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December 20, 2016
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AAR77Cl2 J.PE.tRED QNP4 A-L Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100020-1 WASHINIGTO`i STAR (GREEn LINE) 20 JULY 1977 . By WI11Iam Delaney Washington Star Staff writer Saying CIA Director Stansfield Turner "seriously distorted" the na- ture of a long-defunct secret project by recently describing it as a study of the effect of drugs, former State De- partment intelligence analyst John Marks today made public CIA docu- ments that indicate the 1953 project's aim was to ."control human behav lating human -behavior are found oy many people both within and without t+he agency to be distasteful and unethical." the agency's inspector.. general noted in a- memo in 1963, a year before Turner says the project was discontinued... - ..That document is one of several that author Marks today released as , ?"highlights" of some 1,000 pages of persons leaving the agency. An ex:: materials he and his attorneys ob- CIA man awaiting surgery in Dallas-: tained from the CIA in what he de- alerted Washington that he might= scribed as a two-year-long "pitched spill secrets when anesthetized wit Freedom of Information battle.". sodium pentothal; an agent dis- Other documents, with names of patched to the operating room swore- N INSTITUTIONS are named, virtually all deleted, indicate that: - i - then listened as the unconscious pa-,". though Marks quotes one document ? In the -early 1950s, when the safe- tient talked "extensively" about'as recommending that the CIA cov- guarding of atomic defense secrets. ` "internal problems" of the agency. ertly endow a department of forensic and the "brainwashing" of GIs in 3 A `.`I}ear Bill" letter from a name medicine at "an appropriate univer- North Korean prisons were key deleted person in 1949 discusses vari- 1 -sity, preferably- in ,the Washington topics of concern, the- agency wasy-pus, chemical and physical ways to urea.". One document repasts the CIA's conducting drug tests on unspecified cause death and confound the physi-.- -1952 use of drugs and hypnosis in the. subjects to determine' the effect of..: clan performing an autopsy. ' varying amounts and types of drugs r IN A. LETTER last week to the -- including mescaline and mari- `Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Juana -- on an individual's ability.to Director Turner disclosed the recent retain top-secret information. 'A memo refers to this as "ego control discovery' of "fairly volumnious" and volitional suppression." ? A proposal for such testing--sug- gests that all persons directly 'in- .volved, including the testers, be kept in the dark as to the nature of the gs being used. Reference is made to further testing -"under 'field' conditions. -i.e., prisoners of war, if .possible, federal prisoners, if possi- ble,_ security officers, etc., under threat conditions beyond the scope of. civilian experimentation." ? A summary--of a 1953 meeting on Project Artichoke, which apparently was authorized by CIA Director Allen scientists of the "(deleted) govern- ment," since that country allowed experiments with anthrax (a disease contracted from infected cattle and sheep) 'and other "activities which were not permitted by the United States government." ? Cryptic - Artichoke-papers refer- ences are made to -one device called a "hypospray" ("does not appear to be useful") and to another called the "Sidetone Delay machine." ? One Artichoke participant spoke of the "fine cooperation" of the Agricul- ture Department in importing experi- mental botanicals and, along with the Food and Drug Administration, in MK-ULTRA archives which agency i officials had earlier told the commit- tee they felt had been destroyed. He said they revealed more exten I sive - drug-testing on unsuspecting Americans than had previously been thought, and he volunteered to testify "at the earliest opportunity" about I '-'this unfortunate series of events." Marks, co-author of."The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence," said today the CIA had known of those docu- ments at least since February and had promised to give him "these newly found 5,000 pages by July 31." Accusing Turner of "what used to be called a modified limited hang- '? preparing lab space for the project mi . i out" by mentioning it only as a pro' 1953. ~ gram of experimentation with the ef- ? Artichoke people spoke of the great. fect of drugs, Marks contend the need for "controlled amnesias" ii:- documents-show it to have been "a especially for- .I program to manipulate people's CIA operations work ., minds. He (Turner) "neglected to say that MK-ULTRA research was carried on at many American universities and I that prisoners in-American jails were. 1 used as human guinea pigs.", interrogation of two suspected Soviet agents, who were then--induced with amnesia. - "This research project is a poten- tial threat to our most basic free doms. if it gives the government or anyone else the ability to manipulate I human behavior," declared Marks in a . statement. -"These techniques do not just smack of 1984; they open up the prospect of totalitarian control." O W. Dulles under.thecrypts Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100020-1