ments to foreign leaders, which was begun when the Washington Post re- -vealed that King Hussein of Jordan had been paid millions of dollars over a 20-year period HE SAID, "This is a very serious problem of how in a democracy to have adequate intelligence gathered, assessed and used to guarantee the -security. of. our -country. Sometimes , oth - e t ith er governm n s cooperate w us _ matters whictf are necessarily secret`, fully. Sometimes they don't. ? But I' would no longer be secret," will try to-be sure and so will Stan FRANK TAO, press counsellor of Turner who will be the next director the, Chinese Nationalist' Embassy-of -the intelligence: community He - i w'II try to be sure that everything -we h ; d t d t ll " dl t ere en e as o a y goun ess re . A" SIMILAR message- went- to . ports in The New York Times and do' is not only proper and legitimate Brandt, who.-is visiting in Israel. Ger-, The Washington Star that the CIA but also -compatible? with the atti" :man news agency reports quoted a made secret payments. to the- late tudes of the American people - atic l D i S f h emocr a or t oc e spokesman - . President Chiang Kai-shek. Thee. party as saying Brandt was satisfied _ Times. reported..that. the denial was- :that Carter's, letter-had put the mate backed. up by Ray S.. Cline who was. rest. The German. Embassy, CIA station chief in Taipei from 1958:_ here said there have been no indica to 1962. f >' tions that Brandt intends any legal ` Cline, now working at the George action against the: American .news- town University Center for Strategic. IV _ papers-which lin?sed=himrwith-linkedand_InEernationa}-Studie3 in =Wash payofr ington-was out,of-town and couldnoE_- - .be reached for comment on the story. .Other denials of involvement with . CIA funds have come from former President Eduardo Frei of Chile-whp:. called the report a-4'damnable lie, former President Luis Echeverria of IMexico, the widow of former South .Korean-- President _ Syngman,,Rhee . and Filipino sources on behalf of the- late President Ramon Magsaysay. But the Venezuelan reaction to the -'allegations was the - most vigorous.. 'After .recalling his ambassador in- Washington and `' calling . in -.U.S. Ambassador Viron P..Vaky for, an explanation, Perez sent a long- tele- ,gram to U.S. newspapers responding Perez, Brandt 'Se11s ed' STAT STAT