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December 20, 2016
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> : Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100035-5 A R 77CL:- rr~ fucm ON PA GE 4, THE NEW YORK TIMES 16 July 1977 Text of Admiral 'urner's Letter on C.I.A. Dru Tests SDeMai to The New York Times WASHINGTON, July 15 Following is the text of Admiral Turner's letter,' on C.I.A. drug experiments, as released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. During the course of 1975 when the ? Senate Committee, chaired by Senator Church, was investigating intelligence activities, the C.I.A. was asked to pro- duce documentation on a program- of .experimentation with the. effect. of drugs. Under this project'. conducted from 1953 to 1964 and. known as "MK- ULTRA,"- tests 'were conducted on 'American citizens in some cases with- out their knowledge. The C.LA., after searching for- such documentation, reported that most of the documents on this matter, have been destroyed: I find it my duty to report to you now that our continuing search for. drug-related, as well as other docrmren'ts, has uncovered cer- tain papers which bear'on this matter. Let me hasten to' add that I am per- suaded that there was no previous at- tempt to conceal this material in.the original 1975 exploration. The material cer patients, and tests on such patients recently discovered was in the retired were carried out. archives filed under financial accounts and only uncovered by using extraordi- E. There is a possibility of an improg nary and extensive search efforts. In er payment to a private institution. this connection, incidentally, I have The drug related activities described personally commended the, employee, in this newly located material -began whose diligence produced this-find. almost 25 years ago. I assure you they Because the new material now on were discontinued over 10 years ago hand is primarily of a financial nature,'. ' and do not take place today. it does not present a complete picture In keeping with the President's com- of the field of drug experimentation mitment to disclose any errors of:.the activity but it does provide more detail 'intelligence community which-- ace than was previously available to us. uncovered, I would like to - volunteer For example, the following types of to testify ? before your Committee. on activities were undertaken: the full details of this unfortunate A. Possible aaditional, cases of drugs series of events. I am in the process being tested. on American citizens, . of. reading the fairly voluminous mate- with-.,+ .. I i STAT rr ow m edge. real uivolved and do want to be certain B. Research was undertaken on sur- . that I have a complete picture when reptitious methods of administering I talk with the" Committee. I will be drugs. _ in touch with you next week to discuss C. Some of the persons chosen for when hearings might be scheduled-=at experimentaton were drug addicts or - the earlies topportunity. ^~ ^t alcoholics. - I regret having. to bring this issue } D. Research into.the development of to your attention, but I know that it a knockout or "K" drug was performed is essential to your oversight proce-' in conjunction with being done to dures that you be kept fully informed develop pain killers for advanced can- in a timely manner-. Approved For Release 2007/06/28: CIA-RDP99-00498R000100100035-5