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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100018-4 ARTICLE APPEAXW ON PAGE I - WASHINGTON, July 20-The Central Intelligence Agency conducted a 14-year program to find ways to "control human behavior" through the use of chemical; biological and radiological material, ac- cording to agency documents made public today by John.Marks, a freelance. journal lst. ,t-r _e . e r?-s`+tc]r~ ~?y!'- ._y "~h1'-.ma ~a Mr:,,Marks; alq= a to of:.xh .Center Studies;- as . at foi:Nationat~Setu;it}F serte~":. a. news' conference that Adm.: Stanfield Turner, Director; of 'Central ..Intelligence, in.a letter to'.the.Senate Select Committee on Intelligencelastw~eek, "seriously dis torted" what tbe C;LjA.. research. program- - involved Mr' Marks said"that, based on 'docu- ri ents about*the program he had received under the Freedom of information Act, he had concluded:, that Admiral. Turner "seems to be practicing what used to be called 'a : modified limited hangout .,- when he called the agency's activity :"a program of experimentation with drugs.., ll .'To be sure:~jdrugs.. Were part '.of _it; he said, "but sa were such other tech- niques as electric shock, radiation, ultra- sonics, psychosurgery, psychology and in- ,capacitating agents, all of which 'were referred to ia-':documents I have_'re- ceived.,' The documenti made public today and the - disclosure?'br the C.I.A.- - last" week that-it had-fglmd another cache o?_-previ- ously undiscove{ed records ; suggest broader experimentation on ?,unwitting humans.by Lfie-inteiligence agency of its tpaid: researcherithan had beenvpublirly~ known before.'-Mr-`'=Marks said. he had . inn. C I A 'Inrnu. meats, many ,f which. were never curu-u over to the.Senati intelligence committee for its 1975-46ve5tigation of agency ac- C.I.A.. spokesniest declined comment- oar { Mr. Marks's: charges: However;' Admiral Turner told newsmen -after "leaving: a meeting. with,, senators that the. agency THE NEW YORK TINES 21 JULY 1977 was moving swiftly to - review' the docu- ments it had found. ' ' .11 1" Mr. Marks distributed 20 documents that described among others, the follow ing incidents:. . 9In 1956, the C.I.A. 'ontracted with. a private physician to test :'"bulbocap- nine," a drug that can-.cause stupor or induce a catatonic state; onmonkeys- an "convicts incarcerated. at" an an. unnamed: state penitentiary. The agency wanted to know if -the- drug caused the loss of speech in man," "loss of sensitivity. to pain-loss of memory; loss of -will powetr' .''. ^ >.:. qA letter: from an unnamed C.I.A. offiw - cial in 1949 discussed ways of killing peo-- ple without leaving a trace. "I believe that there are two chemical substances which would be most useful in that they would leave no characteristic pathologi- cal findings, and the quantities needed could. be easily transported .to places whee they were-to be used," the letter said. The letter also suggested exposure of an individual to X-rays, 'subjecting~a person to a cold environment in wh%h- he would freeze to death, or, if these methods were too difficult, two methods needing no soecial equipment. would be to "smother the victim with, a-pillow or to strangle him with a' wide piece of cloth, such as a bath toweL" Aware of Questionable Nature 9In.19521two Russian agents who were "suspected,of being doubled" were inter rogated using "narcohypnotic" methods.: :.Under medical cover, the documents said the two men were -given sodium pentothat and a stimulant. One-interrogation pro- duced a- "remarkable"=:regression, the papers-'said, during -which the subject actually relived certain past activities o his life, some dating back 15 years while, in addition, the subject. totally accepted Mr. [name" deleted] as an old and trust and beloved personal friend whom _ th` STAT subject- had known in years past in. Geor-- gia,U.S.S.R.'_ ?.'' summary of 'a: ,1953 meeting reported a suggestion that :tae C.T.A. work; with i scientists of an unidentified foreign. gov- ernment,since "that country, allowed ex- periments with anthrax," a disease con-. tracted from infected cattle and shee!o and the United States did not. _' ^ " The documents given to Mr. Marks were heavily.. edited,, apparently for security reasons,.-but they showed that even while the CJ-A:' was operating this program it was conscious of its questionable nature. one 1950 memorandum, on finding psy- chiatrists to 'conduct experiments,noted that one applicant's "ethics might be such, that he might not care to cooperate in, certain more revolutionary phases of our( project." But, it said another candidate's "ethics are such that he would be com pletely cooperative in any phase of our .program, regardless of how revolutionary it.may be." ... ,. `.... s : :_ .:..: , . A 1963 inspector.-general's report that apparently_ resulted in_a-program being discontinued noted "the- concepts- in- volved in manipulating humar. behavior are found by, many people both within and outside the agency to be distasteful and unethical-", .. _~ According to Mr. Marks's -documents and an earlier~*Senate investigation, :the 'C.I.A. conducted secret medical experi- ments from. 1949 through 1963 under the code names Bluebird, Artichoke MK Ultra and MK Delta. The C.I.A. inspector gener- at report' in 1963 described the program as the "research and .development of chemical, biological and-radiological ma- terials capable of employment in clandes= tine. operations to control human' behav= 5,000 New Documents Last' weeks Admiral Turner announced that the , agency ' had discovered some 5,000 documents pertaining- to the pro-1 ? matters' or disclose.- matters that= could cret goverment,documents; provided they: dyinng:` the documents later this week. I public heaingo the intelligence corlunit-' -vToday, Admiral Tdrier gave_the' meet- tars r -and .' m edical -23 tlttrtlong - that' per, ' --- . are financialrecords of'the various ex her ha 'receive' He said he'had' beea? iO"sl Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100018-4 5' a`'cu~seat? -